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Pregnant 5 Weeks and Look like I'm 3 Months Already!! 2Nd Child

My Husband came home from Afghanistan on leave in the begining of May, and left me with a little present. On June 1st I found out I was pregnant. This is my 2nd child. Since I realized that I was pregnant (which was right away), I have popped. Not neccesarly gained weight, Ive only gained 2-3 lbs. With my first one I gained 20lbs in the first 10 weeks. It just seems that I look like Im 3 months instead of a month!

Has anyone else had this issue? Popping a little early the 2nd time around? I just want to make sure that its just not me...and that Im NOT having twins:-)?

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I unfortunatly lost the baby. About three weeks ago at my first ultrasound they told that the baby had no blood flow and had no heart beat. I was also supposed to be at the least 9 weeks along....and the baby only measured 8 weeks 2 days......it is the worst thing I have ever been through.

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M., No worries, it's normal to show sooner with the second than the first :-). I was the same when I got pregnant the second time. Keep eating right, walking/exercisng often and get sleep you will need it.

Same thing happened to me the 2nd & 3rd pregnancies. I only had 1 child each time. I thought I was having twins, so did my doctors. They gave me an ultrasound around 11 weeks. Just 1 baby. Good luck. Let us know if you're having 1 or 2.

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Hi M., The same thing happened to me with my second son. With my first you could not tell i was even pregnant untili delivered. I only gained 30 pounds and looked great. With #2 ,I had to start wearing maturnityclothes at 5 weeks along .I could not believe it i popped out like a baloon, I was 115pds.smaller than i had been since high school.I gained over 50 poundes with him, I was hungry all the time&he was very active.He is the same way now he is almost three.Dont worry you are normal, I thougt i was the only one,You will be fine, I had aperfect 8 pound baby boy, He was two weeks early.Take Care & congrats!!!TawnPs.I Hope your hubby comes home soon!!Bless him for what he is doing.

It is perfectly normal, not to worry! I am also pregnant, and popped at 8 weeks.....at that point I looked like I had at 6 months with my first. Now I'm 17 weeks and even bigger! It's because those abdominal muscles are already stretched out and loose from before, they have a lot more give than they did the first time around for us. Best of luck with the pregnancy!

Eventhough i gained less weight with my 2nd then i did with my son, i still started showing sooner. With my son i didn't start showing until i was 5 months, but with my second it was like 3 months and i was showing. So you are not alone!! The same thing happened with me and now my daughter is 3 months and i'm having trouble losing the weight =) Congrats and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy.

I had the same with my 2 pregnancies but you never know. Don't worry until you have youre ultrasound. My hubby is alos in Afghanistan, left in Jan this year, so if you need someone to chat with just let me know, they migh be in the same company.

M., No worries, it's normal to show sooner with the second than the first :-). I was the same when I got pregnant the second time. Keep eating right, walking/exercisng often and get sleep you will need it.

Looks like you've gotten some great advice so I won't repeat everyone else, except for the fact that I am in the SAME boat. Literally. My husband was in Korea for a year and on his Mid-Tour trip over Thanksgiving, we conceived and my son was only 7 months old! I showed A LOT faster with this one and asked the doctor about it and they told me exactly what all the other moms have said. So there is NO need for you to worry honey! It's all natural and you probably are NOT having twins, although it would be a beautiful miracle if you were?! I thought the same exact thing too and I have twins run in my family.
I hope you are doing well with the husband gone. If you ever need anything please email me at ____@____.com and I will be there for you as I know how hard it is to be apart from your spouse during pregnancy.
Keep in touch and keep up the great work. God bless your husband and your family!

At 1.5 months, I looked about 4-5 months, and I was convinced it was twins, but I just popped early, and then plateaued until I was about 5-6 months.

Well I am a mom of only one. However I am a twin, have twin nephews and Twin little brothers. Not to say your having twins but My stepmom was popping out at a month and he had my twin brothers 8 months later. Its possibe.
However my sister in law popped out a bit with her second butonly had one. But I believe she just started eating for 2 soon as she took the pregnancy test. Ha.
Best wishes and congrats to you.

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