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Pregnancy Symptoms If Pregnant with GIRL

My name is G. and I just found out that I am pregnant with baby #3. I have 2 boys and I desperately want a girl. I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and still no nausea. Just sore breasts and some cramps once in a while. With my last pregnancies I was feeling sick by 5 weeks. I am trying to compare symptoms with moms who have had girls to get a little hope that it might be a girl. I looked at the Chinese chart and it shows BOY but I know sometimes its incorrect. I am too anxious and just asking around. I remember with my last 2 pregnancies I craved sour things like pickles or chicken wings. Now, all I can think of is cheesecake. Please help. Thanks!

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Well symptoms are not the best indicators of gender. I was extremely sick with my first daughter from about 5-6week till well past the second trimester. Car rides were a huge task to get through with out vomiting! I did think it was a girl thing because my first was a boy and I wasn't very sick at all with him! Well my third was also a girl and I wasn't sick with her at all. I had a few times where I felt sick but never ever threw up at all.

My symptoms were just the opposite, sick w/ the girls and the twins (boy/girl) and no sickness w/ the boys (one was a miscarriage). Just relax and be patient, be prepared for either. Most important thing will be a healthy baby regardless of the sex. I know you've probably already heard that. I always knew that the Lord gave me exactly the child He intended me to have. Best wishes.

I have 2 boys also, and my last pregnancy #3 was a girl. I had really bad morning sickness with my boys and hardly any with my daughter. I also gained more weight with my boys. Hope this helps, Good Luck! :)

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Hello G.:
I have two girls and a boy. With first girl only craved vegetables and healthy things, and was sick for the first six months. I got sick off all my favorite things. I know they say ginger helps but it made me worse. Second girl craved ice cream and junk food and felt sick, but could not get sick. Third child- boy, felt great very few morning sickness issues and I didn't have any aversions or unusual cravings. I know I was more energetic with my last one, but we had just bought a house the previous year and were putting in our backyard by ourselves.
I agree with one of the other lades, I don't really think you can tell gender by the symptoms. I believe we get the children God meant for us to have, and every child is a unique gift from the Father who loves us all so dearly.
My prayers are for you to have a healthy happy baby. I hope you get what you want too.
Take care,
P.S. I was also wondering how you do all you do, full time job, student and taking care of your children. You are doing so much! Remember to take time for yourself too.

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There's a test you can buy at Walgreens that I believe you can use as early as 10 weeks.
My friend tried it and it agreed w/ the ultrasound. I think it's 80% accurate, and about $30.

My first two pregnancies were the same in terms of sickness, how I felt, everything. I thought I was certainly having another boy b/c I felt the same way. I was wrong - it was a girl. You can't tell gender by how you are feeling. :) Whether you are blessed with another boy or a girl, I hope he or she is healthy and happy. Good luck!

There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in symptoms to indicate if you have a girl or boy - everyone is different, don't believe anyone that tells you otherwise. Either get an ultrasound or wait for the suprise at the end.

From my experience, the cravings, don't matter. They determine the likes and dislikes of the baby rather than the gender. Chinese calendar, is about 70% accurate, I think I have read. Didn't work for me. The only concrete thing that I know works, is the heartbeat. If it's 150+, it's most likely it's a girl. If it lingers at 140+/-, it's a boy. You didn't mention the hear rate, but I hope this helps. CONGRATULATIONS and good luck! PS, really... a healthy baby IS really the most important thing, I am sure you agree. The boys can bring home amazing girls for you to call family. Good upbringing = good boys = good girls. :-)

Although those things are entertaining they have no scientific accuracy. I have talked to soooo many pregnant people and there has been no consistencies amongst being pregnant with boys or girls that I have found. Ask your doctor, they will tell you this. Although I know all the stuff is fun to do!
Many doctors do 12 week genetic screening which involves an ultra sound. I was able to tell my second was a boy when he was only 11 weeks 5 days gestation. Most insurance policy's cover the screening. That may be a more substantial route to go.

Best of luck. I hope it's a girl!

G., Congrats on your pregnancy! Babies are such a blessing! I'm also carrying my 3rd child and do not yet know the sex. From research and experience, I can tell you there is no reliable way to know the sex without seeing it on ultrasound after the 12th week. Pregnancy symptoms are very subjective and reflect more your body's reaction to the rise of hormones than to the sex of the child. There's a lot of "old wives tales" (you've heard them I'm sure, "More nausea with a girl", "carry out front with a boy,gain weight all over with a girl", etc). I've had a boy and a girl and can tell you that these things aren't reliable indicators of the baby's sex. People swore my first was a boy because of the shape of my belly, but she was a girl. I had way more nausea and vomiting with my boy than my girl. This is just one of life's many surprises that you have to wait to have revealed. I hope you will just relax and enjoy your pregnancy (especially since you aren't sick yet--what a blessing). Best wishes with your pregnancy. R., Certified Nurse Midwife and happily married SAHM of 2

I have 2 boys also, and my last pregnancy #3 was a girl. I had really bad morning sickness with my boys and hardly any with my daughter. I also gained more weight with my boys. Hope this helps, Good Luck! :)

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