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I feel like I'm the only one that has to deal with this problem. I am 8 weeks pregnant. Luckily, I haven't felt nausea. What is making me sick is I feel like I have this golf ball sized lugy (sorry I know that's gross!!!) stuck in my throat. I've tried mucinex and it doesn't do anything. I'm gagging a lot from it and it just makes me sick to my stomach. With my first pregnancy I was told I had tonsil stones and the only way that they would go away was to get my tonsils out. So after my son was born I had them taken out. I don't know what the problem is. It's so dang annoying and GROSS!!! If there is anyone out there who has had this problem, PLEASE give me some advice on what I should do!!! Thanks!!!

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I know it gags you and makes you feel sick even if you don't. I had similar problems but nothing helped and be careful about what you take because some things can cause unpleasant side effects for the baby. I would gargle water that had a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it and it helped a little. Avoid fruit juices like orange juice and milk also, that reduces the amount of phlegm you'll produce.

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I have that problem whenever I get sick. Try squirting Warm lemon juice in the back of your throat. You cant even gargle with it a little. Hope this helps!

The first symptom I had with both pregnancies was nasal congestion. It has improved some, but at 8 months, I am still gagging every morning from the thick snot going down the back of my throat. My two year old loves imitating mommy trying to clear her throat to get it out. I don't have any suggestions, just wanted you to know that you aren't alone.

Hi! I know this might sound weird, but there is a specific Chinese medical diagnosis (in acupuncture) that sounds exactly like what you are describing called 'Plum Pit Qi.' It wouldn't hurt to go see an acupuncturist... they might even be able to help with anything else you have going on. There is a brand new online directory for natural focused pregnancy practitioners, and there are a few acupuncturists on there now. You can go there to see if there is anyone in your area to help. www.NaturalBabyPros.com

Good luck with your pregnancy!

I can't give advice but I can say I know what you are feeling and it's no fun! I feel that way all nine months and I swear the minute the baby is born it's suddenly gone. Good Luck!

Hi K.-
you have a wide variety of advise... I suffer with this all the time,prego or not.. when I was prego I coughed alot because of this. I would suggest drinking hot tea to help disolve the grossness. When I drink hot tea in the morning it seems to help alot... Good luck and congrats with your baby.


I've had that feeling, though not while pregnant. For me, it felt like a little piece of food caught way down in my throat that I could never quite swallow. The doctor told me this was actually a symptom of heartburn, just not a well known one. This might make sense for you, since heartburn is very common in pregnancy. Maybe try antacids, or ask your doctor?

Hope this helps!


If it is tonsil stones you can remove them with a water pick or long q-tip. It grosser than gross but you can Google tonsil stones on u tube and watch how they can be removed with a q tip.

Hi K.,
Just a short story for you. My girlfriend had a condition where her mouth produced extra siliva (but was a different consistancy)so she walked around with a spitoon and spit it out all day long (she couldn't get herself to swallow it)
This happened with ALL 3 OF HER PREGNANCIES!!! The whole time. I guess it just becomes second nature after a while.
Her monther and grandmother suffered the same condition! Crazy huh? Just thought I would share since you are going through a weird condition too.
Hopefully, that feeling will go away soon. I would just make sure that a doctor checks you out. You never know.

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