Pregnancy Sulphur Burps

Updated on November 23, 2010
H.B. asks from The Colony, TX
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First, sorry for the grossness of my problem! I'm 25 weeks pregnant and of course dealing with all the wonderful stomach issues we deal with... But yesterday I started burping a TON and the burps are smelling like sulfur / rotton eggs. And I mean they are FOUL. These aren't regular preggo burps - They are loud and long and frequent and NOXIOUS. My husband is having to leave the room when I burp - he says they're worse than his farts! By the end of the day I was also feeling nauseous and icky... and then I spend the night on the couch, waking up every half hour JUST to sit up and burp or to sit in the bathroom waiting to puke. I never did vomit, but I did have a couple of iffy BMs. I figured if it was something I ate, it would be better by today but as I write this, its been a whole other day and I ended up having to take a sick day from work so I could lay on the couch in my misery.

Has anyone else heard or experienced this? I feel like I have some monster in my stomach! Nothing I eat or drink is helping. And no, I have not eaten ANY eggs recently.

Thanks in advance for your help and insight!

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Hi H.,Congrats to you!!I would probaly bet its your prenatal vits.Call your doc and ask them to give you one w/no fish oil in it!!Which one are you taking(does it have omega 3?)I have never heard of the egg smell, but just a bad taste when the burp happens...hope this resolves!!Definatly try a differant vit and see if it stops!!Good Luck...



answers from Hartford on

I had similar issues that continued after the birth of my children. I just discovered digestive enzymes and they are the answer for my issues! I was not pregnant anymore when I discovered them so I don't know if they are okay to take, but I would imagine they would be. Check out swanson's n-zimes. I think you can find them online. My mom orders from them so she just adds my order onto hers, so I've never been on their website. They might say on there whether or not they're safe for pregnancy. I know during pregnancy our hormones throw off digestion, and in my case, it allowed things to sit in my stomach without breaking down, making me VERY gassy/burpy and they were FOUL... same kind of thing you are explaining. It was all just from stuff "fermenting" in my digestive tract. Two enzymes with every meal have completely taken care of the burping and other issues that accompanied it. I highly recommend them if they are safe for pregnancy.

Best wishes!



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Not trying to scare you...but it wouldn't be out of the question to bring this up with your OBGYN. Sometimes a problem with gallbladder can cause the belching (the obnoxious kind) that your are describing. Wouldn't hurt to at least give them a call......goodluck.



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Hi H.!
When I was pregnant with my 1st son, I was constantly doing "bacon" burps-it would literally make me throw up. it was terriable. when I became pregnant with my 2nd I did some research and decided to try a different vitamin-and I never had bad burps again. I used wild Harvest prenatal vitamins from Shaws, my doctor compared ingredients and ok'd it- they were great-not only did I never get the burps-I never got morning sickness either! I dont know if your vitamin is the problem, but its worth looking into! Congratulations on your pregnancy!



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Maybe you might have eaten something off? If it's some sort of food poisoning, it can take a few days to get over. I would call my doc and ask them what they think just to be on the safe side.

When I was pregnant with my second, I had a similar (though not that extreme) reaction to my prenatal vitamins (prenate, but back in 2000). When I switched off of those, I was fine. But this sounds like a bigger problem than I had.

Good luck finding the answer. My burps were small and just unpleasant but still made me feel awful. I can't imagine what you're describing!



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It is your prenatal vitamins. If you feel you need to stay on that brand, then add alfalfa tablets. You can buy them at Wal-mart and they are high in vitamins/minerals, but also the one thing that stops bad breath and bad smelling burps!!


answers from Jackson on

I am actually looking for an answer for this same question, which is why I came across yours. I am in my second pregnancy and during my first I had twins. In the first pregnancy, right towards the end before I had them I started getting these burps and they were rancid. Now I'm almost 36 weeks this go 'round and here they are, back again. I was hoping it meant I didn't have much longer to go, but I can't find anything online. This happens no matter what I ate or drank. On the upside, my awful heartburn has subsided slightly. :)



answers from Boston on

it sounds like you might be having acid reflux. I would talk to your OB about medication you can try there are many that are safe in pregnancy and it can cause you health problems and a lot of sleepless nights without treatment


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If you throw up and/or develop abdominal pain please go to the ER! I had similar symptoms in my third trimester and then 1 week post-partum had to be hospitalized for a bowel obstruction. It can be very serious if not treated promptly. The difference in my sypmtoms was that I vomited a few times; the first time was the day before she was born, the second time was one week later just prior to going to the ER. I continued to have bm's by the way, so I didn't think anything was really wrong. Pregnancy hormones slow down digestion and slow down the GI tract. Maybe try taking some citrucel (it's a fiber drink- over the counter, can find it at cvs). It should keep things moving efficiently. High fiber foods are great but when your pregnant they can make you gassy and bloated, so the fiber drink might be a nice way to combat that. Just make sure to drink plenty of water with it!
Either way you should probably call your Dr. or midwife to let him/her know what you are experiencing, especially if it's causing you to limit your food or fluid intake.

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