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Pregnancy and Medicaid

My 17 yr old is pg. Having some complications (Shes only weeks along and has been put on bed rest already) so we are trying get her on Medicaid, She lives with her boyfriend, some people are telling us she should say that she lives with us when she applies, we own our own business so based on our income i don't think she'll get it. It's very important that she gets it though. My last child cost over $13,000.00. Does anyone know how to get this done.

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Well, We went to UTMB 10-31 and found out that my daughter did miscarry. I don't know if allot of you guys know about hormone levels, but Sunday night in the ER hers was 42%. They sent her home for bed rest, and that is what she did, but it was too late.
Anyways, they(UTMB) took her in as a family planning patient. Since she is a minor not living with either parent she qualifies for childrens medicaid. So she will be covered for 2 yrs.
She is doing okay, the dad is doing okay also. Disappointed, hormonal, relieved in a way.
I've tried to raise my kids in a realistic manner, hopefully that pays off when it comes to hurts and woes like this.

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I am 22 years old and have a 1 year old. I was on medicaid through my whole pregnancy,thank goodness it saved us tons of money! I would honestly recommend her saying that she does live with her boyfriend, with them both being young and not having a huge income the chances of her and the baby getting approved are much higher! Hope this helps--C.

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I was covered by Medicaid when I was pregnant with my first. You (or she) can visit www.yourtexasbenefits.com to print out an application (if she's never applied for state benefits, she can even apply online there).

She'll need to have written proof of a pregnancy as well as a bunch of other things (proof of income, bills, etc). At her interview with her case worker she'll be given a list of these things to fax, mail, or bring into the office before they can finish her case. I would take them to the office and get a receipt for them, as papers have a tendency to get lost! The process is time consuming, but worth it! Medicaid will cover everything for the pregnancy/medicaid accepting doctor/hospital as well as any unpaid medical bills she's had during the past few months (I think it's 3?); moreover, the baby will be covered for a year.

I lived with my parents when I had Medicaid. I did have to list their incomes, but they only counted what bills my parents paid for me or any amount of money they gave me regularly. I would think the same would be true of your daughter and her boyfriend. She needs to list the bills SHE pays (for instance, if their rent is $800, she should put that she pays $400) and the money SHE gets. Her boyfriend's earnings will need to be listed since he lives with her, but I don't think they'll count that as her money.

Good luck!! It'll be such a huge relief when she gets approved; I know for me it was! I had a c-section and the bills amounted to 20k. Yikes!

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I am 22 years old and have a 1 year old. I was on medicaid through my whole pregnancy,thank goodness it saved us tons of money! I would honestly recommend her saying that she does live with her boyfriend, with them both being young and not having a huge income the chances of her and the baby getting approved are much higher! Hope this helps--C.

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Hi J.-

I am a former Medicaid Caseworker in a different state. I am not sure of Texas' regulations but in NJ, where I was a caseworker, the babies father's income was not countable until the baby was born even if they lived together. Also ,the income standard for pregnant women and infants is the most generous. The older the children are ,the harder it is to qualify If we were talking food stamps and welfare that would be a different story.

Good luck,

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I just had my son on Medicaid and am a insurance collector, so I have some knowledge on the best things you can do to get Medicaid. Since your daughter does not work, she needs to say that she supports herself and lives with her child's father (boyfriend). They will go by the income that he makes and will also take into account all the bills that he has to pay for. For example the rent, utilities, water. They will not consider cars. If she says she lives with you, then Medicaid will take into account your and your husbands income and will also investigate if she actually lives with you. As long as the income to living ratio is close, she should be able to have pregnancy benefits and possible help with food stamps and monthly income. It is not very hard for new young mothers to receive Medicaid because there are laws in place to make sure that unborn/newborn babies are taken care of. Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions.

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I was on medicaid when i was pregnant you can go to the web site to check the maximum income also i went to womens clinic and they send me to a social worker and she helped me with all the paperwork and was very easy and a lot more fast than doing it by myself i think is better if she says is living with her boyfriend and is in bed rest .if for some reason she doesnot qualify you can go to a county hospital and ask about the types of insurance they have and try it

hope this help you


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I was on medicaid with my 1st child and was 20 years old living with my mom. Together our income was too much for me to qualify but all my mom had to do was write a letter stating that I lived with her but she did not help me with any bills or give me cash money. Based on my income alone I was approved. If you provide a roof over her head but nothing else than your income will not factor in to wether or not she gets approved. Same with the boyfriend. Just have the letter written out when you go to turn in your app or you'll have to make another trip. Good luck!

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First I really hope she can get medicaid. This is an enormouse help. Without medicaid...I do not know how either of my children would have been born. That being said...It is VERY important to not lie to the warefare system. If she is living with her boyfriend...then they need to go by his and her income. Your income would knock their chances out. Eventually they will have to live on their own income and may be illigible for more goverment aid. If she is not already on WIC...she needs to be. They provide nutrition for both mother and baby even during pregnacy.
Back to the warefare system. It is extremely important have all the facts as clear as possible. Any misunderstanding could be called lying to the government and considered a felany (excuse my spelling). Even something as simple as mixing up words can get you in trouble...I speak from experience. Good luck...the warefare system can be VERY helpful. As long as your careful with it.

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Wow! Johnie Sue, my little sister who is 18 an lives with our partens still is about 4 months and just got qualified for medicaid. My mom said she had to be clever with the paperwork. I would do your research to determine what is required for qualifying. Then file your paperwork accordingly. Since you daughter is on bed rest and cannot work, it may behoove you all to show her as living with her boyfriend with a single income. BTW, my little sis has had some difficulties as well. The doctor had to give her meds for anxiety (as she is so nervous and doesn't understand what is happening to her little body)and it is mandatory she drinks lots of water otherwise her body kicks into contractions.

Good luck grandmom and mom to be!! CJ

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