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Pregnancy After 40

Hello, I just turned 40 and am thinking of having a second child, but apprehensive due to my age. Would love to hear form women who had children after 40.

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Thank you all sooo much for sharing your stories and experiences. It was so great and normalizing to hear that there are so many mothers giving birth in their 40s! You may be counting me in soon.

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I had an oops at 40. and it's hard. but, awsome. For me, I was really monitored by the Dr because of my age. I had more untrasounds than before (and my 2nd I had at 36) There were a few scares, anemia, and a heart thing. But, everything was just fine. I didn't even tell people I was pregnant until after the amnio. there is an increased risk of downs, and I'd suggest just thinking about what you would do if that were the case. Good luck.

had my last girl @ 40...no regrets, I gained a little too much wt, tho...but otherwise, fine!! good luck

Had my first son at 35, second at 37 and third at 40. All healthy babies and great pregnancies. I say, go for it!

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Heya... Scanned through, to see if anyone from my age bracket had replied first...

So... I had my son when I was 23 a couple years after discharging from the USMC... and in the past 6 years I have yet to meet a single mum in their 20's. Most of my friends with children are in their 40's (children born betwen 38 & 45), but I DO know 2 in their mid 30's, one in their 50's, and one in their 60's. It's not like I'm a hermit, or anything, it's just the growing trend. There wasn't a single parent of a child in my son's preschool OR kindergarden class who was under 35, and most were in their forties/fifties.

Having children later, just plain makes sense. Typically a person in their 30's/40's is in a better place financially, educationally, emotionally, & career-wise then someone in their 20's. Heck, a person has had an extra 10-20 years of living, under their belts. It's hard NOT to be in a better place. <grinning> My husband and I were PLANNING on waiting four more years from NOW to have our first child. Since our son is 6, you can see how well that plan went.

One thing about this trend though, most mum's in their 40's snub younger mums. I have no real idea why. Mostly, I've learned to keep my age a secret (29, for real), until I've become friends with someone. <laughing> Everyone I know says that they're more tired then they were in their 20's... but then, they didn't have kids then. And they weren't running on 3 hours of sleep a night for 2 years, because they were studying for finals, or working at nights at a crappy job, and taking care of the baby in the daytime. They went to school and worked crappy jobs when they were young, and NO ONE was dependent on them. They didn't have to buy 80 dollars worth of diapers & 200 dollars of formula on their tiny entry-level position job. They just had to meet their friends for drinks & pizza.

Having kids is exhausting at any age. But ooooh boy. So. So. So. Much. Fun. :) :) :)

So put your hands on your hips, look around you... and see how far you've come.If you're in a better place then you were when you were in your 20's, breathe a sigh of relief. If you're in a better place then in your thirties... then throw your arms up and laugh. You'll be fantastic.

Hi I.,

Having a baby after 40 is really no big deal. I'm a late bloomer, having my first child, a son at 35, my second son at 37 and my last, a baby girl at 40. I was healthy and really taking good care of myself. My only complaint was, it does get a little hard when you are at your last trimester, but it was because I was chasing after 2 toddlers. I wanted a little girl so badly and was willing to give it another try if the 3rd was a boy, even if I was pass the 40+ age.

As you get older, it is hard to get rid of the pregnancy weight. I've been carrying an extra 8 pounds from my 3 pregnancies and I've found out it is harder to loose those weights as you get older.

For me, having a baby after 40 is no big deal. If financially you can afford to having another child, go for it.

Good luck!

had my last girl @ 40...no regrets, I gained a little too much wt, tho...but otherwise, fine!! good luck

Hi, I.,

I had a child at 40 1/2 and another six weeks before my 42nd birthday. Starting at age 38, my husband and I went through IUI, IVF and a couple rounds of ICSI as well as immune treatment to conceive a child. My first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage. My first live child was conceived through Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), but my second live child was conceived naturally six months after my first was born. (I was so surprised to discover that I was pregnant that I didn't completely believe that I was going to have another child until I was five months pregnant.) I did not have an amnio during either pregnancy because, before becoming pregnant with both my sons, my husband and I decided to accept whatever we got in terms of children. A few people, including my mother, discouraged me from having kids out of fear of me conceiving children that had genetic conditions such as Down Syndrome. Now, my mother can't get enough of my two kids, who are 2 and 1. I would have preferred to have kids when I was younger (mid-twenties), but better late than never.

Good luck,
L. E

i understand how upset some may be by my response. as a child of parents who were 42 and 43 when i was born i think it is selfish to have children at that age. my parents never considered how their health would be 24 years later i am on the verge of loosing my mom to Alzheimer and my father has heart problems as well as diabetes. i don't think that all parents who are older will end up like this yes my parents had money at that point but i would rather have more years with them than good schools. my parents were always exhausted and unable to take me to the park or play dates or have tea parties with me. just make sure you have the time energy health and love to give to the child before you put a burden on an unborn.

I had no problems getting pregnant at 39 and delivering at 40. Had a wonderful pregnancy and my daughter is almost 4 and super healthy. Go for it, if that's your heart's desire! Remember, the glass half full, you are ONLY ;) 40!
Have fun trying!

PS find a doctor who's supportive of your pregnancy. Do all the exams required. Plan ahead with you husband if complications arise, just like you would in ANY pregnancy at any age, but you're wiser now ;)

You are not old.
You can still have a baby!
I was 42 when I had my 2nd child. It was planned, we got preggers naturally. I had no problems what so ever during the pregnancy.
My friend, was 47 when she had her 2nd child.

It's really do-able.
Just check with your OB/GYN. They see "older" pregnant Moms all the time. And of course, talk with your Hubby about it.

All the best,


Congratulations to you for considering having a baby after 40! I just had my first baby last year (at 40) and it's been the most wonderful thing I could have ever done! I just love my son and can't believe I didn't do it sooner (actually I can since I don't think my husband and I were ready before now). I was really lucky in that my pregnancy was without incident and my son was born healthy (albeit 4 weeks earlier than we expected!). I exercised right up until I delivered (mostly yoga and pilates) and ate as well as I could (I just couldn't stay away from chocolate though). If you're healthy and in good shape I think you can do it too. I appreciated every moment of my pregnancy and couldn't believe it ended so soon. It was the best time of my life.

Good luck to you on your decision,

B. D.

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