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hi i just found out that im pregnant im already a mother of three wonderful girls . i would take a dozen more!! does anyone know of a method to find out the gender of the baby before an ultrasound? i dont know if even know how to raise a boy and am pretty worried since i have no brothers at all.

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Hi J., I have 2 sisters and my first 2 children were boys. I thought as you do that I would not know what to do. Wrong, I had no problem and found after I had a girl that boys are much easier. I went on to have 2 more boys. Don't stress, you will have what you have and do well. Remember it is not us that makes the plans. Congrats mommy! my best, Grandma Mary

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The Chinese Birth Chart has always been right for me & my family & friends! Here's an easy to read one that I made..


Look up by the month of conception w/ your age at conception.


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you can sure try to find out pre-ultrasound, but i wouldn't go out and buy pink or blue yet! there are tons of those "tests" like hanging your wedding ring over your belly (as someone said)... obviously those aren't very accurate.
That "Chinese Calendar" out there supposedly tells you gender depending on your birthday and month of conception... but in my experience it's never been right for the people i know!
They have those new over the counter tests now - but I was told my my doctor, and a few other sources when i researched it, that they're only about 50% accurate... which means they're wrong 50% of the time! Not much help in my opinion.
I know how hard it is to wait!! it was excruciating for me... i got to find out at my 20 week ultrasound (we're having boy/girl twins!). i've know women who's babies aren't cooperative enough and they have to wait until even later! I can't imagine!

as far as feeling unprepared for a certain gender: i was the same way with girls - i have no sisters, mostly boy cousins, and my parent's friends all had boys when i was growing up! but then i met my step-daughter (she was 2) and the thought of how to relate to a barbie-loving little girl scared me - but i got past the fear of the unknown and we have fun! She's 11 now and our relationship has turned out great! If it turns out that blue is in your future - I'm sure the same will happen for you, you'll learn to relate to him in a whole other way and it'll be the most natural thing in the world :)
If instead you're seeing pink - God love ya... i could never handle 4 girls!!! :)
I'm sure either way, soon you'll never be able to picture your life without him/her!

Good luck! Here's to a healthy, happy 9 months!!

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Congratulations! I have no suggestions regarding the pre-ultrasound gender question. There are some old wives' tales involving your wedding ring on a string or the heart rate of the baby, but you would have to google those!

As for having daughters and no brothers, don't worry about it! I am one of three girls, my father has 8 sisters and most of my cousins are girls... I had a boy! When they are very young, there is no difference, aside from cleaning and diapering. They will show you this in the hospital.

Kids are kids, have fun and good luck!

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Hi J.,
Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and I don't even know you! I love big families and wish I could have one. Both of my boys we obvious on the ultrasounds, but they followed the lower heart-rate trend. That is not fool-proof, but I thought they were boys from that and they were, indeed, boys. Boys are so much easier and more laid-back (in general, not always) than girls, but they sometimes have a much higher energy level. You will learn along with your new little one, whether another girl or a boy. Enjoy this time!

P.S. I am one of all girls (no brothers) and have had no problems because of it with my two boys. :)

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Congratulations! I don't think there is anything that can tell you for sure what your baby's gender is before 17-18 weeks. Babies don't even have an established gender before then, so I don't know how at 10 weeks a test can determine gender. I recall when I was pregnant I had a nuchal fold ultrasound at 11 weeks, and the tech sonographer used 4-D to get a picture. My baby looked sort of like an alien with paws and a tail. It did not even really look like baby yet, and there were definitely no genitals for me to tell if it was a boy or girl. However, no matter what you have, if it is a boy, don't fret - your mommy instinct will tell you what you will need to do. You will LOVE your boy! Boys have a special quality about them that melts your heart - the little grubby fingers, the smelly little toes, the little balls of energy - they are so lovable in so many ways. Girls have special characteristics too - my point is each gender so wonderfully unique, and you will fall in love with both.

Hi J.
Stay healthy!! Eat well and get the rest you need.
I can't answer your question, but I can say, that boys might be tougher in the early years with all their energy, and excitement, but girls are tougher in their early teens etc.
So it is a trade off and you'll be able to do it, I promise. Kids come with their own love-- girls or boys.
I didn't have brothers either and we had boys first.
God bless you family
K. --- SAHM married 39 years --- adult children -- 38,coach; 33,lawyer, married with our only grandchild; and twins 19, in college after homeschooling.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You have a few months to prepare for the baby be it boy or girl. Since you have no brothers don't worry there either, just be the best mom you can be. If you have a boy you will need to learn to keep that pee shooter covered with the dry diaper or be prepared for a quick yellow shower (everytime).

Boys come with alot of energy and action. There are ten boys in our family. They are all very smart and tactile (love to explore through touching) and everything is physical. The most important thing you need to know about boys is that they need men. They need a man to show them how to be a man. Make certain you boy has positive males in his life through a lifetime. They really need that.

Congratulations again and the best to you. FYI - my best friend had three girls, then had a son. He's in college now and still the little prince of the family.

Hi! I have a 3 year old son. It is fun to be the mom of a little boy. Don't worry. Clothing a boy is more fun than I expected, too. It has been a great journey so far, and I look forward to more years of fun!

they do have a new thing called gender predictor thats by the pregnancy tests in Walgreens. I believe at 10 weeks you can find out. good luck and congratulations!!

Anything before 17 or 18 weeks isn't accurate. My 3rd baby looked like a boy in her 13 week ultrasound, but at the 19 week mark we saw that she was a girl.
They have ultrasound places that are not medically affiliated. Type it into Google and find one near you. Theyr'e about $100. I think they'll tell you at 17 weeks.

Actually boys are much easier to raise. If you have a
b oy, you will fall right into being the Mom of a son. Mothers and sons have a special bond. Four girls are
great also. So I ssee that you are in a win win situation.
Enjoy your pregancy and family.

Hi J., I have 2 sisters and my first 2 children were boys. I thought as you do that I would not know what to do. Wrong, I had no problem and found after I had a girl that boys are much easier. I went on to have 2 more boys. Don't stress, you will have what you have and do well. Remember it is not us that makes the plans. Congrats mommy! my best, Grandma Mary

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