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Potty Training a "New" 2-Year-Old Chihuahua Doggie

Hello you animal-loving moms!
I need some advice pronto...we just adopted a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix yesterday from a rescue group. She is the most loving, sweet, fun little doggie and we just adore her. We knew at the time that she was 50% housebroken, but my oh my. Since 7 p.m. last night she has pooped on the carpet, peed on our bed, and peed in other parts of the house at least 3 times! I've just called into work to take an unexpected vacation day today (as we can't leave her outside all day due to her small size and our coyote-prone neighborhood and short backyard fence. We have a doggie-door guy lined up but he can't install it for 2 weeks. And we'll have to train her on that one, too.

In the meantime, I need a crash-course in potty-training this doggie on our grass. Any advice would be MOST appreciated as we've gotta make this work and I'm a neat freak who's never had to deal with animal accidents (our other dog was totally potty-trained when we received her; she's now deceased). We've been eagle-eyeing her and taking her out frequently. When she goes, we say, "Good potty!" over and over and give her a treat. Then a little while later, she goes in the house :(

What can I do next?

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I'm sorry to say this but there is some terrible advice posted on here (potty pads, large kennels, you won't be able to train her). The only reason I know is because my husband is a professional dog trainer and we have years of experience with cases like this. If you'd like some quick, free advice give him a call, you'll be glad you did.

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Can you confine her to one room or a crate? You'll have to crate train her because it is very late for potty training. Imagine potty training a 14 year old. Anyway, Get those potty mats from a pet store and confine her to the kitchen until you can spend a good week crate training her. Good luck. I can't imagine housetraining a dog of that age. Oh and by the way, you'll need to take a week long vacation from work.

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Hi! Dogs always go potty where they have previously gone bc their scent is there. First, you have to really get rid of the stain/scent wherever she peed. If you are keeping her gated off like in the kitchen or somewhere, then you should put down those "piddle pads" that you can buy at Pet co but put then on the side of the gate or wall closest to the exit door that leads to the yard. If you are not keeping her gated in an area inside then just put then closer and closer to the door. Then keep the same piddle pad that she already peed on and go put it outside on the grass where you want her to pee. Since her scent is on it, she will pee there again. You can pour some water over the pad to let some of the pee/scent run off onto the grass and stay there for a while. Hopefully she will continue to pee there. It takes patience, just like a kid but good luck!!

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You may want to crate her when you are gone. I have a large crate for sale as a matter of fact, but crating will help her feel secure.

When you get a dog from the shelter you have no information on the past treatment of the dog and if she is peeing on your bed she has some issues with her place in the family roster.

Crate her unless you are actively involved with her, this will get her attention. She must look to the people in the house as her OWNERS, more important than she is. I have a chihuahua mix myself and if you are not alpha they gladly will take over.

Food, water and shelter are love to a dog, Tthey don't need extra treats or special attention. They are not in charge and do not own the furniture. Keep her excercised and only let her out of the crate to play with her and take her outside. Then let her out more and more to see how whe does. They need activity, toys that they are willing to spend time on etc. My Fred has balls and squeaky toys that he plays with but he would rather we threw them for him.

Another good way of teaching a dog their place in the famliy is to attach a leash to your belt and keep her leashed to you for a day. She must go wherever you go and she will learn to pay attention to you. My dog's greatest fear is to be stepped on or to have something fall on him. He learned to pay attention real fast!!

Dogs must know where they stand. Just because they are small does not mean that they can get a break. Fred is hard headed and although he was trained when we got him he still needed to know he was safe and secure in the house but that he was the least important of the "people" in the house.

Hope some of this helps, I have worked in a shelter for several years and learned a lot from the great people that help keep our little furry friends off the streets. Adopt from the shelter and SPAY AND NEUTER!!

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Crate train her! It's the easiest way. You're right -- Keeping her outside will not train her.

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I have this problem with my rescued corgi as well. Kennel training is the best thing I ever learned about schooling dogs. It keeps them safe, not bothering other people, and gets them on a schedule. If they have accidents you only have to clean the kennel. You can leave the dog in the kennel during the day and they sleep while you are gone. Their ancestors used dens and after they are taught properly, dogs like their kennels. Potty training beyond that calls for you to keep the dog with you at all times. Do not give the dog access to the rest of the house. Take him out frequently, every hour to two hours and praise whenever he goes. If necessary you may have to put him on a leash to keep him with you. Dogs usually get restless and start walking around when they have to go. Whenever you see this take the dog out, regardless if he was just went out. Keeping the dog on a leash trains you to notice his behavior. You may find that he is sending you clear signals and you just didn’t notice.

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Funny this should come up we just got a Chi puppy from Chihuahua haven...what we have done is get some fake grass (I got it from Kahoots pet store) and we take our dog out about hourly onto the grass in front then when we are inside we have her go on the fake grass (with potty pad underneath) and that seems to be working well.

Good luck.

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Buy "Piddle Pads" or some other brand of Puppy training pads- they have these at Walmart or Kmart. My dogs were trained with these. Don't let your dog on the bed, teach it to sleep in a pet crate. My dogs love their crates now, but it was hard the first couple of weeks.

I have 1 shihtzu and 1 shihtzu mix. The crate training also worked well for my rotti lab mix who until she recently passed, used to love sleeping in her pet porter kennel at night. They feel really safe and secure- there are several good books on the subject. The #1 thing that I used to help my mom recently with her shihtzu yorkie 12 week old puppy- catch her in the act. Everything is timing. Suki went #2 in the kitchen and I told her no and took her out. The next day she was sniffing at the same place in the kitchen and looked up at me. I took her outside and she went #2 immediately. She hasn't gone #2 in the house in over a week now.

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I too adopted a Chihuahua mix from a shelter and have had potty issues. Since it was cold during the winter we ended up going w/ a doggie litter box (sold at Petco and Petsmart). Little dogs get timid in cold weather, wet grass, etc and refuse to go out on it. You might want to avoid the doggie door for now until she is trained. Also you could confine her out side in an enclosed wire crate -- for big dogs it would be enough room for her to sleep/play at one end and poop in the other. But I still recommend confining her inside w/ a litter box. Notice I said confine -- don't let her have full run of your house. I confine mine to the kitchen b/c it has floors that are easy to mop/ clean w/ bleach. Don't be fooled by the small size. Mine can climb over the baby gate so I had to put one on top too. (we don't have doors on the kitchen) We also had to attach plexi-glass so she doesn't go thru the slats of the baby gate or under, etc. She is an escape artist.

Also do you have a small crate for her -- keep her in there and take her out to potty on a schedule. This should help when you are home.

If you can catch some Cesar Milan - the Dog Whisperer he is really helpful.

Good luck.

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My husband and I did not want another dog. Our grandson, however, did. We had custody of this grandchild for 3 years, so he has a deep bond with us. I told him that he could get one to keep here if he paid for it. I didn't think he would save up enough. Well, he did. We are now totally in love with this little Chihuahua. We have had her for over a year. Anyway, she was paper trained when we got her. She converted to use the yard very quickly. However, we still leave papers in one spot for when we are too busy to notice that she needs out, or when we are gone. We also live in a coyote area, as well as skunks and other wild animals. I didn't want to have a "doggie" door because of stray cats and such. My point is that you could try the papers which come with a scent that draws the pup to it. I can't smell it, but she goes right to it when we are gone.
Good luck with your new puppy.
K. K.

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