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Potty Training - Sugar Grove, NC

I have read everyones post about there ideas on potty training, but I need a littl more info/reaassurance. My daughter is 2yrs and 3 months, we have beening doing this potty training for couple months now. Before she was 2 she wanted to pee and then she lost interest. But now she is interested and told me in the car a couple weeks ago that she doesn't want to wear diapers anymore. I'm a SAHM so during the day except at nap times she wears her big girl training panties. But she still pees in them if I don't remember to tell her to go to the potty. I try to tell her every 45 minutes and when I tell her to go get on the potty she goes in and pulls her pants down and tells me she pee or pood in the potty. But she never tells me she has to go. She will just pee in her panties. Should I give up is she not ready? I put a diaper on her today after she peed in her panties a bunch and everytime she would pee she would ask me to change her. I told her no that she needed to wait if she wanted to be dry she should of went and peed in the potty. She is very smart but why won't she go pee without me asking her, I feel like I'm not getting anywhere. Anyone have any ideas for me I would sure appreciate it.
God Bless

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Hi--my son was the same way. We got him a Potty Watch (pottytrainingsolutions.com) that plays music when it is time to go potty. You set the timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. It was a huge success and the only thing that worked! My son loved wearing the watch. Best of all--it was about $14 for the watch!


When mine did that, I gave it up and just waited a week or two and then tried it again.
Sounds like you are doing everything right, sounds like she doesn't realize what it feels like before she has to go.
Give it a rest and let her wear diapers for another week or two and then try it again and see if it is any better.

My middle son decided he didn't want to wear diapers any more when he was about 2 1/2. We told him that was okay - but if he "forgot" to potty in the toilet and wet his pants - he would have to wear his diaper again. He made the decision and stayed dry. In fact, a few weeks later he got a really bad stomach bug and we had to BEG him to wear a pull up to minimze the mess that was potential - if you know what I mean:) GOOD LUCK!

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Hi K.,

What I found when training my two daughters was they would still pee in the pullups. It's like they knew they had "insurance" and didn't want to stop playing long enough to go potty. I finally gave up and put "real" panties on them. They didn't like the idea of being all wet and soon went potty. It was a little messy but worked wonders with my girls.

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I honestly DO NOT PUSH IT AT ALL! I have learned that they will do it when they truly want to do it. At that point I do keep encouraging. In our family that is right around the third birthday. And when they do decide they never look back and we barely ever have any accidents. (My daughter never had one and my son still does on a very very rare occasion if he drank too much before bed)


She's 2 years old, that's why you still have to remind her. If she were in a daycare, they would be sending her to the bathroom on somewhat of a set schedule. That's just part of it. You need to send her every hour. She'll get the hang of it. It just takes time. She'll start to realize it on her own in time, but for now, you are her reminder. My daughter still needed reminding at 4 years. She would get caught up in playing and not think about it at all. It's no big deal. I would work on rewarding her if she goes all day without an accident. Nothing big, but some sort of celebration. Then you can celebrate after naps when her diaper is dry. I was amazed how motivated my daughter was with rewards.

Good luck and don't give up!

It sounds like in theory your daughter is ready, but in practice she's not quite ready to read her body's signals yet. You can try letting her run around naked in the house to see if she becomes more aware of the sensations of having to pee--that worked for my son, but he was much older, 34 months. Or you can just wait a little bit and try underwear again in a couple of months. Just be sure to be matter of fact about it when talking about it with your daughter. Let her know that our bodies learn these things in time and you guys can try again later when maybe her body will be as ready as she is. Don't make it sound like it's her fault.

We did try to "train" our son at 30 months, but it lasted a day and a half before he was over it, so we told him he couldn't wear his underwear until he was ready to go pee in the potty. He was fine with that and once he and his body were ready, we went straight to underwear and he has had very few accidents. Good luck!

I was lucky with my daughter...so wanted to do everything I did when she was that age. So, I had her "go" EVERYTIME I went to the bathroom. If I brushed my teeth, or "went" myself, if I showered, literaly any excuse I had to be in the bathroom.
This worked great for her but I do realize how lucky I was.
Good luck!

I just went through that with my daughter who will be 2 1/2 next month. I did the pull ups, the big girl undies but nothing worked EXCEPT a two day committment to letting her drink as much as she wanted to and put her on the potty about 15 mins after she drank alot and let her run around the house with nothing on her except a tee shirt or a dress. Everytime she went pee in the potty we did a dance and I praised her to the sky. We also did a sticker chart, stickers are cheap at a dollar store and the chart I made myself. From start to finish the whole this took 6 weeks, I took a week off as I was frustrated and then the next week she got it. She is ready and you know she is, don't put a diaper back on her as she loves the feeling of being older and bigger. Diapers are a step back. Go for it, you k now you can do it mom! Good luck, you can ask me any q's if you like, I"m a half SAHM too, I take her to work with me also.

We did the "naked potty training" with my daughter as well. She was 2 at the time. We did it for 2 weeks straight were she did not leave the house, you have to be comitted to being in the home for 2 weeks straight with your child. She had a couple of accidents but did really well. I think with the pull ups she could not "feel the urge" but with nothing down there she started to recognize the urge that she had to go. After the 2 weeks she would wear big girl panites during the day and we did pull ups at night until she could make it thru the night dry on a consistant basis. I hope this helps

K. I'm a sahm of 3, my youngest also a girl was the only one that did the same as your daughter. After trying everything else I tried bribery. I was told by everyone you should not bribe them but it worked in my case. I put a jar filled with scooby doo sucker (her fav.) on the shelf over the potty out of reach but in site. She only got one if she told me she had to potty and actually did. It took about a week. She is now 3 and completely potty trained. I don't know if this will help your child or not but as a mom who has been there... I wouldn't give up just yet. Good luck!!

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