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Potty Training 30 Month Old Son

Okay, I'm working to get my 30 month old son potty trained. For 14 months he's shown an interest in using the potty. During this time, we've not pushed anything. However, to meet his interest we did buy him a potty chair (last May) and a potty seat (January). Although most recently there are times he does go, and days I push him frequently to be reminded - it is getting frustrating. He just simply doesn't want to be interrupted from his play. We've done a sticker chart. He was very pumped about that but that has somewhat faded - for him & for me! We have great fun print underwear. However, most frequently he asks instead for a pull-up or diaper (I usually do not meet this request).
~~ I'm open to any magic suggestions out there!!

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Thanks for sharing your advice & experiences!! Just to hear from so many whom have been in the same boat (or at least trying to get in the same boat!) is encouraging.

We have had a full day of success!!! Actually over 24 hours. When I returned from the store last night my son inquired "What you got for me?" I showed him a package of gummy bears and he watched me transfer them into a plastic bowl. He was extremely excited, as he has tasted them but we do not keep them in our home. I retreated to the bathroom, with him on my heels, and I begin explaining the new system to him. I told him he could not have a gummy bear until he got on the potty like a big boy. I explained that he'd receive 1 bear for "tee teeing" and 2 for "poe poeing." Whaula!!! That did the trick. He immediately became much more challenged and intrigued with this whole underwear, big boy, potty training process. He did a WONDERFUL job all day today. We were away from the house for two hours this morning and - no accidents. I did put him on the potty at the library but he did not go. This evening we were away from home for nearly 3 hours and no trouble. He did use the potty at the restaurant but I think it was more out of interest and being intrigued than truly needing to go ~~~ whatever works!! As we left home this evening and I was making a big deal to his Daddy about his "Dry Success" for the day I came up with a new idea. My son LOVES candles/birthday cakes. I explained to him that if he'd stay dry the remainder of the day we'd have a "Happy Dry-All Day Party!!" He immediately chimed in with "cakes & candle?!" We made it through the evening with success. When we arrived at home I changed his underwear, took a picture of him holding his "Dry All Day Underwear" in front of a brownie topped ice cream adorning a candle - as my husband and I sang "Happy Dry-All Day to You...." (you know the tune!!) I also told him he could call someone and tell them what a special Dry All Day day he'd had today. He chose his 10 year old cousin McCall. He then shared his success with her - and I took all the pictures to document his success for years!!! ~ Whew, looks like we've made it over that hump.
Thanks again for so much insight, encouragement and advice!!!

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A lot of boys would rather play than loose time going to the bathroom. The only thing that helped me was a routine time of having "no fun" and putting all the toys up. Hint I would after saying time to put things away and because it was no fun ask if he would like to go potty. If out doors it was time to come in for sunblock or I had to go and then so did he.

I guess I was lucky. My son at 8 months decided he didn't like the poop in the diaper and trained himself to go on the potty. Peeing was a bit longer but by the time he was 3 he was completely done. He had one accident at night while I was at hospital with baby sister. Otherwise he has been dry ever since and he is now 34. So you see there is hope. As others have said, boys are jut wired different that girls. Hang in there it will happen. The other S.

I just got my 3 1/3 yr old to go poo in the potty...after leaving him alone. We have been potty training for almost a year. Learning to go pee pee was easy. The reward of M&M's worked great. The other, was a nightmare. We bribed, pleaded punished and nothing worked. He would wait until nap time or nighttime when he was in a pull up to go. When he would have an accident, I made him helped clean up the mess and do the laundry. That worked a few times until he thought laundry was fun! So, I finally quit giving into the request to wear pull ups. The pediatrician said it was toilet resistance...loads of info on the internet. Basically, it's a power struggle that we have to not give in to. Once I told my child he was a big boy and I knew he would make the right choice when he was ready and that he was now in control, we stopped talking about it all together. A few days later, he started telling me when he had to go. We are a week accident free...its a frustrating process,but hang in there-they do get it!

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We had similar struggles with our son. I think we started too early and the process just went on for what felt like forever. Once he turned 3 years old we stopped being so relaxed about it and started giving major incentives like candy for success (candy is a big deal in our home). This seemed to help. The biggest frustration was with poop. He would hide and poop in his underware. This would happen at dayschool each afternoon on the playground and was a huge mess and big issue at his dayschool. So when that started we actually started taking away a privilege each day that it happened (his favorite remote control red car), as we knew he understood what he was doing and was choosing to poop in his underware. This might be a controversial approach but one that WORKED for our 3 year old son. Good luck...potty training a boy can be quite the challenge. We never went back to diapers (except a pull up for nighttime sleeping) once we started underware. It's a mess but think it avoids a mixed message.

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Time to just do it 100%
The trick is just to do it.. Tell him that he is a big boy and needs to get out of diapers and then dont let him wear them.
You might have a lot of messes. We took our youngest every 15mins. He was stubborn but we finally did it after about 3 days.

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A lot of boys would rather play than loose time going to the bathroom. The only thing that helped me was a routine time of having "no fun" and putting all the toys up. Hint I would after saying time to put things away and because it was no fun ask if he would like to go potty. If out doors it was time to come in for sunblock or I had to go and then so did he.

My son is now 11 years old and still waits until the last second to go. With boys I don't think that will ever change. I couldn't understand why he wasn't potty trained as early as my daughter. I read up on it and found out that boys do not fully develop the sensation, when they need to go, until around 3 years old. He may be interested in the potty, but he cannot always feel when he needs to go. Give him some time and it will come!

Here's one idea that I used that really worked for my daughter: I had a bag of "special treats" with things in it like: A new cartoon video, nail polish, stickers, temporary tattoos, a few little candies, a disposable camera, new play-doh, etc. Every time she successfully did the potty, she would get a treat from the treat bag. At the end of the day, all the games, nail polish, etc. went back in the bag and we started over again the next day. You could switch items in the bag for variety. This was so motivating for her because it was new stuff for her that she could ONLY get if she went potty. Hope that helps. Good Luck!

I have run my in-home daycare for 21 years so I have had to potty train a ton of children......put him in underware and never go backwards. tell him once an hour that it's time to go potty - don't ask him if he needs to go - he doesn't know what that means yet.....just take him once an hour - period. when he wets himself tell him that's not the proper place to go and put him on the potty ------he should be done in one week at his age if you do this. good luck !

Hi D.,
My son had this same issue while I allowed him to wear pull ups, but once I put him in "big boy underwear" it was like magic! He allowed himself to have an accident in them only once, and once he realized it wasnt the same as a diaper it was icky he started using the potty each time. This worked like magic for us! One minute he was going in his pull-up every time, and the next he would only go in the potty.


My son was about 30 months old when we started. He, too, showed interest. However he just wouldn't follow through with going on the potty. I finally just gave up. About 6 months later, he showed interest again. I worked on him for a day and that was all it took. I believe they will let you know when they are completely ready and not rush it. It was so easy the 2nd time around! With my 2nd child (he is 7 months), I will wait until later rather than sooner to try. Good luck!

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