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Postpartum Swelling?

Hi--I had a baby last week and had no swelling through the pregnancy or at the hospital. Now that I'm home my ankles and feet are unrecognizable. I'm trying to figure out if it's too much time on my feet (this is my 3rd baby) or if I should be doing more walking? Anyone had this experience? I'd love some advice. Thanks!

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With both my pregnancies, I swelled like a balloon, my feet and ankles felt like they were going to split. I was told it was because I had a c-section, but I have heard of others swelling too that have had v births.

My doc told me to lay down, and raise my feet above my heart, and it did seem to work, totally uncomfortable at times, but worth it in the end, cause the swelling did decrease. Good luck and congrats!

That happened to me too! I drank lots of water and kept my feet elevated when sitting or lying down. For me it went away in less than a week.

Hi E.,

After my son was born by Cesarean I had phenomenal swelling due to the IV's placed for fluids.

It took 3-4 weeks to go away. My legs were hideous.

It gradually went away, but would have gone away quicker if I had been more mobile sooner.

Did you have IV's by any chance? This is a normal response per my OB.


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Oh my gosh! I have the SAME problem, only my kids are 23 and 25! My feet are now attached to my legs at my "cankles", and my stomache sits on my lap! Any help out there?????

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Are you breast feeding? I know women swell before the child is born. For the first week, its a good idea to relax. Your body as you know has gone through the changes before and after a child is born. I hear people swell during pregnancy but not after. Give it a week or two, you might see some changes. Women lose the weight with breastfeeding. Maybe soak your feet to relax them, maybe the swelling will go down.

I had the same thing happen! It took about a week or so to get back to normal. The nuse said that it was normal and there was nothing to do about it. Just hang in there and rest!

Drink lots of water. This will help you flush out the excess fluids from labor... i.e. IV fluids etc. The fluid goes to your feet because of gravity. Give it another week and it will subside. Just keep drinking the water and you will pee more and this will help flush your system of the fluid retention.

Hi my name's V. and I just had my little boy 4 months ago. I also had no swelling during pregnancy or delivery. However, the day after delivery my feet were also unrecognizeable. I asked my ob about it and she said that my body was exserting extra fluid and that it was completely normal. Just try to drink a lot of water to help you feel a little more comfortable until the swelling goes down. Good luck! I hope this helped!

I had the same thing after my last c-section. I told my doctor and he said that it is normal. It went away after a week or two. He just had me put my feet up as often as I could and had me drink warm water with lemon in it, which is a natural diuretic.

It could be nothing, or it could be something. Go to the doctor and check. It will be reassuring to ask and find out.

Hi E.,
I always had swelling towards the end with each of my children(8). It was always gone 24-48 hrs. after birth. My youngest was medi flighted to Oakland Children's hospital, in NICU for over a week. Because of being on my feet almost non stop, my feet were turning purple. They (smart nurses in NICU) actually had me see an ER dr. there and he gave me a diaretic. With in hours it was gone. He said basically my body wasn't realizing I wasn't pg any more, and it was compounded by the extra stress happening. I was told to drink a ton of water, stay off my feet. Within 24hrs. I was totally fine. I was told that because the NICU nurses were so on top of it, I was saved from a much more serious situation. Call your midwife/dr. hugs~~K.

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