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Postpartum Depression, Who Do I Tell?

My son is 6 months old now and pretty much since his birth I have had on and off depression symptoms and have thought "i think i could have post partum depression" probably about once or twice a week since he was born. Ive finally decided I should go tell the doctor to see what we can do because im getting sick of being depressed and feeling like my life is over. My question is.. who do I tell. This is already very embarrassing for me to admit and I'm nervous to go to my primary care doctor and blurt out all the things im feeling and have them tell me "oh your supposed to talk to your ob about this" or vice versa and then I have spilled my guts to someone whos looking at me like im crazy. So.. who do I talk to?

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Well.. I called the OBGYN and asked if thats where I should go, they said yes. I made an appointment.. dreaded it the entire week and bawled my eyes out the minute the doctor walked into the room. I am glad I went, it almost made me feel better just getting it all off my chest. I am making an appointment with another dr (shrink) and he prescribed me some anti-depressants for the time being. :) thank you all so much, I dont know if I wouldve went without all the encouragement.

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You can tell either, but I would tell the OB. They know more about it and see it ALL the time. It's quite common. They will give you valuable information and treatment, and will help you realize you don't have to be embarrassed!! It's a hormonal thing, and it happens to the best of us.

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You can tell either, but I would tell the OB. They know more about it and see it ALL the time. It's quite common. They will give you valuable information and treatment, and will help you realize you don't have to be embarrassed!! It's a hormonal thing, and it happens to the best of us.

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Most certainly, I would talk to my OB/GYN about this since it is directly related to the birth of your baby. It's all hormones and they are a bit unbalanced, nothing to be embarrassed about at all. We ALL experience some sort of "depression" after the birth of a baby whether it's periodic crying for a few days or weeks after the birth and some women up to 2 years after giving birth. Your body has experienced something beautiful (growing a baby) but quite traumatic as well (giving birth). Don't delay, call your OB tomorrow and make an appointment. Sooner than later.

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You can and should tell your ob or your Primary care Dr. Either one will likely refer you to a counselor. Don't worry about it, and don't be embarrassed, it's a common hormonal depression and it is very common for Dr's to hear about it and to help women with it. You and your baby will greatly benefit form getting this treated.

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CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your son!!

GREAT JOB!! ACKNOWLEDGING your symptoms - that's VERY hard for many people to do!!

DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED!! You have NOTHING to be embarrassed about.

I would talk to my OB/GYN or my Primary Care if I have a good relationship with them. Then ask for referrals to therapists who can help you with your depression - not just a pill to mask the symptoms.

Make sure your blood is taken - the chemicals in your body - natural ones - can be amazing and do some funky stuff all at the same time.

You are NOT alone! You are NOT crazy. Your life is NOT over!!


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What kind of relationship do you have with your primary care physician and your doctor? Pick the one who you 'groove with' better.

Oh boy, big sigh, here I go...I've never publicly admitted this on this site. I had major PPD with my second child and telling my ob and my pcp were the best decisions I ever made. I was very worried about the stigma associated with "being crazy" and I was worried that it would change how they viewed me as a patient because I plan on being their patient for a very long time.

If anything, it only made our patient-physician relationship stronger. My ob got the ball rolling and had me admitted to the hospital (borderline psychosis) and my pcp actually visited with me when I was there. Because I feel my pcp is more 'personable', I completely unloaded everything in my brain with him (that and I know he is married with children and very sensitive to how it is being a new mom, I knew he would understand). It felt freeing, like a weight had been lifted off of me. I got on the right course of medicine and counseling and have never felt better!

My point being - TELL! Tell your doctor because he or she is there to help and he or she will know what to do, where to direct you, and how to guide you back to better emotional health. They deal with depression more often than you'd think and many can be exceptionally compassionate.

Good luck and I hope you find comfort *hugs*

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I would talk to your OB/GYN and then take it from there. Do not be embarressed. This is not something you did, it's a hormone imbalance.

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Your OB, just schedule an appt. and blurt it all out sis!

I had what I thought was just the 'baby blues' with my 1st kid, coped by myself, 2nd kid had it as well, was WAY harder on ALL of us, 3rd time around I was smart enough to speak up...LIFE SAVOR!

They put me on 10mg of Zoloft. First time I had ever taken any medication, almost gave up a few time b/c the first couple weeks it made me feel really weird, in my brain, but I stuck with it and was SO much better after that! I weaned myself off (with Dr.'s help) about 1 yr later.

Your not alone and you are doing the right thing!

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I think it is amazing that you are able to admit this, even when you feel embarrassed about it. I know how you feel; you feel like you have so much in life to be grateful for that there is no reason you should feel depressed. But don't make yourself feel guilty, and don't be embarrassed, because it's not your fault. Post-partum depression is a medical condition that needs treatment just like any other ailment, so good for you for getting yourself the help you need. Don't be nervous about it; if your doctor is a good doctor, he/she will know exactly what you are talking about and be completely understanding. Many women go through the exact same thing you are going through right now. You could go to either your primary care doctor or your ob/gyn because both could treat you with medication and refer you to a therapist. I guess it would just depend on who you feel more comfortable with (or maybe who could see you sooner, just so you can get treatment as soon as possible). Don't be embarrassed, no one will think you are crazy. In fact, you are a great mother for wanting to get treatment for your depression.

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