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Possible Uti in a 3 Year Old

Have you moms had a young child with uninary tract infection. Think maybe my three year old daughter just might have one. She has started wetting in her pants and complained of stomach pain. Also running a low grade fever. Of course we will be going to the docs office on Monday Im sure. Thanks moms! D. S.

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Thank all of you moms out there that responed. It was very helpful. Yes we did go to the doctor today, and by luck I got her to use the cup. So no cathater. Yes she does have a kidney infection,said they would do further testing to make sure that is all it is. We are on anitibiotics and go back in 3 weeks. She hasn't been feeling well at all. Finally did get her to eat a little today and it was very little. Thanks again to all who responded it has been a lot of help and also reasuring. God Bless to you all. D. S.

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Hi D.,

It can happen and is apparently more common than you might think. I second the nomination for Dr Pugach with Cook Children's. He is thorough, conservative, and all-around great.


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My daughter had one this summer. She is 3 and had a low grade fever. The doctor had do some tests (a dye test to watch her bladder empty and renal ultrasound, nothing to the tests, just having her sit still while they took pictures on ultrasound and xray) to make sure it wasn't anything major due to her being so young. The doc was concerned her ureter tubes might not be allowing the bladder to fully empty but everything turned out to be normal. They did see that she was constipated and we learned that if she is constipated, it would cause problems. It can happen but isn't common. Is she wanting to drink anything? My daughter wasn't interested in drinking much (and she usually drinks whatever is in front of her whenever given a chance). I hope all turns out well for you.

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Yes. My neighbor has 3 girls under 6. At some ponit or another, all 3 have been to the 24 hr dr or er. Watch for blood in urine and pain as she urinates.

My 14 yr old has never had an issue because she has primarily been raised in the shower. As for me, if I sit in the tub at all I will get a uti.

No bubble bath, etc. Push cranberry juice.

I hope uti is not the issue. My little neighr hates to go to the dr because she's afraid she'll get the straw (catheter).

Sounds lime your planned dr visit is needed. Best wishes.

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Please do visit the doctor, no matter what home remedies you try. In our case, our first UTI was also the start of a diagnosis for urinary reflux. It's a condition where the sphincter that closes the urethra from the kidney doesn't close and urine can track back into the kidneys. It can cause kidney failure if not treated. For us, we take a prophylactic antibiotic daily to keep any infections from occuring; there's a surgery that's another option. The thing is, we would have never known to pursue this unless a cousin had also been diagnosed, so do ask your doctor if this could fit your situation.

Our first UTI was at 20 months or so: she would cry every time she needed to wet her diaper. She did have a fever, too.

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My daughter had renal reflux at birth and was prone to them. If you need a urologist I recommend Dr. Pugach in Ft. Worth (Cooks Children's network).

It can happen and really hurts. Offer lots of water, cranberry juice... when I am concerned her ped will often give me the container to get a urine sample at home and then I take it to the lab- avoiding a copay. Her urine will smell very strong usually when my daughter gets an infection and she pees frequently.

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Hi D.,
I have a 2.5 year old and she recently had 2 UTIs. I strongly question unnecessary tests and procedures and after much discussion with 2 doctors as well as my father-in-law who is a doctor, we are taking our little one to a urinary specialist Friday to be tested for urinary reflux which she will be sedated for (if you end up going this route, our doctor recommended a pediatric urology clinic which offers sedation).

Our doctor recommended this procedure after only 1 UTI and I said, "absolutely not". Seems UTIs before the age of 5 are very rare, even with "curious" little girls who may not use the best cleaning methods and take BB baths. So, it could be 2 things, bad luck and we have to take antibiotics to get rid of it each time or urinary reflux which could be much more serious if not treated as it leads to kidney scaring and disfunction.

If it is urinary reflux there are 5 levels of severity. Levels 1 & 2, treatable with a nightly dose of antibiotic until she outgrows it, usually by the age of 5. Level 3 is gray area for treatment (surgical vs nightly antibiotic) and levels 4 & 5 which normally require surgery to prevent irreversible kidney damage.

Since we need our kidneys the rest of our lives, it is critical to determine type of UTI you have. Again, I only agreed to it after having 2 back to back UTIs. This certainly may not be the case with yours, just wanted to share my experience. Please let me know if you have any questions. By the way, when they tested her urine in the office the first time, they immediately said, "no UTI" but since she had a low-grade temp, they sent it off site for culture test, they called me 2 days later and said it in fact was a UTI. The second time we went in, she had a temp and like yours, my little one said her tummy hurt, yet she also did not like to go to the potty nor to be wiped, she preferred to pee in her pull up.

Happy to help if you have any further questions.

Good luck!!

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Absolutely your 3 year old can have an uti. I know from experience. As a child I had many and had two surgeries before age 9. Be prepared, they may ask her questions to see if she has been sexually abused. I continued to have UTIs until I hat 40 and have had only one in the last 6 years. Good luck

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It is very possible, I was born with UTI's, had my first surgery on my bladder at the age of 2 the second at the age of five, and chronic bladder/UTI infections most of my life. Glad you are going to the doctor, good luck, it is painful, I remember still!

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It does sound like a UTI. Unfortunately, my 8 year old daughter has had many of them starting at age 2. I would definitely take her first thing Monday. Our pediatric urologist says try not to give her any chocolate, caffeine, carbonated drinks or citris. Also, she should go to the bathroom every 2 hours and sit there for 2 minutes to be sure her bladder is completely empty. It will probably help to read to her or something. Two minutes seem really long to kids. Plenty of water.

I was reading the other responses and noticed info on the catheter, reflux, etc. My daughter did have to have the VCUG where they insert a catheter to put water into her bladder to take pictures. This was to check for the reflux condition. However, that morning she said it burned when she urinated. So, I told the tech and she said to go to the pediatrician and be tested for uti first so the bacteria was not spread to her kidneys with the catheter. We did, they said negative. Went back, had the procedure. The test was negative for reflux, thank goodness. However, a few days later, the doctor's office called and said her urinalysis was actually positive and gave her antibiotics. She has now had recurring MRSA staph infections. We don't know where it came from, but wanted to let you know. If she needs the test and has ANY symptoms of UTI that day, don't let her have the test no matter what they say. Best to wait than be sorry.

I hope she feels better soon.

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