Possible Pregnancy or Perimenopause?

Updated on February 17, 2010
T.B. asks from New Bern, NC
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This is gonna be a long one, lol.
Let me start by saying that I am a 41 yr old woman who had her tubal ligation nearly 18.5 years ago. I regretted it ever since and have LONGED for another child almost that long! I've prayed and prayed for God to create a miracle, and He may have or maybe He didnt? I had my period right around Christmas-or maybe the day after. It was a normal one for me-maybe a touch lighter, but nothing to send up alarms. Well on January 27th, I had 2 days of very VERY light bleeding-in fact, I could have used the same tampon for both days and it wouldn't have filled it up! The third day was like a very light light brown discharge, but not enough to even warrant a panti liner. Since then, my breasts have begun to hurt, mainly my areolas and nipples. I USUALLY have that pain about 7-10 days prior to my period. HELLO-I just had one?? My boobs do feel a bit heavier. I've had all the usual symptoms from heartburn, nausea to headaches galore, peeing nearly every hour, constipation (which is not unusual for me normally, but it's been a lot worse), tired more, also noticed my nipples turning darker than normal. My thing is this-am I making up all these symptoms because I want a baby soo bad, or could this actually be my miracle? I haven't taken a test yet, because my period is due the 24th of the month. I am not even SURE that the last bleed was even a period! That has NEVER happened to me like that before. I guess what I am asking is it too much to really even ask for me to actually be pregnant, or is this just the onset of perimenopause?

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So What Happened?

I took the test this morning and it was negative. I bought a two-pack, so if I miss my period, I'll wait a few more days to retake it. If it's negative, I'll go to the dr and see what's going on-because my symptoms havn't gone away, and my breasts are growing-enough that my bra is definitly getting smaller. Will keep you all informed. I plan on retaking the test on March 1 if I don't start by then.
UPDATE (2-22-10)
Am starting my period as we speak, so am not pregnant. sigh.

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answers from Dallas on

I would say to go ahead and take a test. If your body is giving you symptoms of pregnancy, then it would show up on a test. I hope it is as you want, but I have a tendency to believe the symptoms you are having are because of a progesterone surge which women get more sensitive to at different times in their lifetime. Also, the want for a child can cause you to have symptoms.

Good luck!

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answers from Wilmington on

Why not just take a home pregnancy test and see what it says? Of course they're not foolproof, but they're pretty darn accurate.

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Look up Tubal Ligation Syndrome. After my fourth child, I considered having tubal ligation and a coworker spoke candidly to me about her experience. TLS (which can occur in as many as 1/3 of tubal ligations) can cause premature menopause, as it did to her. The procedure can cut off blood supply to the ovaries and I believe that's what causes it. Her symptoms included a nonexistant sex drive after and it caused a lot of strain on her marriage. I am not saying this is it, but please look it up and talk to your doctor about it if you don't get a positive pregnancy test. Good luck!!!

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Hi T., I myself had a tubal done in 2001,and I have expreinced pregancy symtoms ever since.Not to discrouage you but I have also had periods like that ,one month awhile back,and I took a preg test just to be on the safe side and came back neg and the following month I had a normal one. I would say its a combination of the tubal and your age. But I am not a Doc ,so to be safe I would take a preg test. I myself am so tired of feeling like I'm preg that I will be getting my tubal reversed. I regret as well I am now 37 going on 38 and I have since then have remarried and would love a new child to come into our lives. Read this post that I came upon, I wished I had long time ago so I would have changed my mind on getting the tubal done.. Best Wishes to you and your family http://retardedrugrat.wordpress.com/2006/06/14/post-tubal...

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T., time will tell for finding out if you are pregnant by using a pregnancy test. I hope for you that you are pregnant. If you aren't, it is time to make an appointment with your OB/GYN and ask for an Estradiol and FSH test to help identify if you are in the beginnings of menopause. The doctor may want to wait until you've missed periods for 6 months or so, but it's a good thing to ask for.

Even in peri-menopause, we can still release an egg - nipples get sore, you can have cramps, even little cysts on the ovaries from releasing an egg (ovulating). What you are describing doesn't have to be pregnancy related, but more hormonally related, or part of a little viral thing going on. I doubt that you're "making anything up", as you say, - but trying to put 2's and 2's together hoping for what you greatly desire.

It's so hard, I know. But work with the doctor to understand your body. It is better to do that than to feel that you're whipped around from side to side emotionally over this. I feel for you, I really do. Getting older like us (I'm 50 so I really get this) is so hard when we start having all these change of life issues.

All my best,

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Take a first response test they show up very early. You could be pregnant. You can also be making it up in your mind. Hopefully it is a miracle. best of luck..

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Most pregnancy test over the counter are very sensitive now. You could probable go ahead and take on just to ease your mind. Stranger things have happenedI knew a lady that had two children and after the second had her tubes tied about a year later she gave birth to a beutiful baby girl. So stranger things have happened. It's worth a try. If it comes back negative I would waite and take another test when your cycle is due. If it's still negative I would see my Dr. you could be wanting a child so bad you have convinced your body you are pregnant.

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answers from St. Cloud on

I would take a test. If you don't even think that you really had a period last month, then it would show up because you would be 6 weeks along. If it's negative, then I would say your mind is making these things happen. I know I've "thought" I was pregnant a few days before my period is due and then it comes right on schedule. We can make ourselves think and feel crazy things when we want something so bad.......

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