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Possible Miscarriage

Hello moms,

I am 5 weeks pregnant and my symptoms seem to be easing off- so early! I am concerned that this may be a miscarriage. I've had 3 + urine pregnancy tests and weeks 3 and 4 had some fatigue, sore breasts, some reflux. Now my breasts feel less sore and I feel like a million bucks!! I already am very versed with the medical perspective on this (I'm a physician), so I am only interested in personal experiences from mothers. Have any of you had symptoms back off so early and still have a viable pregnancy? Many thanks!

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Update- We got an ultrasound yesterday and everything is A-OK! Thank you all again!
Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. I am at ease about whatever the outcome may be, and certainly feeling more positive after reading your emails. I will write in again when there is more to report. Thank you again!

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I kinda had the same thing. I had sore breasts and was tired in
the first 2 months, and had a little morning sickness. Then it all went away until month 6, then the fatigue came back, but not the sore breasts or nausea. Some people just have easy pregnancies. And my baby was 1 week early only and she was healthy. =) Hope you feel a little better

I didn't have pg. symptoms long at all. If you exercise and eat well and eat small meals all day long you won't get the typical morning sickness. If the baby didn't start kicking me around 22 weeks and if I didn't look like I'd swallowed a watermelon, I wouldn't have known I was pg. I felt great up to the day I had my son, was at the gym that day, walking the dog... slept and felt great. I swear by prenantal pilates and yoga.

My RE told me that symptoms aren't necessary...
My baby is 3 months old!!
I had few to no symptoms and the ones I did have would sometimes disappear.

Maybe a quantitive test would be helpful.

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I never had any sumptoms with my first child and my second(s), they were twins no problems there either. I had a little nausea with the twins but it ended as long as I kept myself really hydrated.

I had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with my daughter and I felt much worse during the first pregnancy. Try not to worry. Unless you start bleeding or cramping you're probably fine. Good luck!

His Dr. M.,

I have some experience with this. I have had 3 successful children but also had 3 miscarriages. Two were miscarriages and 1 was a missed-miscarriage (ugh heart breaker). Each time that was unsuccessful was the most common time apparently, 8-9 weeks. Each pregnancy was different. The only time I had the "normal" changes was with my daughter. I was sick as a dog at 2 wks pregnant, sore breats etc...my 2 boys, nothing until later on - 3rd trimester was the worst. My point being that each pregnancy, each mommy-to-be has different symptoms. It depends I believe, on the baby. The only way to know with certainty though is to have an ultrasound. The not knowing when you are concerned about it, is not good for you or the baby. Good luck & God Bless YOU!!!

Hi M., i'm no doctor but if you feel like a million bucks I doubt that you are having a miscariage. you may be one of the women like m who brezzes through pregnancy, i had symptoms the first 6 weeks of all 3 of my pregnancies, after that I was great, later on as i got bigger, i had some back aches. After i delivered my breast were sore and tender, but that went away too, after they gave me the pill to dry up my
milk. What does your doctor say? for peace of mind make an appointment, but the women that i knew that had a misscariage were crampting to the point of doubling over and then bleeding. I wish you a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby. Mother for 24 years J.

Hi M.,
I always am amazed at how many women are upset/worried when they don't feel horrible when they are pregnant. Childbirth/pregnancy doesn't have to be a bad time. I have three wonderful children 16 14 & 5 and wish I was younger and could have more because I felt the best I ever did when I was pregnant. Your symptoms may come & go or you may just be blessed and not have any negitive feelings. Praise God that you feel good. I thanked God every day for the wonderful child inside me & for a quick painfree delivery. (They can happen) I highly recommend a book called Super Natural Childbirth you may have to order it from Borders they usually don't carry it but I always give a copy to anyone I know who is pregnant it is wonderful and full of Good stories of pregnancy. Best of look and don't worry ENJOY!!!

I kinda had the same thing. I had sore breasts and was tired in
the first 2 months, and had a little morning sickness. Then it all went away until month 6, then the fatigue came back, but not the sore breasts or nausea. Some people just have easy pregnancies. And my baby was 1 week early only and she was healthy. =) Hope you feel a little better

To answer your question - yes. My breasts were sore at about 4 weeks and I had mild heart burn, but both quickly faded and I never had morning sickness. I only got tired after doing too much, but no fatigue either. I kept waiting for something to happen, but I wound up having a pretty easy pregnancy throughout and now have a happy and healthy 6 month old boy. Good luck to you.

my first pregnancy was very easy. i felt bad for the first month or so and then felt great the rest of the time. hopefully, this is what you are experiencing. however, maybe you would feel better if you went to see a doctor ( even though you are one yourself). oh, are you bleeding at all? if so, definitely go to the doctor, but i bet you're just one of the lucky one's and are having an easy pregnancy. the very best of luck to you! keep me posted if want.


It's always a little worriesome when that happens. I have two boys and with my second I went through the same thing. While with my first I was sick almost the entire pregnancy. Chances are everything is just fine. Enjoy the fact that your feeling well and don't worry! Sometimes you just don't feel "pregnant" and in no time you will be dealing with all the other not so fun symptoms like water retention and frequent urination. Don't worry, relish in the fact you have energy and get your nursery done or do something else you won't have time for once the baby is born.




I was sick for 9 solid months with my first baby. With my second (I'd already had 2 miscarriages by then) I quit feeling pregnant at 7 weeks - no nausea, no nothing. I was really freaked out. He's a fine, happy, healthy 18 month old now. In my experience with miscarriage, bleeding always started (for me) before any other symptoms.

Good luck, every pregnancy is different.


I had very mild 1st trimester symptoms that would come and go. In fact, I felt better pregnant than I ever had in my life. I almost felt guilty as many of my co-workers were pregnant with many ailments and I was energetic, happy, and productive (until the last 2 weeks when I was ready to be done)!

Unless you experience bleeding with cramping, I wouldn't jump to conclusions. And even then, I experienced bleeding and cramps (much like a period) when I was 5 weeks and I now have a 16 month old completely healthy little girl!

Good luck and congratulations. And just a little note... I know it won't ease your mind but you will probably worry about everything right up until you have a beautiful baby in your arms (I did).


I have had 7 pregnancies and I have never had morning sickness or any problems. I did have the sore breasts but they did go away after a month or so. I was able to do anything I wanted until I got so big, I was uncomfortable.

I don't think you have anything to worry about, but you can see your OBGYN if you think there might be a problem.


Sounds normal. Enjoy your feeling of well-being.

L. E

i had a perfect pregnancy ... almost NO symptoms at all!!! i had sore breasts at first, but that backed off by about 6 weeks or so. it was smooth and easy (until the two weeks past 40 wks that he just wouldn't come out!)
wishing you a great pregnancy!!!!!

I had the most amazing pregnancy. I did have some soreness in the beginning and very little nausea. And then I just felt better than i ever had in my life. Hope you are fine and try not to worry!!

I didn't have pg. symptoms long at all. If you exercise and eat well and eat small meals all day long you won't get the typical morning sickness. If the baby didn't start kicking me around 22 weeks and if I didn't look like I'd swallowed a watermelon, I wouldn't have known I was pg. I felt great up to the day I had my son, was at the gym that day, walking the dog... slept and felt great. I swear by prenantal pilates and yoga.

Hi M.,
As a physician, you know that hormones which cause all those symptoms can vary, but with my personal experience, I realized that when I found out that I had had a miscarriage, that my breasts had stopped hurting a couple of weeks before. I think if all your symptoms have gone away, you should get an ultrasound to see what is going on, or get a blood test to see if the hormones are still increasing at a normal rate. If your symptoms are still there, but just not all the time, I think that's normal.
Hope this helps.

Well- with my first pg, I had AWEFUL symptoms the first 10 weeks, then I lost my son's twin and symptoms were not so severe. (Mulituples, as you know, intensify the symptoms.)

This time, I have HARDLY felt pg at all and I am 12w 3d right now. I thought for sure I would loose the baby because my symptoms are so minimal.

Being that you are a Dr., can't you ask for an u/s from one of your friends? I mean, I know that you don't go around making friends with everyone you work indirectly with, but I would think you know at least one of them on a first name basis. Seeing the baby might reassure you. Agian- as you know, at 5 weeks you might not see a heart beat yet, but seeing that the baby is the right size with a healthy yoke sac and such could be reassuring. I know I personally couldn't WAIT to have my first u/s this time! (I was 6w 3d when I got to see the little heart beat!)

I will be praying for you that the baby does come to term and you're just blessed with a low symptom pg!

My RE told me that symptoms aren't necessary...
My baby is 3 months old!!
I had few to no symptoms and the ones I did have would sometimes disappear.

Maybe a quantitive test would be helpful.

Sounds like what I experienced with my missed miscarriage. I ended up having a D&C because my symptoms just disappeared. When I went in for my 10 week check-up, we couldn't hear the heartbeat, so the doctor sent me home to try again in a week, in case the dates were wrong and I wasn't far enough along. Within a week I started bleeding, but no cramping. I went to my doctor, she gave me an ultrasound and the baby had passed away. The next day I went in for the D&C. It was wonderful, because it was over and I could move on. I gave birth one-year and a day later to a healthy baby girl. I've seen many friends go through weeks of cramping and scraping, waiting for the miscarriage to be over. Good luck, I hope everything turns out to be fine.

I wouldn't worry unless you have actual miscarriage symptoms presenting itself...ie: bright red bleeding, cramping, blood clots coming out, etc.

By now, you should be able to have a vaginal sonogram... I had one at 4-6 weeks in my Doc's office. I could see the heartbeat and egg-sac then. Perhaps this would reassure you.

I did have a miscarriage once at 6-weeks...but my pregnancy symptoms went away only AFTER the fact.

Perhaps talk to your OB/GYN and see...

Every pregnancy, and every woman is different.
take care, Kamuela is a beautiful place, one of my favorites.
All the best,

I have 7 kids (all natural) and I always felt great till the morning sickness hit and then later when the weight of that baby took its toll on things like my back and the tendons in my legs (which would cause my knees to buckle). I never had breast tenderness, although right away even at 2 weeks I noticed little changes like the size of my nipples had increased and my periods had gotten lighter and came sooner. I had several miscarriages and the only time I knew, was when I had severe cramping or bleeding (even if I didn't know I was pregnant)then based on those symptoms and some research I would put two and two together and realize that I had been pregnant. Most of my miscarriages also took place after the 9th week. Right after I should have gotten the second period, for example where most women would have missed a period I had one but it was much lighter and had come a week early. Then the second one would have been coming along but instead I would have severe cramping,which I haven't had with a regular period since my early 20's(I am now well into my 30's but the normal cramps had become less until non existent with each child),and then very heavy bleeding. So,the cramps were usually my first indication even before spotting or bleeding. I hope that sheds some light for you but as you stated you are very well aware that every woman and every pregnancy is different. So hang in there, and maybe ask your Dr. about the HGC blood test to see if your levels are decreasing. Let us know how it all turns out.

PS Just a funny afterthought, there were times when other people knew before I did that I was pregnant, and I mean I was well into the second or third month by then. LOL


As a phys. I am sure you are aware that you could have a quantitative preg test now and a few days later to assure that your pregnancy is moving forward. It is normal to have days of feeling much better and days of feeling much worse. Relax. Things are probably fine.

M. - at five weeks, I felt pretty awesome. The worst of the typical first trimesteriness hit me around week 6 or 7. I'm now 33 weeks...
All the best,

Hi M.,
I had a miscarrage the first time I got pregnant after 3 months...Of course it was devistating...but, I got pregnant again about 6-7 months later and was horrified the same thing would happen. I had all the symptoms early on of the pregnancy, sore breasts ect...but they went away pretty quickly like yours....My daughter is now 10 years old..there were no complications and everything was a true blessing. I'm sure your fine. congratulations and enjoy every minute :-)

Hi M....as hard as it is you have to try and stop worrying about a mc. My first pregnancy ended in MC and yes I did lose all my symptoms, but with my second pregnancy...the same thing happened. I was undergoing fertility treatments at the time and I was POSITIVE I was going to lose the baby again...absolutely every symptom I had went away at 5 1/2 weeks...so I ran down to the office and they did an ultrasound and we found out I was having twins and both had strong heart beats. About a week later my symptoms all came back in full force and I was soooo sick. I hope the same happens to you..but just remember some women dont have symptoms and I have HEARD from friends that they felt the best while they were pregnant. Good Luck!!!

From my one and only pregnancy... I do recall being really fatigued and having some nausea during the first month and after that I felt great until the third trimester when I could barely keep my eyes open. All went well beyond having to be induced a little early because of high blood pressure. You're a doctor so I am sure you would agree that every person and every pregnancy is different. Certainly don't worry yourself over something you have no control over because that doesn't help anything. I will add that between the first month and the first flutter in my tummy I was a little concerned by how unpregnant I felt...the weight gain and no period were the only symptoms I had.

I have not had a miscarriage personally, but my sister and aunt have and said that they had cramping pain and then the actual miscarriage was like a very heavy period. I sincerily hope that you do not have to go through that.

With my first 2 kids I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms at all. I took a test because I got dizzy followed by a late period. I don't think you have anything to be concerned about unless you start bleeding. You may be one of the lucky ones who doesn't get the negative pregnancy symptoms. After having it all with my 3rd I realize how great that is. Hope everything goes great and congrats!

My first pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage. At my first ultrasound, I was 10.5 weeks pregnant, but the sac only measured 5.5 weeks. I had started spotting the day before and realized that the few sick feelings I had before had gone away.

My second pregnancy went full-time giving me my super happy and healthy boy. I didn't have much sick feelings here, as well. What I did have, mostly went away when I got on my special diet for gestational diabetes.

We have been trying to get pregnant. In March I had a positive home pregnancy test taken 2 days after my period was due, but the line was strong, but not as strong as the reference line. I thought it was because I took it at night. I thought I was pregnant, because I didn't feel so well. I took another one 2 days later in the morning, and the line was lighter. That was the first day that I felt fantastic! I started to spot the next day. It didn't look like my period. It looked like how I was spotting when I miscarried the first time. It continued moderately for 3 more days. By the time I was able to get in to see the doc, it was a whole week later. My in-office test was negative. The blood tests they had me do that day and two days later had my hormone levels really low. My doc doubts I was pregnant, but is hesitant to say for certain, because of the home pregnancy tests. I believe I was pregnant, but was already miscarrying by the time I took that first test.

I pray that you aren't miscarrying. It is devastating. I don't know how we would have gotten through it if we didn't have God in our lives. I also pray that you and your husband will be blessed with as many children as you desire, all in great health.

You are pregnant, enjoy it! ( well, try to at least) You can't control what might happen in the future. I have three children and each pregnancy was wonderful but scary too because of the worry involved. No one can tell you what might happen, just do your best, eat right, rest and keep your fingers crossed.
Oh and by the way, I felt great until the 6th week, thats when I felt sick, breasts tender, fatigue etc...6-15th week were sick, then I felt great again in my 2nd trimester, oh, then big and uncomfortable in my 3rd trimester.
Wishing you the best...

HI M. just remember Miscarriages hurt I have had 5 and not once did I feel like you.You might just be lucky and not feel bad while pg M.

I didn't notice any of the symptoms you mentioned however, I was nautious for two weeks (if that) then felt great for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was tired and uncomfortable at the end but the hormones were generally great for me.

There is such a wide range of normal. You know this. For my body the hormone levels before my first pregnancy were wrong. I had a migraine every day for years until I got pregnant. Since then I've been great. Maybe that is why I felt great pregnant.

Good luck to you.

I have a teenage son and an almost 17-month old daughter. I had my daughter at 45 years old. When my current husband and I started trying to have a baby, I was 40 years old. I had what was considered 3 pregnancies. I got pregnant right away at 40 years old, miscarried at 2 months when a brown discharge started showing up and I had not had any morning sickness or breast tenderness at all. The following year, at 41 years old, I got pregnant and miscarried at 1 month with the brown discharge showing up, no morning sickness, no breast tenderness. The following year, at 42 years old, we did artificial insemination which did not take. We gave up, I went back on the pill, went off when my sister got pregnant at 42 years old, and got pregnant at almost 44 1/2 years old, the pediatrician put me on an progestorin supplement, but I was already feeling morning sickness and breast tenderness. This lasted about 3 1/2 weeks. The same as when I was pregnant with my son at 30 years old. You may be lucky in that you do not have the morning sickness and breast tenderness for very long. My sister was the same way. Do you have any brown discharge? If not, it sounds like you're still pregnant.

I have had 3 pregnancies. The first was a "missed miscarriage" as my doctor called it. The baby did not survive past 6 1/2 weeks, but I had those first trimester symptoms until 12 weeks, when we discovered the baby was no longer living. The other 2 pregnancies resulted in 2 adorable little boys who are now 3 and almost 2. For both of those pregnancies I had varying symptoms in the first trimester and I know for one of them (though I can't remember which one) the symptoms went away completely long before I was 12 weeks. So rest assured - I don't think the symptoms are necessarily tied to the health of the pregnancy. You may just have an easy pregnancy in store! And I hope I didn't make you worry by mentioning my miscarriage. I only shared that because I had symptoms even though I was no longer pregnant. Congratulations and get ready for a big life-change!

Hi M.. I am 18 weeks pregnant at the moment but at the very beginning I remember my symptoms came and went from day to day. I didn't even really get any real symptoms until about 6 weeks along. I was still convincing myself I was pregnant because I just didn't feel pregnant. I thought the ugly red witch was showing up any day for sure. Regardless of several positive pregnancy tests! So rest assured you are not alone on this one.

I am sure you already know this, but talk to your OB, if you and him are concerned about a miscarriage maybe get some progesterone inserts? I had several miscarriages, and I did the P.I. with my last 3 and everything was fine. You also could be one of those moms who breeze thru pregnancy. Not me, I am still cleaning up vomit stains in my car!! Good luck, I am sure everything is fine, take it easy relax and have a cup of chamomile tea!

Hi M.,
My last pregnancy I felt sick for the first 8 weeks, then I felt fine for 2 or 3 weeks then I felt sick again for a few more weeks, you never know. Hope all works out well.

I had NO pregnancy symptoms with my second until about 13/14wks. I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was 11 weeks. (I have extremely irregular cycles). With my first and third my breasts hurt for weeks and weeks. Every pregnancy is different. I think for alot of women, morning sickness doesn't kick in until the beginning of the 2nd trimester. That was true for me (besides the sore breasts). If you're concerned of course, go see your doc. I know (and maybe you do too) that the pregancy hormones can last for a long time after you miscarriage, so taking repeat pregnancy tests isn't a sure fire way to make sure you are still pregnant.

Hi M.,

I have experienced the same feeling, during my first tri-mester it seemed so easy. I never even got sick, not once. Later during the second tri-mester I began to have some bleeding. Luckely I put up some resistance and they found the twin during the ultra sound because the OB/GYN wanted to have D&C. I did feel experience a strange feeling of what I refer to women's intiuition. I sometimes would know what would happen before it happened. found out later that it is rare but it happens to some women. Unfortunetly that feeling did not return for my second pregnancy.
Good luck with your preganancy and hope all goes well with you.


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