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Possible Milk Allergy for 6 Month Old Baby Boy.

My friend's 6 month old boy has been on antibiotics for 2 months for ear infections. He is also on a strong probiotic. Could it be an allergic reaction to milk based formula? He is scheduled to visit an ENT to look into getting tubes. Should she try a hypoallergenic formula first before tubes? How do you change to a new formula?

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Today my friend is taking her son to be allergy tested today.

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Is there blood in the stool? Does he have a rash? Does the baby get very gassy after a bottle? These are all things that my son had when he was on normal formula. My son is now a soy kid. He can have small amounts of milk products but whole milk (he is now one) made him very cranky and he got a small rash.

Every child is different. Buy a small can of something different and see how the child reacts.

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Yes! I've had health problems all my life due to food allergies. When I was young I had allergy tests done and found I was allergic to several things; however, I wasn't tested for milk. If I would have been it would made my childhood a lot happier! I'm 50 now and was recently tested (by my own suggestion) for milk protein allergy and gluten intolerance, both of which came back positive! Before my ears hurt really bad and were filled with fluid to the point of leaking out onto my pillow at night and I felt like I had arthritis throughout my body. My teeth/gums hurt and my dentist said I had gum disease because my gums were inflamed. I also have skin inflammation. After getting off milk and gluten grains my body is slowly returning to normal. I doesn't happen overnight but takes a while for your body to get healthy again. I went back to my dentist and she was amazed that my gums were so much healtier and I no longer had gum disease! It was like a light went on in my head! Most of what was wrong with me was caused by food allergies and it seems so simple once you figure it out but for the life of me I don't know why doctor's don't make the connection! I feel so sorry for baby's and children who have to go through all the pain and discomfort when it could be as simple as a milk allergy. I had a 24-hour saliva test done which I feel is more accurate than other tests. However, that wouldn't work for a baby. I was tested by my acupunturist as I don't have faith in western doctor's any longer due to years of unneccesary suffering at their incompetence and bad advice. Find a doctor who is willing to find the CAUSE of the problem and not just cover it up with medicine. Most doctor's just want to hand out meds so that you'll have to return to them for more meds. Tubes in the ears will only be a bandaid to the real problem. My bet is he had a milk allergy, among other food allergies. My suggestion would be to change him to a dairy-free formula a soon as possible and give it at least a month before deciding if it helps although you should see some improvement in as little as a week. Sorry for the sermon but I feel so strongly about this I had to state my opinion based on my own experience. Good luck to your friend and her baby!

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What type of bottle are they using? There are also other signs of an allergy but I am not sure it's ear troubles. I would suggest going to a chiropractor first. My daughter is 10 months old and has been going since she was 2 months old. It helps with the ears. If they are in Austin I can recommend mine. Her name is Tracie Schwab at Back Bone Chiropractic. www.backbonechiropractic.com
My daughter didn't have ear problems but has eczema on her face. I thought it was the milk so they did a saliva test to check for milk, soy, wheat and egg allergies. All came back fine. I tried switching formulas first and nothing changed. FYI the Allimentum formula for food allergies smells awful and it's so expensive.
Good luck!

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milk allergies have nothing to do with ear tubes!!! my son had to have them at 11 months after 11 months of chronic ear infections. it has more to do with the fact that instead of draining down, the ear tubes are laying kinda horizontal, therefore mucus stays in the ears instead of draining down the throat like it does for us big kids...and gets infected.

the ear tubes help air out the ears and help keeping the ears clear which means no infection!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE parents do not prolong the process i highly recomend them. it is a simple outpatient procedure and your baby will benefit not only being able to hear but balance and be free of severe ear pain.

Absolutely. My daughter had chronic ear infections for the first year of her life. I moved her to soy formula when she was about 3 months because of colic but shortly after that she started on yogurts,cheese,etc which negated the soy formula. Once I took her off of all diary at 11months- no more ear infections. In fact- she's 11years now and I don't think she's had one since! Certainly worth a try before doing something as invasive as tubes. And no- my doctor never once suspected or mentioned anything about dairy allergies. Guess he just figured she was the third and caught lots of colds that caused ear infections from the big ones.I had to figure it out on my own and from talking to other parents.

Both kids had tubes. My kids had so many ear infections it wasn't funny. Once the ear got infected the adnoidz got infected. We could clear up the ear but never could clear up the adnoids. Both kids had tubes and adnoids taken out. Both doctors made comments about how big and infected their adnoids were. All better!!! The oldest has not had an ear infection since. She is now 20! She had her procedure at 14 months. My "baby" had his first set of tubes at 4 months old. Helped some but it wasn't until they took the adnoids out that he got 100% better. That was 18 moths. He is now 16. My kids would not have gotten better because it was the adnoids that kept the infection.

our son has tubes. i do not think it was from his milk based formula. we watched him closley but i do belive his daycare let him lay down with a bottle. we were told that the inner ear and throat area on a baby was very close and they needed to be elevated or reclined but not laying down. tubes for us wasnt an instant wow majic fix but he has had less pain while he got an ear infection.

Milk allergies show up in the poop. It is either bloody or green and slimy. Gross, sorry! A milk intolerance might be the cause, but probably not a true allergy.

Demand an allergy test before doing the tubes! I just don't get why more preds don't check that route first, especially when a child has shown to have multiple ear infections. Yes, my daughter was a sample case. Six ear infections in her first ear. If it wasn't for the fact that the ENT DR we went too seem all too eager to get the paperwork started so that when we were ready we would all have insurance ready to go. He just seem too eager to cash in another check for a tube incertion that I started looking at other routes. After her throwing up for almost 4 months and them saying that she had a virus and then finally getting to see a GI (which is like finding gold when trying to get an appointment with a Ped GI), she was put on Prevacid which you'll have to fight with your insurance to cover. No more ear infections, well once in 4 years bc of a cold, and no more vomitting. Get the allergy test!

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Is there blood in the stool? Does he have a rash? Does the baby get very gassy after a bottle? These are all things that my son had when he was on normal formula. My son is now a soy kid. He can have small amounts of milk products but whole milk (he is now one) made him very cranky and he got a small rash.

Every child is different. Buy a small can of something different and see how the child reacts.

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