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Positive Home Pregnancy Test and Now I Start My Period?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive and I got anxious and took a home pregnancy test last Thursday which would've been 6 days before my period. I know that is earlier than recommended, but I thought I'd give it a shot cause I was having some minor symptoms (I can smell everything from a mile away). Well, I wasn't expecting it to be positive, but it was. So we kept it quiet for now and I took another home test on Sunday that was positive. I called and scheduled an 8 week appointment with my OB and they said if I had a positive home pregnancy test, then I was pregnant. Well, I would normally start my period tomorrow (Wednesday), but obviously I wasn't expecting to since the test result. This morning I woke up with cramps and now I have started bleeding. It feels like my period and I have heard of other women having their period while their pregnant. I just didn't have this happen with my first child. I am freaking out a little. My doctor's office isn't open yet and I'm just looking for reassurance that this happens all the time. Any other moms experience this?

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Thank you all for your advice/support. I went to the doctor first thing after they opened and their urine test came back negative. So I did have a miscarriage and I never would've known if I hadn't taken those pregnancy tests so early. I did take another home test when I got home and it was negative. So the EPT certainty tests are pretty darn accurate. We will be trying again when they give me the go ahead. Thanks again everyone.

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i had my "perod: for the first 3 months with my daughter, and had a little bleeding and cramps with my second month however i would go to the dr to be on the safe side. i know it is hard, but try not to stress too much since this could affect the baby also.

I hope all is ok :)


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Hopefully, it will just be spotting. Many woman spot when the period would be due. MANY woman spot when the baby is being implanted in the wall of the uterus. Unfortunately, it's very common for woman to have early miscarriages and not even know it. Or it used to be. The doctors always believed miscarriage rate has always been about 50% for everyone. But before HPTs could come up with such early responses, no one really knew they were pregnant. Historically, most woman didn't even know exactly when to expect their period unless they were trying to conceive. So now that people are taking the tests early, more woman are being upset by these false starts.

I really hope your pregnancy will stick. Try and keep yourself busy while you wait. Because this really can be normal either way.


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Wow...sounds like I could have written your post...except that my "period" started later the same day I got my + test.
When your doc's office opens, tell them what's going on and that you'd like to be seen for a Serum Beta HCG QUANTITATIVE test (blood pregnancy test WITH the numbers)...they'll likely repeat it again in 2 days to see if it's increasing and may follow it this way for as long as you're bleeding. It's such an emotional rollercoaster!
It's true...you might be having an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy, OR it could be your body's way of dealing with THIS pregnancy.
With my first pregnancy, I had very light brown spotting for a couple days...I wasn't concerned...very common.
With this one (I am now 20 weeks and carrying a baby boy!) I had what felt like almost a full-blown period, with red bleeding (not spotting) and cramping that lasted almost a week! I (and my doctors) were sure I was miscarrying. I was so confused and frustrated...afraid to be excited, afraid to mourn...just limbo. I then had a repeat of spotting around 6 weeks for a few days...but since then all has been well.
I hope you have a good outcome too! PM me if you want to chat.
Hang in there and call your doc...they should surely be willing to draw some blood and let you know what's going on.

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I had that happen, right after i got pregnant. I would call the doc and see what they say

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Once your Drs office is open,get on the phone,hun.Make them see you soon today.Implantation spotting/bleeding is completely normal,around 6-8 wks. And some cramping during the first tri is normal too. I had both.
But any bleeding or cramping together shouldnt be taken lightly,so dont wait. See your Dr,ok?

Good luck.

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Take another pregnancy test.

If it's still positive, it is most likely spotting which is not uncommon (you should still go see your OBGYN though, spotting is often caused my low progesterone which they can supplement, low progesterone can cause a miscarriage.) If it's negative, you most likely had a chemical pregnancy, or really early miscarriage, which is where the egg failed to implant properly. It's possible that if you *just* miscarried the test will still give you a positive because the HCG the home test detects hasn't completely cleared your body yet, but this seems like it would be a quick way to check.

Good luck, I hope it's just spotting.

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i had my "perod: for the first 3 months with my daughter, and had a little bleeding and cramps with my second month however i would go to the dr to be on the safe side. i know it is hard, but try not to stress too much since this could affect the baby also.

I hope all is ok :)


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Hi H., I had this happen with 2 pregnancies. I would usually stop within a day (or less). But it would be heavy enough that I would get a tampon only to find out that I didn't really need it.

Good luck!

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Not sure if you are aware of this, but you can have a period up to the first three months of pregnancy. It is completely normal. If you have a fourth month or more, it is something I would definitely see a doctor, as there could besome complications. If during the first three months you experience any unusual bleeding, cramping, or something out of your normal I would definitely see a doctor. I hope this helps. Good luck.

Good Morning H., When I was preggers with our 1st son, 35 yrs ago, I was still working in a Beauty Salon, on my feet for hours. I started spotting around 3 months, cramps the whole 9 yds. Went to the Dr. and was told it was old blood sluffing off. Was dr red not bright. They told me to stop working for a week and to rest with my feet up.
Didn't have HPT way back then ;)
Hopefully when you go to the Dr. they can put your mind at ease. Will be praying for you H.!!

God Bless you and yours
K. Nana of 5

It can happen sometimes, but definitely go to the doctor because most people don't have periods during pregnancy. My sister used to have 2 or 3 and so did my mom, the doctor said it was because twins run in my family. Anyway, good luck!

I would say having the period could be normal but with the cramping could be bad news. I would call your ob to make sure you are not miscarrying early. Best of luck to you I hope it turns out to be nothing.

I have had both possibilities happen to me.
I have had an early miscarriage, but then with the next pregnancy I had TWO periods even though I had a healthy pregnancy and delivered a normal healthy baby. Just try to stay calm and see your doctor as soon as you can get in.

hi,I had this too when I was pregnant with one of my kids. sometimes it can happen early on.Try not to worry and call your dr. when they open up. I was told this is normal and happens to some people.
hope everything works out for you!!

I experienced this when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I hadn't taken a HPT yet but started what I thought was my period on a Friday. It ended up being what I now think was implantation bleeding because it didn't last very long and I got a positive HPT on Sunday. If it is heavier than that or seems like it is going to be a regular period, maybe you should call your doctor.

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