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Poop Leaking up My Babies Back

My son is 11 weeks old, he weighs about 12 lbs and he is 25 inches long, he is breastfed. I'm using Pampers Baby Dry diapers in SIZE 2. The problem I'm having is that at least once or twice a day poop is leaking up his back or out the sides of his diaper. It's irritating me AND ruining clothes... I don't know why this is happening or how to fix the problem. As far as I know I'm using the right size diaper. And I pull it all the way up in the back and fasten it tightly. I just don't understand. Help me Mommies!!

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Ok, so I've tried LUVS and HUGGIES and neither of them could contain the mess! I'm trying Pampers Swaddlers again and they haven't leaked yet... I got some Baby Oxyclean and it took out all the stains, even the set in ones! Hopefully he'll fit in Swaddlers until it's time to try food.

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When my daughter was around the same age we switched to Huggies and didn't have as much leakage trouble. The ones in the all red box. And the most important part Dawn dishsoap will almost always take baby poop out of clothes. I used to squirt a little drop on the poop and wash them with my little ones other clothes and it almost always came out. Hope this helps.

We had some of these poo issues w. my little guy, too. I suggest you switch brands. Sometimes the cut of the diaper is wrong for their bodies. Langston wore many different kinds in the beginning (he went from skinny newborn to gaining 2 oz. a day for a while, so at 6 months, he was a butterball). I used BumGenius cloth diapers towards the end and LOVED them. They are more like disposable than any other cloth. And you can use them when the baby is 8-35 lbs. (with the one size). He still sleeps in one. Good luck!

I used Parents Choice from Wal-Mart with my son, and he did fine. He leaked out of the Huggies.

Good luck,
G. C.

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I would say the problem is that the diaper is to big. Trying using a 1 and what worked for us was using the huggies supreme diapers they do hold quite abit. Put onsies on him to save on the clothes, onesies are easier to clean and cheaper to buy.

Good Luck

Hope it helps and congrats on the baby.

I had the same problem with my newborn! So frustrating... We switched to cloth diapers and never had another poop explosion at all. If you're not interested in going cloth, you might just try a plastic cover over your disposable diapers to try keeping in all contained. Good luck!

I had the same problem with my breastfed daughter. It just seemed to happen sometimes. As far as ruined clothes - get oxiclean and soak in a bucket. I didn't find out about it until after some clothes had been set in by the dryer and it still managed to remove the stains.

We had the same problem with our daughter all the time. We talked to her doctor, he told us we were using the wrong size. When it is going up the back the diapers are too small and to go up a size. After we learned that we didn't have explosions too often and when we did we went up to the next size and that fixed it.

Hi K.,

Our son had the same problem with poop going up his back. We just switched to a bigger sized diaper and the problem was gone.

I was a pampers girl too. BUT huggies supreme has elastic like fabric in back and Papers Baby dry does not so I really like them for that.

It will be okay. It sounds like you are using the correct diapers. With my son we used huggies. We thought that we would use the Supremes but those leaked on us. We tried the Pampers also and those did not work. What we did is went to regular Huggies but when we got ready to put the diaper on we pulled the linning out, not out of the diaper we just stretched it and made it stick up before we put the diaper on him. Then when it was on him we made sure that it was not bunched in his leg area or we made sure that the inside was not pushed in. I know that this is a little vague but if you look at the diaper when you put it on him you will see that the inside can curl and that you can stick your finger in there and make it so it covers his bottom and the same with the sides. This is what worked for us but sometimes we still had a blow out. Ask if you need more clarification. Good luck and you will get through it.

My son did this for months!  He managed to do it to the babysitter for the most part, but I realized that you have to rinse out the clothing as soon as you take it off of him or you in order to keep it from staining.  The only thing that I could really do, was make sure that I changed his diaper frequently, so that it wasn't wet at all.  It also depends on what position he is in when he goes poop.  Try different positions, having him lay on his tummy or leaning forward.  I noticed it was really bad when he was laying back or sitting up.  I pretty much just kept a lot of wipes handy and a lot of extra clothes.

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