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Poop Leaking up My Babies Back

My son is 11 weeks old, he weighs about 12 lbs and he is 25 inches long, he is breastfed. I'm using Pampers Baby Dry diapers in SIZE 2. The problem I'm having is that at least once or twice a day poop is leaking up his back or out the sides of his diaper. It's irritating me AND ruining clothes... I don't know why this is happening or how to fix the problem. As far as I know I'm using the right size diaper. And I pull it all the way up in the back and fasten it tightly. I just don't understand. Help me Mommies!!

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Ok, so I've tried LUVS and HUGGIES and neither of them could contain the mess! I'm trying Pampers Swaddlers again and they haven't leaked yet... I got some Baby Oxyclean and it took out all the stains, even the set in ones! Hopefully he'll fit in Swaddlers until it's time to try food.

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When my daughter was around the same age we switched to Huggies and didn't have as much leakage trouble. The ones in the all red box. And the most important part Dawn dishsoap will almost always take baby poop out of clothes. I used to squirt a little drop on the poop and wash them with my little ones other clothes and it almost always came out. Hope this helps.

We had some of these poo issues w. my little guy, too. I suggest you switch brands. Sometimes the cut of the diaper is wrong for their bodies. Langston wore many different kinds in the beginning (he went from skinny newborn to gaining 2 oz. a day for a while, so at 6 months, he was a butterball). I used BumGenius cloth diapers towards the end and LOVED them. They are more like disposable than any other cloth. And you can use them when the baby is 8-35 lbs. (with the one size). He still sleeps in one. Good luck!

I used Parents Choice from Wal-Mart with my son, and he did fine. He leaked out of the Huggies.

Good luck,
G. C.

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I would say the problem is that the diaper is to big. Trying using a 1 and what worked for us was using the huggies supreme diapers they do hold quite abit. Put onsies on him to save on the clothes, onesies are easier to clean and cheaper to buy.

Good Luck

Hope it helps and congrats on the baby.

I had the same problem with my newborn! So frustrating... We switched to cloth diapers and never had another poop explosion at all. If you're not interested in going cloth, you might just try a plastic cover over your disposable diapers to try keeping in all contained. Good luck!

I had the same problem with my breastfed daughter. It just seemed to happen sometimes. As far as ruined clothes - get oxiclean and soak in a bucket. I didn't find out about it until after some clothes had been set in by the dryer and it still managed to remove the stains.

We had the same problem with our daughter all the time. We talked to her doctor, he told us we were using the wrong size. When it is going up the back the diapers are too small and to go up a size. After we learned that we didn't have explosions too often and when we did we went up to the next size and that fixed it.

Hi K.,

Our son had the same problem with poop going up his back. We just switched to a bigger sized diaper and the problem was gone.

I was a pampers girl too. BUT huggies supreme has elastic like fabric in back and Papers Baby dry does not so I really like them for that.

It will be okay. It sounds like you are using the correct diapers. With my son we used huggies. We thought that we would use the Supremes but those leaked on us. We tried the Pampers also and those did not work. What we did is went to regular Huggies but when we got ready to put the diaper on we pulled the linning out, not out of the diaper we just stretched it and made it stick up before we put the diaper on him. Then when it was on him we made sure that it was not bunched in his leg area or we made sure that the inside was not pushed in. I know that this is a little vague but if you look at the diaper when you put it on him you will see that the inside can curl and that you can stick your finger in there and make it so it covers his bottom and the same with the sides. This is what worked for us but sometimes we still had a blow out. Ask if you need more clarification. Good luck and you will get through it.

My son did this for months!  He managed to do it to the babysitter for the most part, but I realized that you have to rinse out the clothing as soon as you take it off of him or you in order to keep it from staining.  The only thing that I could really do, was make sure that I changed his diaper frequently, so that it wasn't wet at all.  It also depends on what position he is in when he goes poop.  Try different positions, having him lay on his tummy or leaning forward.  I noticed it was really bad when he was laying back or sitting up.  I pretty much just kept a lot of wipes handy and a lot of extra clothes.

Hi K.,

My friend told me that when she switched from the expensive diapers to Walmart's White Cloud brand, she never had leaks. I didn't really believe her until I tried them. We RARELY have any leaks since switching over and I would never go back to the other diapers!
As far as nightime diapers, we have found that "Huggies Overnite" diapers are really good too. Hope this helps!!


Love candles?? How about gourmet, triple-scented, no-soot candles? Go to:

When our son did that, we used the swaddler diapers. It has a mesh type fabric above the actual diaper. It helped pull the fluid down and kept us from changing his clothes every time he pooped...

Unfortunately that is just part of being a breastfed baby. You have runnier poop and it leaks fast. I do have to say though that I absolutely hated Pampers baby dry diapers. I would try pampers swaddlers (if he's still small enough, they come in sizes 1 and 2) or pampers cruisers. These worked best for my little breastfed baby. Once he gets a little bigger and starts cereal those poops will change and not be so runny. Good luck and happy holidays!

Both of my kids had this problem. Like many other moms have said try a bigger size. I always used swaddlers. Just make sure that you have the diaper well secured over his tummy. That is the good thing about swaddlers, you can fasten the tabs on top of each other.. Babyoxy is a lifesaver. I would wet the item with water and dump some oxy on there and take a old toothbrush and scrub away, then I would soak it in HOT water in the sink with a couple of scoops and it would always get it out. Just make sure you do it immediatly after the accident. The also have a babyoxy spray which is awesome too. I use it to get food stains out and it works like a dream. The only place I can find either one anymore is Babies R Us. But it is definitly worth the trip. Hope this helps and the blow out up the back does not last forever. Good luck and hang in there.:)

Hey there K.,

Whenever that would happen with my daughter, that's how I knew it was time to go up a diaper size. The size and weight on the box is rarely right. Hopefully that helps a little. ;)

Good luck to you!


Jake was breast fed too. Try Pampers Swaddlers. They are softer & we liked them better than Pampers dry. Swaddlers are the ones they use in the NICU and several of those babies are breast fed.

I tried to read all the responses to make sure I'm not repeating something. Here is what worked for me... Pampers baby dry are good for nights, their cruisers or swaddlers (not sure if they were in size 2) are better for daytime.
The secret to poop not going up the back... DO NOT secure them TIGHTLY, the poop needs a place to go, this worked for ME!! I didnt switch brands because my boys have allergies and every other brand really gave them bad diaper rash. So good luck!

We had exactly the same problem using Pampers with my son, now 4 years old. We switched to Huggies and the problem was solved!
Good luck!

Hey K.,

Geez, I thought my baby was big! My son Dominic is now 3months and 17 days. When he was born he was 8lbs 7oz and 20 inches. I also breastfeed my son and plan on doing this until he is atleast 6 months, I noticed that you are nursing as well, good job and keep it up!I wanted to tell you that sometimes it just happens, my son will pee so much that it leaks through the diapers and on his back. Once in a blue moon his poo will leak through but I honestly think that its the diaper that is causing it, try switching to a different brand or check to see if he should be in a size 1, Yes I know he is a big boy but I noticed with my son, he was not ready for size 2 diapers yet (he kept leaking through when he pees) and he weighs (guessing) about 15lbs now. I will know for sure on his next Dr. appt but last time he was weighed he was 12.5. So perhaps your son should be wearing a size 1? Try it and see if this could be it, worked for me! Goodluck!


I never had any luck with pampers. They always leaked. Try Luvs--I had the best luck with them. You will still have a leak every now and then with any diaper. But, these worked the best for me.

Mother of 3 (2 teens & 1 pre-teen)

Hey there new momma!
I ran into that problem too. I switched brands. In fact after a long trial and error with every diaper under the sun I found that the Target brand diapers or White Cloud diapers from Wal-Mart worked best. Just because the package says Pampers or Huggies doesn't mean that they are the best. Try the Target or White Cloud brand. I found that not only did they work better but the price was a winner as well. Good Luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Try Huggies Overnights; they work like a dream (I can't remember if they come that small come to think of it) So if not, I would try Pampers Swaddlers..... I think they are padded better/more than the Baby Dry style. Good luck!

Hey, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has ever experienced this problem. I have 3 kids who have all be breastfed and 2 of them leaked up the back and out the sides. My youngest is almost 4 months and she is still doing it. My oldest did it until she was nursing less and eating real food more. I use Huggies size 2 and it happens too. We tried going up a size, but the waist was so big that even when she would wet it would leak. So we went back down. What I ended up having to do was buy those rubber pants that you put over cloth diapers so that my kids clothes along with my own clothes would not be ruined. It's was so embarassing when I would be holding one of them and then end up with poop all over my jeans. I hope it works. But after I used the rubber pants, I never had another leak again. J.

I always used Luvs w/ my liitle one because they were the only ones that seemed to fit her correctly.

My daughter, who's now 3 yrs, had that same problem with poopy diapers and oddly enough my son didn't. We use pampers because I love the brand--they seem to have less problems than the other brands (however you may try other diapers to see if others work better for you). I've also had several friends that had the same problem with their babies, so it's a very common problem.

I would take the nasty clothes, spray the inside and outside with Spray 'n Wash, and throw them on Prewash with soap in the washer and the poop and the stain would usually come out. As for the ongoing poop mess, it will at some point stop doing that. As your baby gets older, she'll poop less and the poop will start getting more solid. It's just something you'll have to deal with for a while unless you find a different brand of diaper that works better for you. I think some diapers have sinched backs on them. You may also want to try Pampers Cruisers--just experiment.

Also, you can call the Pampers comment 1-800 number and tell them your problem with the diaper and that you're not totally satisfied and they will note the problem and send you coupons for free diapers (which is Always helpful). It's a mess, but it's just the way it is sometimes. Good luck!

I've got to tell you (as you can probably see with 33 replies already), this is very common. Cloth diapers will hold the poop. I used cloth with my son and never had this problem.

I know most people don't want to use them, but it is much easier than ruining clothes, and if you're already washing poopy stuff, what's the difference? If you'd like advice on what types to buy/what works best, please send me a message. Disposables are not the easy answer they seem to be!

This might be an extreme solution, but it worked for me! Once I switched over to cloth diapers, we never had the poop up the back problem again. We use Fuzzi Bunz diapers which are just about as close to disposables as you can get. If you want to look, check out www.fuzzibunz.com.

Cloth diapers are really not as gross as you would think and especially with a breastfed baby! I will admit it gets a little grosser once solids start.

Before we switched to cloth, I did try going up a size in disposables and it seemed to work for a short time.

Good luck!

Hi K.,

My daughter is now 14 months old, and I had the same problems. It was worse if she was already wet when she pooped. My life saver was a line of laundry products called SA8. I NEVER had to soak or scrub any of the poopy clothes. And most times I didn't even use a pretreater, just the detergent booster right into the wash (called Tri-Zyme) and everything came out spotless. It's not available in stores, which I found really wasn't a bad thing, because I could order what I wanted and it was delivered to my door. You can find the products - Tri-Zyme booster, SA8 detergent and PreWash - at www.quixtar.com

Hope this helps - good luck!

There's already great advice on the diaper situation so my advice is use OxyClean to get those stains out of clothes! When my babies were small and having all those poopy clothes I kept a bucket going on my washing machine. Soak those clothes in the OxyClean based on the directions. It's the only thing I found that got out that breastfed poopy stains! Good Luck!

Hey K.,

CONGRATULATIONS on breastfeeding!!!!!! You're giving your baby a gift to last a life time!!!

I got this wonderful advice from my breastfeeding mom's group when my daughter was little - when they start blowing out - switch to the next size up (the weight on the bag might not tell you too, but, it's time). I always used Huggies Supreme, but when I went to the next size, it always solved the problem!

For the stains - I can't say enough about OxyClean powder. I just kept a bucket going, rotating the soaked clothes into the washer and starting a new bucket for the next round. Worked wonders and never had a permanently ruined outfit, no matter how bad it looked after the initial blow! :-)

Hope this advice works for you! (Same thing with socks, if they keep falling off, they are too small - either width or length, but buy the next size up and they'll stay on better - we LOVED Old Navy socks better than any others.)

Merry Christmas!!
Keep up the GREAT work!

This is normal I went throught he same thing with my son. The best advice I can give you is to soak the clothes as he poops.
Fill the sink with water and a little detergent. Throw the clothes in there and let them soak for about twenty minutes. Then scrub with a nail brush. That is the only thing that I have found that with remove the poop and not leave stains.

I had the same problem! My son is 5 mo old and weighs 18lbs. I use pampers cruisers you may want to go up a sz in your diapers. He hardly leaks... I'm a sahm and am 30 first time momma. I've trying every diaper and this one is working so far.

I had the same problem with the Pampers. Everytime that I used pampers, they leaked. I would try to use a different brand. If you have a Sams club, try their brand. They seemed to work a lot better. If you dont have Sams club, Huggies worked very well for us when we had to use something else. Hope that helps.

I would try huggies natural fit size 2 . I have a girl and they don't work well for girls but I watch a little boy and they seemed to work well for him. If that doesn't work I would buy some of those rubber pants that they use for potty training, if you can find some that will fit. Maybe you could even try putting 2 diapers on him at a time, Hope this helps.

I second the cloth diapers. I always have blowouts when I'm using disposable (when we're on vacation or something)!

Breastfed babies Poop... ALOT. Period. Because he is breastfed, it is easier to digest (which is better for him) and it comes right out again. When I first had my son I was pooped on more than I was peed on. I don't think you are doing anything wrong as far as diaper size. When he starts on more solid food his poo will get more solid. It's just a matter of time :/ I'm sorry if I wasn't much of a consolation.

I think that the pampers swaddlers work really well. The seem to soak everything up. My son is almost 2 months old and breastfeeding and I haven't had a leak yet. Good luck!

Hi K.,
I just wanted to let you know that it is nothing that you are doing wrong, I think that some babies are just more likely to have that problem. I didn't have any problems like this until my 3rd daughter was born. I know how frustrating it can be! She always seemed to have a "blowout" when we were out or when someone else was watching her!

I found it helped to put the elastic pants on over her disposable diaper (especially if we were going to be going somewhere that it would have been especially inconvenient.) and of course always have a few changes of clothing with me and a big ziploc bag for the dirty ones.

Also, I found it helpful to put a cloth diaper or two between her and the car seat to keep it from coming all the way through. I can't tell you how many times we had to wash that car seat cover! That was usually the worst part.

I did do a lot of soaking and scrubbing on her clothes, too. I usually just used baby laundry detergent directly on the stain, scrubbed it in and then let it soak for a while before washing. That usually did the trick.

Try to get your baby's diaper changed as soon as it gets wet, if they poop into a dry diaper it is less likely to be as big of a mess.

My daughter continued to have this problem for quite a while but as she got bigger it did eventually happen much less often until it finally went away. Thank goodness!

Every baby has its own set of issues to keep you on your toes! Good luck and best wishes to you with your new baby Jack.


Try switching to Pampers Swaddlers, I personally never liked the baby dry because they would always leak.

Don't worry you have the right diaper size.... From my own experience, and I am a mom of 2, Breastfed babies have lose bowels, therefore the problem is unfixable! My babies did this all the time, so my advice for you, although it is so frustrating, have the spray-n-wash handy, because you will need it!!

I had the same problem with both my kids. Huggies seemed to work better on my son, and Pampers on my daughter. I also noticed that when they started to outgrow their onsies the problem got worse, so maybe make sure that if he's wearing clothes that snap at the bottom they aren't too tight. I don't think anything completely fixes that problem though!

I know this is not the news that you want to hear, but my little guy had the same problem and I couldn't find any good solutions. A few things you can do are trying a different type of diapers and maybe going up a size. Maddox was using pampers too so we switched to Huggies in the same size but that wasn't much better. My sister suggested that we try Huggies Natural Fit and go up one size(with the hope that having a bigger diaper means it will go further up his back and hopefully keep the poop in). We did both and it has helped, although he is almost 8months and he still has blowouts from time to time. I also breastfed so his poop was quite runny. Once we started introducing solids it "thickened" up a bit and the problems decreased. Hope some of this helps, and if nothing else remember that it is only temporary.

Try pampers swaddlers. I liked them so much better than the baby dry...

i had that problem with my son when he is a few months old too couldnt figure it out eaither, but he ended up out growing it,

I don't know if anyone ever responded to you, but I have found that Huggies (regular, not supreme) are the best at not leaking...I gave up on pampers with my first son...since switching to Huggies I have never had another problem with my second child. Hope this helps!


The Pampers Swaddlers, although more expensive, worked better for my baby in this regard. You might end up saving $$ in the long run by not having to do so much laundry. You could also always try going a size up in diapers. If it doesn't work, you WILL eventually use them when he gets bigger. Sometimes you have to ignore the weight/size suggestions they put on the diaper package and just do what works for you. But at his age, that's SO common.....my daughter sometimes pooped out of her pampers (I nursed exclusively for 6 months - hey, all they get is liquid so it stands to reason their poop will run!) but the Swaddlers, to me, seemed like the best ones regardless, until she got a little older. Then I found that Huggies and Luvs worked just as well.

try luvs, i've had the best luck with them. also always put a onesie on under his cloths to give you another barrier. and try a size 1.

Like the other ladies said...you will probably have better luck with the huggies.

I would also go back to the smaller ones although I can't remamber the weight guidelines on the 1's. I would always cross the tabs in front or overlap them as I had issues as well. Also I love Kirkland brand diapers so if you are a costco member you can try them - if they don't have the size you need they also carry Huggies which I also like. Good luck!

I'm thinking that breast milk keeps his bowels loose. He's too young to try giving him cereal in his milk to tighten his bowels so the only suggestion I have is rubber pants and patience. Talk to your dr. for a solution. Good luck and with the patience that I'm praying for you to have, you'll be a great and loving mother.
Let me know how he progresses.

I had the same issues with the Baby Dry diapers. I switched to Pamper's Swaddlers.
Also, make sure the "ruffles" of the diaper are flared out. If the ruffles are tucked into the diaper, it will leak.

I had the same thing happen with my first two boys. After a few months with my second, I switched to cloth diapers. Yes, I had to wash diapers but it was so much better to not ruin clothes and save money at the same time. My third son has only had poop on his clothes the few times I've put disposables on him. The new cloth diapers are great and easy- We use Fuzzi Bunz but there are lots of good ones. just google cloth diapers.

My sons did the same with Pampers. We now use Huggies and are much better. There is not elastic on the back of the Pampers but is on HUggies.
Good Luck

Hi K.,

Unfortunately, that is totally normal. Especially with breast fed babies. The same thing happened to me with my kids too. There is a special detergent that can help get it out of his clothes. I can't think of the name though. Can any of the other mamas' help me out with the name of that detergent?

Just pack extra clothes in the diaper bag. Pampers does have a "swaddlers" diaper that seems to work pretty good.

Congrats on your new baby boy!

When my daughter was around the same age we switched to Huggies and didn't have as much leakage trouble. The ones in the all red box. And the most important part Dawn dishsoap will almost always take baby poop out of clothes. I used to squirt a little drop on the poop and wash them with my little ones other clothes and it almost always came out. Hope this helps.

I have found that the "name brand" diapers do tend to leak quite a bit. I switched to White Cloud, which you can buy at WalMart, and have had no problems since. No too sure what the differnece is (other than price), but they work so much better for me!

We had some of these poo issues w. my little guy, too. I suggest you switch brands. Sometimes the cut of the diaper is wrong for their bodies. Langston wore many different kinds in the beginning (he went from skinny newborn to gaining 2 oz. a day for a while, so at 6 months, he was a butterball). I used BumGenius cloth diapers towards the end and LOVED them. They are more like disposable than any other cloth. And you can use them when the baby is 8-35 lbs. (with the one size). He still sleeps in one. Good luck!

I used Parents Choice from Wal-Mart with my son, and he did fine. He leaked out of the Huggies.

Good luck,
G. C.

Hi K.,
It sounds possible that little Jack may be ready to have cereal added to his diet in order to firm his stool just a little. Rice is the first variety I gave my babies because it doesn't cause as much gas on the tummy. When you begin cereal, use your milk, warmed,to mix it, and, keep the amount small until you see how he will do with it. Some babies do better with solids earlier than others. He is over 3 mos. now, so this responce may be a little late. In any case, Good luck, and Congrats!

Try not to get too upset, when they have huge poops like that there's virtually no diaper that's going to hold it in. It seems that you are using too big of a diaper though. Size 1 should be perfect. We use huggies supreme and found they fit our daughters body better.

Does the size 2 diaper seem a bit big? Do the tabs overlap or touch in the front? If so you might want to go down a size for a short time longer. Also, have you tried pampers swaddlers? I had better luck with that line. Occassionally you're going to have a "blow-out diaper" and there may not be anything you can do to prevent it. Time and growth will help with the problem. Good luck!

Leaks are going to happen. I had a pink shirt that for the first few months of my son's life, he leaked something or spit up on every time I wore it. It is amazing how much can come out of such a little person! My suggestion would be to switch to huggies diapers. They have a waistband (more or less) that fits snugly and really helped control leaks. I never had much luck with pampers or luvs, but once I bought Huggies, I'll never go back. Good luck. Oh, and oxi clean works wonders for the poop stains!

Pampers and Luvs suck or at least they did for me. I used Huggies and didn't have too many problems with them.

Hello, I have no advice. Only to say, I have two children, both were breastfed and both had poop up the back. All I can say is always bring lots of extra clothes. With my first child I would carry around a huuuge diaper bag and my sister-in-law always made fun of me until she had a pooper. Then she did the same thing! Finally she understood. I will say Dreft spray works great for getting out poop. By the way you have many more months of this ahead of you.

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