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Poop in Bathtub

Hi ladies. This may seem like a silly question. Last nite i was giving my lo a bath and scooped out a bit of leave. Later i realized it was a tiny piece of poop. Should i have scooped her out immediatley? Should i bleach the tub and all the toys? I know it has bacteria in it but i have also read that it is hers so not harmful to her?? Sometimes i make things too complicated so i am just wondering about your opinions. THX

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Not a silly question - this has happened to me more than I would like as we went through potty training. If it's just a nugget or two, I usually scoop it out and let her continue to play. Then I throw whatever toys were in with her at the time in the dishwasher and spritz the tub down with a general bathroom cleaner later that night. If it's a full on BM, I scoop her out right away, and wash the toys and scrub down the tub asap. So much fun!

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really, bleach is not necessary...it is toxic and the fumes could cause more health issues than the tiny poo. By all means, clean the tub and toys good, but also know that being exposed to small amounts of the bacteria could actually be good provided your lo is healthy with a healthy immune system. Many believe that part of the reason allergies and other chronic problems we have today come from us being overly clean. (that's not to say we should be dirty, just not freak out over everything)

No need to fret....and a really safe alternative to bleach is Essential Oils. Tea Tree, Rosemary, and Lavender are top notch antimicrobial oils and a little goes a very long way. You could even add a couple drops of Tea Tree & Lavender to the bath water and it would be relaxing AND help keep germies and mold at bay! Our local healthfood store has these oils for a reasonable price.

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Don't use chlorox, that will be harmful to your daughter. Try a disinfectant that is made from germ-busting thyme oil. It is 99.99% effective against many household germs. It cleans, disinfects and deodorizes hard, nonporous, inaminate surfaces. It is the first botanical disinfectant formula approved by the U S Environmental Protection Agency. 16 oz for $7.14
P. S

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Don't worry about it-I was told by a doctor that you cannot infect yourself with your own. However, I would just clean up the tub and toys just for the sake of knowing that I cleaned them. I usually clean bath toys about once a week anyways. Don't worry about it though since it was only a small amount and also due to the fact it was their own- if you see that he gets sick-get him to the Ped immediately and let them know about it but I really think you will be okay. My twins did that on so many occassions-sometimes they still do and nothing has ever happened.

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Don't know if you already know this trick - but once I week I put all the tub toys in the dishwasher and pour about 1/2 cup of bleach inside and run as usual.

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I'd clean the toys and clean the tub afterwards I wouldn't stress it...I had a little one that many times poo a bit in the tub or I'd notice it after I got him up to wash his bottom....he's still alive he's healthy we finished the bath we would usually be about done anyway I would stress over it. It used to just be something that happened sometimes I don't really think the child is in real danger...like I said my boys are still alive and I did the best I could when i noticed I cleaned real well.

I usually get my daughter out immediately and bleach all the toys and tub. I haven't heard about their own poop not being harmful to them. If she pooped on herself and the kitchen floor you'd clean it up, right? I feel it's better safe than sorry.

I would clean the bathtub with a bleach-containing cleaner and the toys too. Just because poop is yours does not mean it's not yucky or doesn't contain harmful bacteria. E. Coli is E. coli -- she doesn't make the one kind that won't get her sick... So, clean up, for sure. But don't panic about your daughter. Lots of kids poop in the tub. And, especially since it was solid, I'd say don't go overboard worrying. Of course, if she drank some of the bathwater, I'd mention it to the pediatrician. Otherwise, rest easy.

This has happened to me several times with my almost 3 year old. I always get him out immediately, wash him off seperately and fill the tub with the toys in it with a bleach/water solution and let it soak for a little while (of course after removing the poo). I don't care whose poop it is -if your child ingests it he or she could get sick! It's also just nasty! Pure bleach can be toxic to smell or touch, but diluted in water it's a fabulous and cheap cleaning solution!

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