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Poll: Boys and Stuffed Animals.

Ok, I'm polling people. My son LOVES stuffed animals. He is 5 years old. My husband believes that he is getting too old for them and it is girly. I disagree, but hey- I could be wrong. Maybe a lot of people think they are girly- I know my mother in law agrees with him. It's not like he's playing barbies or make up or something. (although I don't really care if he does play barbies with his sister either! - hey that's another email- haha) So, my question is, what do you guys think? Do your boys play with stuffed animals? He loves webkins, build a bear, dogs and more. I'm just curious what most people think. I love my husband- he's a great dad, so please, no bashing him. :) Just a poll or your general thoughts- are stuffed animals ok for boys?

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:) Well after talking more, discussing this post, and some thinking- he reconsidered! :) Austin now has a new webkin. Yeah. :) Thanks for all your feedback everybody. I thought it wasn't a big deal, but needed to hear what others thought. Plus, it helped to say LOOK 40 people agree with me! ;) THANKS

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I had a son that had a stuffed snoopy dog he loved, he grew up to be a football player, & is very much a man, whats the worry to love a stuffed toy. I had a neighbor at the same time that had a boy older than mine, that went to bed with so many stuffed toys he could hardly crawl in, and he grew up very much a man. Why can't that me a (father love instinct) just like they say girls have mother insticts to love dolls? And by the way I had two girls and two boys.
I wouldn't worry about him having a stuffed toy to play with at that age.

Proud Mamma of twin 9 yr old boys. One love stuffed animals one does sometimes. I don't see an issue. He will out grow them eventually. It helps with developing his imagination. My Husband has actually helped pick out new ones.
So that is a vote to let him keep playing with his stuffed animals.

He's just 5!! My 2nd son LOVED playing with little dog stuffed animals until he was 6. Then, he sort of just grew out of it. (he's almost 7 now). i never ever thought anything of it. i wouldn't worry about it at all.

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They're absolutely okay. My 12 year still sleeps with his favorite stuffed animal: "Mr. Hippo" and he is all boy. So, I won't bash your hubby, as this attitude is certainly not unique, but I will make a general statement that the seeds for some of the problems in our culture are started by saying things as simple as a certain toy is a "boy" toy or a "girl" toy. While I agree 100% that there are huge differences between the sexes, re-enforcing stereotypes has alot of negative implications, both on a child's self esteem in the near term and in their role in a family and in society in the future. It will not be too long before your son is throwing a full size football in the house, maybe then your hubby will be wishing your son was more into playing with stuffed animals :)

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Hi! I don't really think that it matters what he likes and dislikes being that he is only five! My brother played with barbies forever! And he turned out just fine! He will probably grow out of it soon! Don't rush him, just let him do it on his own and try to encourage other "boy" things to him! That is what my mom and dad did with my brother, just tried to get him involved with sports and such, and he just ended up growing out of it! hope that helps!

I think stuffed animals are fine for boys. Most stuffed animals are...well...animals, and I know my son loves to play with animals-whether they are stuffed or not. ;)

My just turned 9 year old is all boy. He's always filthy, covered in bruises, bringing bugs home, and doing tons of things he shouldn't. But, he would never go to bed without his bear, Purple. He doeasn't exactly play with stuffed animals, but he likes to have them around. I don't think it's a bad thing. I would feel bad wrestling something from him that he loved because of fears they may be wrong for his age/sex etc. As long as he's happy, I'm happy! Most of the time!

It's just a stuffed animal!! He's only 5. who cares. I think its perfectly okay for boys to play with stuffed animals, dolls etc.. and girls to play with trucks. I personally think it's a "man" thing regarding what kind of toys their boys play with. My husband is the same way "no son of mine is going to play with a doll..." every child goes through this and it's perfectly normal.

I have 3 boys. One is 13, one 11 1/2, and 8. the oldest is still very much attached to his stuffed toys. i do get him to clean out the ones that are cheap from time to time. and he does , but we still have a pretty big collection. he doesn't play with them he just likes them. like penguins are his favorite animal. and he has several. i don't think it is anything unusual. he says he wants to be a vet. so there you have it. he also rides a skate board and spikes his hair, likes the beatles, and beating up on his little brother. we have about 13-14 boys in the neighborhood where we live, and no-one teases him, and some of them have them also. because i know their moms and i go into their houses. i think it is mostly your husbands insecurities. but your son will out grow it when he is ready if everyone just leaves him alone. he is only 5 for pete's sake. let him have his toys. there will come a time when he will no longer want them. if you think about the fact that he will live to be about 80, and he will be an adult from about 20 on, then he has 60 years to be an adult and only 15-20 to be a kid. don't make him grow up to fast. a friend of mine, her little boy liked an old dress he found from one of his older sisters. that gave his dad fits when he would wear it over his clothes, but mom was cool, he is just exploring, and everything is fine now. he is a happy healthy 5 year old boy playing war with the rest of them. the real question is why is your husband so threatened by the stuffed toys? and his sister? no need to toughen them up to early there is enough in life to do that for you. i am not bashing your husband, just wondering why it bothers him so much. you would think that he would want him to be tender and compassionate and kind and caring. well this is part of it. and remember he learns what is around him. are you his primary caregiver. maybe he is playing school, or vet. or wants a pet to call his own. no telling, but i think everything is fine. make him watch animal planet and subscribe to ranger rick magazine or zoo books and explore his love of animals.
good luck,

My son is 9 1/2 and still loves his stuffed animal collection. He still plays, cuddles, and sleeps with them. Let me assure you, he is quite the boy, too. He is an all star athlete in everything he plays...soccer, basketball, baseball, track, and we're adding football to the list this fall. Oh, he's also a motorcross star, he races his 2 dirtbikes every other weekend when dad is off work. I do not see a problem with the animals and would rather my son play with them than guns, swords, or video games all day. I am also thrilled that my son is growing up with a sensitive side that knows how to wind down from the days activities with a good snuggle! Maybe I need to get his dad a stuffed animal to practice with!

I have a 4 year old and he has lots of stuff animals and his imagination goes wild with them he makes all kinds of stuff up. He also has a maonkey that he has had since a baby and he sleeps with it, I think its cute when he carries it around and hugs it. I would say don't discourage your son from playing with stuffed animails he will internlize it and think theres something wrong with him. As a person with a degree in Early Child Development we are always tought that there are not things that are gender specific, children should be allowed to play with what ever they want.

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