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I know this question is going to get alot of responces, but I would like to know the main diff between the presidental canadates Obama and Mcain. I have tried to watch and read everything I can but I am still confused. What they mainly stand for. Thanks so much.

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Wow I totally loved what Becky said. I had a hard time determining who I would vote for and my mom suggested I go to the women's league of voters I beleive is what its called. ITs completely unbiased because its answers to what the canidates say about Environmental issues, Economy ect without the retoric of I am going to this but they would do blah. Good luck!!

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Thank you Elle for a great response! You said most of what I would have said. I have a couple things to add. If you make less than 250,000 a year then you will pay less taxes under Obamas plan--about the same under McCains as you do now. Most of us make in the 50,000 range and will pay a lot less taxes. The burden for infrastructure, defense and caring for people who are unable to (handicapped, elderly) should be spread around! Obama wants to invest in Green energy--more jobs for more people and good for the environment. THe last time our ecomomy was this bad World War 2 is what got us out of the depression--I would rather invest in green energy than another war! For you 1 issue voters--Abortion has existed ever since women figured out the connection between sex and pregnancy! It was for most of history not anyone elses business except between a woman and her midwife. It was legal in this country until the mid 1800's--and after it was made illegal in most states wealthy women had no problem getting them when they wanted while poor women died from unsafe substances and procedures. Making abortion illegal will NOT make them go away and in fact the extreme position of Palin would be to outlaw most forms of birth control and sex education could increase the number of unsafe abortions. Follow the lead of Western European countries if we really want to reduce abortions--they have the lowest rate in the world of abortion and unwanted pregnancies--comprhensive education and easy access to birth control are the key. And of course when the economy is doing well there is lower rate of abortions. And look at what happens in countries where the government is allowed to make medical decisions--Romania was one of the scary ones that outlawed abortion and birth control and the orphanages were soon overflowing with neglected babies and women and their Drs were investigated anytime they had a miscarriage.Can you imagine a world where you are investigated if you are having a problem carrying a baby to term--adding to your distress?
And Democrats almost always score much higher than REpublicans on the environment--did you know miscarriages are much higher where toxins are highest? Besides the high rates of cancer and lung disease associated with environmental pollution. But I have to say that I have decided that I am not just voting for the lessor of 2 evils as I felt earlier--the more I have heard Obama and his wife(who is truly a classy lady) the more excited I am at the idea of a truly presidental pair on the White House. And if you care at all for family values look at McCains record--he cheated on his wife, Cindy is his younger trophy wife. If a Dem had acted as dishonorably as he did it would be all over the media--but we rarely hear about McCain.

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I posted a question similar to this one in September after the first debate. Here is the link if you want to read some of the 98 responses I got. It was really interesting to see all of the different opinions.


I might not make a lot of friends with my response, but I'm going to tell you how I decided who to vote for.

No country has fallen due to fluctuations in their economy, but many have fallen due to lack of moral standards.

One candidate supports abortion through the 9th month and believes that survivors of attempted abortions are not due equal rights as human beings as they were not 'wanted' to begin with.

The other candidate believes life begins at conception and believes that human rights should begin at that point.

This is the issue that is most important to me because if the president of my country has no respect for the innocent of innocents, then I have no way of knowing if he will have any respect for me as a grown adult.

I know a lot of people say things about there being other issues that are important. I agree. But, for me this is THE issue.

Hope I haven't offended anyone and that what I said is somehow helpful.

God bless,

The previous responses were the most neutral and unbiased I have seen. That was amazing.

You will get lots of responses. But, unfortunately, I believe that most of them will be biased toward that person's candidate. And, that will make sense. But, in my opinion, you want information, not a push to one candidate or the other. The best way to look at what each candidate stands for is to check out each website.
www.barackobama.com and www.johnmccain.com
You will also have to weed through lots of nonsense and outright lies about Obama and probably Mc Cain. The best way to do that is www.factcheck.org and www.snopes.com Both of these sites are very easy to use. Just type in the candidates name and subject.

The best way to start is to figure out what issues are most important to you and research those. Once you get your answers you can move on to the "lesser" issues. This election especially, it is so important to vote. We are living history right now. It's pretty awesome! I applaud you for wanting to make an informed choice and not follow all the ads, negative or otherwise. Good luck and happy voting!

Both, Becky and Amanda, did a great job explaining. Here is a little help for you in case you want to do a little more research: go to www.focusvoter.com. It will direct you to a website in your state that not only gives info abt McCain and Obama, it will also give you info on local issues and where your local candidates stand.

I think that Becky did a great job of putting it in a nutshell. I don't consider myself republican or democrat and try to give each candidate a chance to prove himself. I don't think any of the candidates are perfect but here are some things to consider.
I know what I'm about to say may not be popular but .. I think alot of people will vote for Obama simply because they are looking for massive change from the current administration. I can't blame them for that. However in addition to what another mother mentioned about his appauling stance on abortion he also does not salute the flag, does not say the pledge of alligence and had designed his own presidential seal which does not include the flag. For a man who claims to love this country he sure doesn't express it or seem to respect the sacrafice it took to gain us all, including him , the rights we have.
It is important for all of us to make an educated decision- and its hard in this age where the media puts their spin on everything. good luck with your decision

Wow I totally loved what Becky said. I had a hard time determining who I would vote for and my mom suggested I go to the women's league of voters I beleive is what its called. ITs completely unbiased because its answers to what the canidates say about Environmental issues, Economy ect without the retoric of I am going to this but they would do blah. Good luck!!

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