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PO Box on Resume?

Hi, Mommas,

After a couple of years researching and visiting another state, my family plans to move there. The challenge is that I am starting a brand new career in education. Once I'm employed in that state, we can move there.

Because the teaching positions are competitive in this new state, only applications with the state's address seem to be considered. We ARE serious, but just not living there, yet. How does a PO Box look on a resume?


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Someone may have said this, but I don't have time to read the responses... if you use something like the UPS store you usually get an actual street address and the "PO Box" is actually called a "Suite" so it isn't as noticible that it's a PO Box unless they happen to know of that specific address as a UPS store.

I actually never put my address on the resume. I put name, city, state, email address and phone number.

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It would be fine, I think. But how would you get the mail out of your PO Box? Why not put your desire to change states in your cover letter. You would probably get the most consideration for the job in the new state in you lived in the county of desired job.

The reason those that are in the state are first to be considered is becasue you would need to get certified in the state to actually teach there, so school would rather teacher that are already certified in the state. I would research the certifications for that state and be sure they are well noted in your resume/cover letter.

Good Luck!

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Hi K.,
What you can do if you are concerned about putting "PO Box" on your resume, is find the physical address of the post office itself, then your PO box becomes your apartment. I have done this before and it is acceptable for you to have your mail addressed this way.
Hope this helps and good luck!

Go to a UPS store or a mail box store. Then you can use their street address. Instead of putting PO Box 222. Put apartment 222. You now have an address in their state.

Good luck to you.

I think it would look rather confusing and possible raise some questions about you as a candidate... unless you also have a Phone # in the correct area code... I mean, isn't that how most candidates are contacted... by phone? So when you list your phone # (in a different state's area code) and your address is a local P.O. box... it would make me wonder what you were hiding...

I agree that a notation in your cover letter is more appropriate.

I think a PO BOX would be fine. I have worked in Human Resources and never gave it a second thought if I ran accross a POB on a resume. In fact, I have never even once put my actual physical address on my resumes. I give my name, email address, city and state, cell and home phone numbers.

You might want to look into mailbox options other than through USPS. I currently rent a mailbox at a UPS store, and used to have a P.O. Box. While the UPS store charges more, I've found that the extra cost is worth it. One of the advantages is that the address does not appear to be a mailbox, but a regular street address. Because the address is not a P.O. Box, I never have problems with packages. The UPS store also provides much better service.

Do you want to open a PO box in the new state? What if a potential employer responds to you by letter, will you be able to get it in a timely manner?

Just my opinion, but why not use your current address on the resume and in your cover letter include something like "we are in the process of relocating to...."

I don't know much about the PO Box, but I wanted to address another mom who said something about a different area code number on the phone...I would not worry about that. My husband and I have lived in NC for over a year now, but have no intentions of getting a new cell phone number for down here. Our numbers have been the same forever, that it makes no sense to switch them, and we have NEVER had an employer (or potential employer) think twice about because we have an address here. In this day and age, it is SO common to not switch your phone. I figure as long as you have a PO Box, you should be fine!

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