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Plus Sized Girls' Clothing

My almost 5y.o. daughter is tall and heavy for her age. In addition, she is showing signs of precocious puberty causing her hips to be wider than most girls her age (or even some years older). My current dilemma (besides the medical concerns) is in finding clothing that fits her well, especially when the colder weather returns. I had previously been able to buy larger sizes (8 or 8plus) and that would fit her. However, I am finding it nearly impossible to find regular pants that fit her (besides sweats, yoga pants) because of her hips.

I am therefore seeking recommendations of clothing brands or stores (esp. online merchants) that make truly roomy, plus size clothes for kids (really looking for good jeans/pants, perhaps with elastic waistbands in big kid-8 and up- sizes). FYI, Gap plus sizes tend to be too tight in the hips and thighs when it comes to jeans/pants. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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I would like to thank everyone for the tremendous response! I received great leads, sympathy, and advice both in regards to clothing as well as on nutrition. I will be trying the husky boys' jeans and will take my daughter to JCPenney to try on some pants (ughh, I have been so spoiled by online shopping!).

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Yes, it is hard finding clothes for kids that fall into anything outside the regular sizes offered. My daughter is 10 and although she isn't a true plus size, her middle is slightly larger and she has been in-between size 10-12 for the last year or so. I found that she fits nicely into a plus size 12 1/2. They're just the right length too.

I find a lot of variety in the JC Penny store near me. You can try online too if you don't live near one. Believe it or not, KMart also carried plus sizes that I found to fit her - especially jeans which are the hardest thing to get for her.

Good luck.

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Hi D.,

Talbots kids used to be great for this--their cut was always very roomy. The only one I can think of right now is Lands End--they have a plus size selection that allows you to buy the right size for her height (and appropriateness for her age) but with larger proportions. If I remember correctly (the one I had this issue with is 17 now!), either JCPenny or Sears' girls department also had a nice plus size selection.
I guess another thought, if the girls' plus from Lands End isn't enough, is to try their boys' husky size for jeans--they give the proportions online, and I believe that the boys line is much roomier than the girls. Since all the girls styles are the low slung type, the boys jeans shouldn't look or fit all that different.
Good luck!

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Hi D.,

An excellent resource if you want to tackle the nutritional reasons for the weight is a book called The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn OBrien and while it talks about the rise in allergies among kids the truths are universal.

Good luck! P.

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I'm so sorry for you and your little girl to have to go through this. It's tough, because she's at an age when she is "modeling" others behavior. Such as seeing "big" girls/tv "stars" in outfits that she'd want to be in also.
I had to deal with my daughter being larger than her peers. The good thing is that it's summer! Clothes that are more free flowing tend to be available, sun dresses and such. Try Target and Sears, they have a plus size selection.

On another note, have you taken your daughter off all gluten, diary and processed foods? Dairy and meat are one of the blazing reasons for childhood obesity and hormone activation. ALL these foods contain hormones to make animal flesh grow faster and for the milk to flow more often. It goes directly into the blood stream creating a false message to the brain that puberty is to be activated. The gluten (becomes "glue" in the belly and makes food stick) and processed/fast food are the number one reason for the rise in childhood obesity and diabetes.

As a holistic health nutritionist I see so much of this. Believe me, it was in my own home and life before I went into this field. Know that you're not alone in your quest.
Love up your amazing daughter! Good luck!

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JC Penney, Sears, Lands End, and I know Old Navy for teens has plus sizes.

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Glad to see you have gotten so many good replies. I hope by this time your daughter already has a school-ready wardrobe. One reply mentioned nutrition. I just read a soft cover book written by Dr. Jamie McManus M.D. called "Superwellness for Superkids". The book is written for parents and grandparents. Dr. Jamie is a parent and a grandmother. In the book, she covers nutrition and fitness for a lifetime of health. Subject are immune function, Omega 3 fatty acids, building strong bones, overweight, and more. The book is very readable. It is 30, 8 1/2 X 11 pages and illustrated with photos and at least one chart. Best wishes as you guide your precious daughter through life. May she always be healthy and happy. B. K

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JC Penney has a brand called Arizona. The jeans are roomy in all sizes not like gap, and they have plus sizes too. Try and get the jeans with spandex to help her feel comfortable. GL!

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I saw that you received a lot of good advice but just wanted to add one thing. While I love online shopping for it's convenience, I have to try things on a lot because I might fit one size at one store and a different size at another store. Plus I always look at it like a mini vacation. I know that might sound silly but as of now I have my husband and one son in the house so girl time is a must for me. I don't get to go shopping often but I always seem to have a great time browsing alone or with a girl friend and just taking my time without a husband sighing over my shoulder or a little one wanting to just run and play and getting angry when I just want to look at clothes or try anything on. It's like a trip to a spa or a therapy session. I'm sure it can be great bonding time for you and your daughter. Try Old Navy, they have plus sizes and cute clothes for good prices and the jeans that say "stretch" are great for those areas of your body where you may need a little more room :)

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