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Plugged up Ears OFTEN and Causing Discomfort. Benadryl and Nettle Not Working.

Hi all you parents out there! I have a question for myself here. My ears have been plugging up often ever since last May. I've taken benadryl, and the Organic allergen med called Nettle. Both are not relieving this at all. I don't know if this is allergies, or if it could be something else. My doc gave me meds for my nose, but to me, ignored my most main concern, and that is my ears. I still need to talk to my main doc about this, but now, I'm pregnant and I'm limited on what I can take. My ears are constantly plugging up. I had them checked out several times for wax build up, and my ears are sqeeky clean. No wax.
So my question is...have any of you experienced this? With yourselves, or even with your kiddos? What relieved the pressure/plugging up, for you?

What can I do next?

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Hi G.. My one-year-old seems prone to congested ears/ear infections, so I bought garlic ear drops. They contain garlic, mullein and St. John's Wort in an olive oil base. They've worked like a charm for us. I think even his pediatrician was impressed. Good luck. Also, have you cut back on dairy?

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A couple of things to understand...

The middle ear is a closed system, except for one little hole, which is the Eustachian tube. Your outer ear ends at the eardrum, and is basically just a hallway to let in the sound. Then your middle ear begins, in which the pressure is regulated through air entering and leaving by the E. tube. This is the popping you hear when pressure changes...the air entering or leaving. So if you're stuffy and air needs to enter the middle ear to regulate pressure, it can sometimes suck mucous in and plug it up. I've found that sleeping with the affected ear down can help overnight...lets the mucous drain. Keep the sinuses clear if you can, too. Neti pots and sinus rinses are great. Avoid sugar, as this is an inflammatory and can increase mucous production. Milk also increases mucous.

Also, I highly recommend going to a good chiropractor. If you're out of whack, for some reason it can affect your ears. We had lots of ear infections until the kids went to the chiropractor, to the point of having tubes recommended. Never another one after the chiropractor visit.

Best of luck!

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I totally agree with Diana K on this matter. Get yourself to an E.N.T. -- A.S.A.P.!! I've heard they have a fantastic "vacuum" of sorts for ears...no medication involved which is perfect for your circumstances. They vacuum out all the gunk that goes way down. I bet it would really help you -- regardless of how clean your ear canal is. You more than likely have something in the inner ear causing you grief. Best solution...get it out! I've read not so good things about those ear candles on line -- so go the safe route and just let a doctor take care of this for you. Also -- chiropractic would really help too. During the summer when my boys get swimmers ear we "adjust" their ear and it opens up the tubes and allows for drainage. Sounds horrible, but works like a charm. There's probably no reason for you to use any medication for this issue. Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck with your ear dilema!! I hope you find some relief soon!

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Honey, you need to go see an Ears, Nose and Throat doctor who specializes in this. This specialist will give you a more thorough exam for those areas, and will take into consideration your pregnancy.


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Benadryl is an antihistimine. I find that decongestants work much better for reliving pressure in the ears and sinuses. I am pregnant too and I am able to take Sudafed which seems to help. I know steamy showers also help me. But if this has been going on for months, I would definitely talk to a doctor until I felt some relief. Your body is working hard with the baby and doesn't need the distraction.

Good luck! I hope you feel better soon!

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Try WALLY'S EAR OIL, you can get it at Hi Health. It gives almost instant relief. I think it's like $11.99 and all natural. Hope this helps! :.)

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Try a decongestant. It's been a while since I've been pregnant so I'm not sure and am going to refrain from suggesting specific decongestants but we use them whenever we feel "plugged up" in the head or ears. We too have allergies, we take antihistimines to prevent/reduce symptoms and decongestants to relieve the after-effects of the allergies.

I am not happy with your doctor for not addressing your congested ears. Try a ENT. and/or a different doctor.

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Lemon Drops. I use to get this alot and the doctors could not figure it out. Allergies, infection etc. I finally went to a nurse practicioner that told me it could be my salivary glands causing the pressure in my ears. Did I get it after I ate? she asks. I did. When my ears hurt, I suck on a lemon drop, or after eating---any sour let down the salivary glands in your mouth releaving the pain in ears. AMAZING

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Hi G.. My one-year-old seems prone to congested ears/ear infections, so I bought garlic ear drops. They contain garlic, mullein and St. John's Wort in an olive oil base. They've worked like a charm for us. I think even his pediatrician was impressed. Good luck. Also, have you cut back on dairy?

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I was told to take sudaphed by a doctor and it worked. You can get it by asking at the counter at the pharmacy.

I have had this for years and now my ears ring all the time also. I have been to allergist, immuniologist, regular doctors. They all think it's allergies. I also read about it in food allergies i.e. dairy and wheat. I'm sorry to say I have found no cure. I take sudifed and allergy pills, it does help but not cure.

When my son has this problem, I will pour a little hydrogen peroxide in his ear canal and let it sit for several minutes. It helps to break up any wax inside his ear canal. After the hydrogen peroxide is drained out I then follow it up with natural ear drops from the health food store. I've been using an ear drop with grape seed extract and tea tree oil, but garlic oil also works well. This method always seems to help my son. Hope this helps and good luck.

Try Ear Candeling or Ear Coning.
Easy to do,
Find them at any health food store.
B. Gettel OTR/L CHT CCHEclectic Body Work
Tucson, Az.

You could try the best herbal anti-inflammatory I know of - it's also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant - it's called Una de Gato and when you get it from the Amazon Herb Company you can be assured that it is pure, potent, free of pesticides, and has never been irradiated. It can be used orally or topically (or dropped in the ear if necessary). Visit my website at www.shootingstarherbs.amazonherb.net and feel free to contact me with any questions.

you can get ear candles at your local healthfood store. the first time you do it, it's a very strange sensation, but it works wonders.

I had the same thing when I was pregnant as well. I tried everything that you can while pregnant. There is only one nose spray that is reccomended while pregnant and that didn't work. I tried ear candles, sinus cleaners, Sudafed was not reccomended so I did not use that. It got so bad I started to have dizzy spells because it was effecting my inner ear. However, at 22 weeks pregnant it all went away. So that makes me think it was hormonal. I don't know how far along you are but it may be something you have to wait out.

Sinuses and ears are all connected.
Usually if you can get your sinus cavities cleared up it helps with the pressure on your ears. Ask your doctor about a nasal spray safe for pregnant women.
Hope it helps a bit.

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