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Please help....Dishwasher Leaving Dishes Filmy

Our dishwasher is leaving the dishes cloudy and filmy. What can I use to clean them? I heard someone say one time to use vinegar...but how much, where do you put it in the dishwasher, is it safe for all dishes? Our dishes are Corelle and they have a green ivy pattern on them...will the acid in vinegar hurt them? Please...any advice would be great. Even if it is something other then vinegar. Thanks ahead of time.

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I'm still open to more ideas. But, I wanted to "Thank" everyone who has responded thus far. We're working on the vinegar tactic. It appears that we are going to have to soak some of the dishes and then scrub them by hand. However, we are using the vinegar in the cycles we are running and does seem to be preventing/minimizing the build up on our still "clean" dishes...no residue. So, it's still a work in a progress. We're thinking we might get a bottle of dishwasher cleaner and use it and then continue to use the vinegar with our detergent after that. Thanks again for the suggestions thus far, keep 'em coming! :-)

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ditto ditto ditto LOL I use cascade even though it costs more and jetdry! also, run an EMPTY short hot cycle with just detergent and a spash of vinegar,(sorry). good luck!

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It could be one of two things. Water or the diswasher detergent/rinse aid (or lack there of). IF you have hard water, you are more than likely to get a film. You can use vinegar- but the acid will fade some stuff (I have university logo glasses & one of them is faded because of the vinegar).

I used Ecover & Method (old formula)- because they were "eco-friendly"- dishes not getting very clean. It turns out that my girl-friend who lives in N. Fl- new house, water softener, reverse osmosis etc, had the the same problem. I changed to Electrosol- tablets- no problem!! I have read articles that the regular detergent just works better, If you don't have to washe dishes a second time then you are saving water.

Jet-Dry has a washer cleaner- you use it in a empty dishwasher. Works pretty well. You might want to check the drain as well- sometimes food & grease will accumulate & cause problems too.

JET DRY.... that's what the appliance repair people will suggest also.

ditto ditto ditto LOL I use cascade even though it costs more and jetdry! also, run an EMPTY short hot cycle with just detergent and a spash of vinegar,(sorry). good luck!

Congratulations, E. on your little bundle of joy due to arrive in January. What an exciting time for you. Hope you are feeling well and getting the rest you need.
Instead of going to the trouble of adding more products to your dishwashing cycle, because your current dishwasher detergent isn't cutting it, why not look at switching to a different product line that cleans better and safely.
I've been shopping with an online, catalog store for over 2 years now, and recommend this store to everyone (especially those with children, and people wanting and needing to save money).
Just to compare their dishwashing detergent:
contains no phosphates (some states have already banned products containing phosphates, and most dishwashing detergents still contain phosphates)
requires no child resistant cap (because the ph is similiar to tap water!) and contains no chlorine bleach

to compare cost per load, it's less that cascade with dawn, and half the cost of cascade complete. In addition, because it's concentrated, each bottle cleans up to 3x more loads than the leading brands!

Sorry to sound like an infommercial, but I just feel so strongly about helping people learn that there is something better, safer and cheaper out there.
I'm not a distributor for the store, but if you want more information on how you can shop at the store, you can just send me a message thru this site and I'll help you with that. Take care!

I, too, have Corelle dishes and have troubles with cloudy and filmy dishes. I'm sure it has to do with the type of water we have. I use a cup or more of white vinegar and pour it in the bottom of the dishwasher prior to running it. It works wonders! All dishes and glasses look great!

I'm a little late to this discussion. But there is a new product that was especially designed to solve this problem. And it's made right here in Tampa! Get the full scoop at www.CitriClean.net

The same thing happens to us unless we use Cascade Complete. The tablets leave that horrible cloudy film. Also- if you have a place for rinse agent, make sure it's full. I haven't tried the vinegar trick yet, but maybe you could put it where the rinse agent goes.

Put a water filter on your dishwasher input. Will get rid of the stains, dishes will come out looking brand new.

Hi E.,
Not sure what kind of dishwasher deterget you use, but I use Cascade and be sure and use Jet Dry as well (that is a rinse aid). It is the PH in your water...maybe a softener system may need to be added if you are a homeowner, or wait until you move if you are a tenant...Ask your landlord if you are tenant about a softener system.
See if it works,
Good Luck,

Use jet dry that should help

you have hard water. First run the regular cycle. Then put a cup or two of vinegar and start the rinse cycle the film will be removed.

Below the fan blade on the bottom of the dishwasher, there is a screen. You will probably need a ratchet set or something to get the screen cover off. Wash off the screen outside with the hose, re-install. Wash one load empty with just soap or baking soda. This took care of all our problems.

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