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My daughter is 4 mo and will be 5 on the 23rd. Sheis very healthy and usually a happy baby. After giving her a bath today I felt lumps behind her nipples. They felt like little marbles that are hard but move freely. I automatically think the worst because my 2yo son was born with a lot of medical problems. I haven't felt them before and really what made me even look was my sister was holding her under my daughters arms and she felt them and asked what it was. She is a mother as well and has a daughter and has never felt this before, I asked my mom and she says the same and she has 3 daughters. I need to know if I'm over-reacting by thinking that this is abnormal or what. Of course I am calling the doctor in the morning but I need input asap not at the next appt. Any info would be helpful.

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I truly thank all of you for your advice and help. I took her to the doctors on Friday and he said that it was ok for now but to watch for any swelling or redness or fever. That means a very big infection and she needs to be started on medication immediatly. I really thank all of you and God bless.

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Hi there, my daughter is 7 months old, and has those lumps. Her doctor said its normal. I wouldn't worry. As for other ppl not experiencing the same with their own kids, all babies grow and develope differently. Good luck.

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My first daughter had these bumps also and my doctor assured me it was just glands. They do go away and it must not happen in all baby girls because I don't remember feeling them in my second daughter. It doesn't hurt to have the doctor look at her but no need to think the worst. She is on the path of womanhood and all the wonderful and not so wonderful hormon issues that go with it.

I do know that when they are a newborn that is normal it is excess of hormones form you, but being almost 5 months I would call the doc to make sure.

Hi! I have a 22 month old girl and she was about 9 or 10 months old when we felt something like that too. When I took her to the Ped. it turned out to be swollen glands (or nodes, I can't remember) and the Dr. said that it was very normal in baby girls. I am not sure if it's the exact same thing, but be patient and try not to stress (as hard as that is! I know.) Taking her to the Dr. is the best thing and you won't have to be guessing anymore.
Let us know what happens!
Good Luck!

Are you breastfeeding? It is probably your hormones. My daughters had the same thing, they are now 8 & 12 and healthy.

My daughter had something similar on the back of her head and in her groin area. The lumps were hard, mobile and about the size of a bb. I, like you, thought the worst and called the doctor immediately. It turns out that the lumps were simply slightly swollen lymph nodes and actually a sign of a healthy immune system. The doctor said that unless the lumps were the size of a lima bean or grape, they're usually no cause for concern.

Hi N.,

Check out this link http://www.drgreene.org/body.cfm?id=21&action=detail&...
See if it sounds the same as what your little one is experiencing. If it is, it seems there is nothing to worry about.



I have 2 daughters and I remember that. I think it is the mammary glands, which boys, of course, do not have.

I would call and ask or at her next checkup, but I don't think you have a reason to be overly worried.

Good luck

My doctor said that we might experience something like that and some discharge with our girl. He said that its common because they still have so much fo mommies hormones left in them when they are born. He said to watch out for stuff like that for the 1st 6 months and not to freak out if we saw anything like that. We never did, but hopefully its not a bog deal and will go away on its own. Of course you'll check with your doctor though to be sure thats what it is.

hi N.,it could be milk bumps.some babies get milk in there breast,but do take her to the docters.wish i could be more help.

Don't worry, both of my kids had that, my SON and my daughter. Its acutally breast milk. that comes from your high hormone levels during pregnancy. If you actually make kind of a square with your index fingers and thumbs and just put pressure on the side of the lumps you will find that a bead or two of breast milk will come out. both of my doctors called it "witchs milk" because its so strange that they get it.Anyway just as mothers who stop or decided not to breastfeed it goes away after a while. Try the squeezing thing. seeing that might ease your mind. But I would still call your doctor, especially if I am wrong and milk (very small amount) doesn't come out. But that sounds exactly like my kids. And I freaked out just like you are..... with both of them lol. Anyway hope this helps best of luck to you!

I hope you found some comforting words from the other mom's here. My now 8yr old daughter had the same thing and not to play the echo game it's as some others mentioned , a simple sensitivity to estrogen. and now at 8yrs old my daughter is in a A cup training bra. Still not sure if there is any correlation between the two. I just hope the other mom's if not your doctor calmed your fears.

It is actually very normal for infants to have bumps or lumps in their breasts. (I know, the things you find out!)It has to due with being exposed to maternal hormones in the womb. They can continue to grow after birth for awhile,but then subside and get smaller.
here's a web MD article about it:

I would of course, talk to your ped the next time your are in, but there is really no need to worry!

Hi N.,
This is actually very common in infants and can occur in both boys and girls. These lumps are due to maternal hormones while in the womb. If you were to pinch them(not recommended) you might see breast milk. While these usually appear w/in a few weeks some continue to grow and do not appear noticible for a few months. Let nature take it's course and they will shrink on their own and there is no cause for alarm unless they become red/swollen/tender or she presents witha fever. Both of my children had mild lumps. If you go to webmd.com you can search "infant breast lumps" for more info. Hope this helps. :)

This is fairly common for little girls - it's an estrogen thing and my first daughter had it. Probably nothing at all to worry about, but better to ease your mind as a new mom.

Both of my BOYS had that problem. The lumps were huge and freaked me out, but we also had the doctor say it was just hormones. Probably nothing to worry about but you should still see the doc just to be sure.

they are probably cysts.

My now 15 month old daughter has those. They are nothing to worry about and will go away in time. My ped tells me she's just sensitive to estrogen. But by all means, if you feel better having her see the doctor then do it.

I think you'll find you get a lot of responses from other mom's who's children are in the same boat.

Good Luck!

My friends daughter has them, she was told they are breast buds. Basically the beginning of breast, and that it was because of an estrogen sensitivity. She took her off of soy formula, and they have gone away. It did take about 6 weeks before all of the extra estrogen was out of her system.

My daughter had the very same thing from the time she was 5 weeks until about 4 months old. And then, one day I felt for them, and they were gone. I was told by our pediatrician, and by everything that I had read, that it was left over hormones from the pregnancy and due to the hormonal changes between me & the baby (she's breastfed). So, honestly, I wouldn't worry so much about it. If it's causing pain, that would be something to worry over. Try and wait it out. It WILL go away. I've read that even boy babies will get it, even though it's more common in girls. Remember how pregnancy was? Hormones can do crazy, nutso things to our bodies, but the effects rarely last long. Our bodies have the amazing capacity to figure things out, and regulate the imbalances (most of the time). Best of luck to you.

J. J

Hi there, my daughter is 7 months old, and has those lumps. Her doctor said its normal. I wouldn't worry. As for other ppl not experiencing the same with their own kids, all babies grow and develope differently. Good luck.

I have heard of this before on different mommy and baby pages. Each time I hear the same answer. Usually a female infant that develops lumps under her breasts or on her chest it is from leftover estrogen from the mother and will fade on their own. In a couple of cases I have heard of them fading before the doc appt! I would definetely keep the appointment, my son is 3 and had a lot of medical problems too so I understand. I am one of those that thinks the worst immediately too! BUT this time from what I have read this is something that happens relatively often in infant girls and is not dangerous or something to fear. I hope it all turns out ok. Good Luck


Same freak out for me when I saw a lump on the back of my son's neck. Took him to his doctor and they found more in his armpits, glands of the neck and groin. They are lymph nodes and his allergic reaction to something. He also has the allergy shiners. Get her looked at, but don't freak because this is probably it. Could also be a hormonal thing from you and the pregnancy. Either way, don't freak because it is probably something very normal.

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