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Please Help Me Stop Leaking!!

Hi everyone. My name is Jen and I am 20 years old and my daughter's name is Candyce. I breastfed my daughter from the time she was born till she was about 6 weeks old. She will be 5 months on March 1st but I still have milk coming out and don't know how to stop it. I desperately need help stopping this.

What can I do next?

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Sage Tea seems to work for many mothers when it is time to stop breastfeeding. This herb is very astringent and acts as a drying agent in one's system. Many have had successful results. Sage Tea should be avoided if the person has a seroius kidney condition, otherwise it can be made into a tea and used quite effectively.
I hope this helps !

I had the same trouble with my son and I used Icepacks on them to help to freezedry so to say the milk.......and eventually it stopped the leaking since the baby didnt breastfeed. Ithere may also bea shot that you can take these days sice my son is 12 yrs old now, but the icepacks did work really well back then and hope thy would for you today.....

Take some cabbage leafs and place them over the nipples. It helps draw out the milk and also dry it up so you won't have anymore coming out. My midwife told me about it with my last child and so did my mom and a few of my friends. It worked for me so hopefully it will work for you.

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you are going to think this is crazy but you can give this a try. get a cabbage head, put cabbage leaves in your bra aound your breast. this is a old remedy but it actually works in usually drys up the milk in a couple of days. I have done this twice now. this is the olny remedy that I know of and was actually told this in the hospital by a nurse.there is someting in the cabbage leaves that will actually dry up your milk.

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Take advantage of this! Formula stinks, cost a lot of money, and has to be warmed up at 3 in the morning! Ugh! Nurse her when you can, for as long as you can, and just use that awful stuff (formula)as a supplement. Eventually you won't even need bottles, and she can go straight to a cup.
I nursed two boys, and only ever owned 2 bottles!

You might want to try some cool cabbage leaves to place on your breasts. There is something in the cabbage that pulls the milk from your breasts and help them dry up. I hope this works for you.

My doc told me to use ice packs. I have not stopped nursing yet, but I am going to try it.

Lilypads are breastpads that are safe and re-usable, which adhere to your nipples and breast, preventing milk leakage. Not bulky like cloth or disposable pads, they will keep you from dripping on your clothes between feedings. http://www.amazon.com/Lily-Padz-Reuseable-LilyPadz-Breast...

I guess I'm not understanding why you would want to quit nursing?

The AAP (American academy of pediatrics) recommends breastfeeding for at least a year.

The WHO (World HEalth ORganization) recommends nursing for at least two years.

So still having breast milk, when your baby is only 5 months old sounds like a winning situation to me! Contrary to public opinion in our lovely state, a 5 month old is not too old to nurse or to nurse exclusively. Why not take advantage of your supply while it is still around?

That said, if you still want to dry up your supply, google "breastfeeding herbs to avoid" or something similiar. Most OTC decongestants will dry up milk pretty fast.

I experienced the same thing. It is very frustrating. Some women can leak for years after they stop breastfeeding. The most important thing is to make sure there is no nipple stimulation. Do not let the water in the shower hit them directly and make sure you wear a bra. Wear it to bed too if you can. And no other stimulation too if you know what I mean. I hope this helps.

Hi. I've been told that eating parsely dries up milk. You could try that.

I know what you are going through. I breast fed my 19 month old until she was 8 months old. At my yearly exam when she was 14 months old I was still leaking. The only thing my doctor told me was to stop stimulating my breasts completely. Only rinse them with water. I would love to tell you that that worked. It didn't. They recently stopped leaking around 3 weeks ago, but I am 15 weeks pregnant. I would suggest pregnancy as a way to stop the leaking. I do know that there are medications you can get that should help though. If the complete lack of stimulation doesn't work you should definitely see your physician.

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