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Please Help. I Am Very Worried About My Son.

My son is 5, and within the past 6 months he has quit eating almost everything we give him. He won't eat Mac N Cheese, Ramen Noodles, Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Chicken nuggets. Spaghettios, most meats....and the list is continuously growing. I do make him sit at the table until he eats but lately he's been throwing up if I do that. He has also had a change in his mental status. He is very clingy, sensitive, and does not like to go anywhere. When I do take him somewhere 10 minutes later he is asking to come home. He has also been very constipated, and having alot of bloody bowel movements. I have called the Ped and he is on vacation until Mid April. I am not sure what to do with him. I have tried Miralax and suppositories and they don't seem to be doing much of anything. He has always been a great kid and he still is, but I am really worried that something is bothering him other than being constipated. Can anyone maybe shed some light. I really am at a loss and don't know what else to do. Thanks in advance.

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Wow Ladies, thanks for all the responses. Seems like maybe we have all had similar problems at one time or another with our kids. I did call the Ped back today, and they are getting him in with the nurse practitioner this Fri. He will have some labs done. As for the ones that have mentioned sexual or traumatic experiences that is not possible. My son is not left behind with anyone other than myself or my husband. He does go to Pre-K for half a day, and even his teachers have noticed a change in his behaviour. Hopefully we can find something out on Fri. He does eat fruits and veggies in fact that is all I can get him to eat anymore which is not a bad thing. Once again thanks to you all for the responses. I really appreciate it.

I got my son into the Dr on this past Fri, and he is so constipated that he is impacted. That is why he has been not wanting to eat or go anywhere because he just doesn't feel good. I have been told how to handle the problem here at home, and that is what we are doing. So far so good, but his treatment will be a long process to get him fully cleaned out. Thanks for all the great advice.

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Have you tried giving him prunes or prune juice? If he could eat a few prunes once a day or prune juice, I think it would help him. It helps me. I have a constipation problem too. I take Miralax once a day and I still don't have regular bowel movements and if I take prunes it helps.

J. M

With those symptoms I would drive immediately to the Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. Don't wait for anything. That is not normal at all and the symptoms are serious enough I wouldn't even bother with the ped's office as they will just send him somewhere for some tests.

This happened to my daughter. She was so backed up that she was throwing up! The doctor felt her belly and it was hard. So he had an xray taken. The xray showed that she was backed all the way to her stomach. So he prescribed a non-habit forming powder (which is just fiber) for me to give to her and I would mix it in with her milk. Is there any way you could see another pediatrician in the doctor's office?

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Definitely call the ped back and find out who is taking on patients while your ped is on vacation. There has to be a 'substitute'. If there isn't, then get him into another ped to be checked out. I didn't look up where you are located at but the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Cols has excellent drs that specifically deal w/intestinal prbls. Don't wait until your ped comes back, get your son checked out right away. Until you can get in, start keeping a food diary for your son. Write down the changes you have seen in him, what he eats, when he throws up and when he has a bowl movement or the lack thereof. It will help the ped w/the diagnosis.

Dear J.,
from what you are saying something is really going with your son. So i won't wait until mid april to see the Ped. I will see if I can find another pediatrician or go to Children's hospital. I'm a mom who tend to not panic or worry at the first sign of something going on with my kids but if one of my kids is displaying this behavior I will think something worth checking into is happening...Specially with bloody bowel..THAT's NOT normal!!
Good luck with everything.

It sounds like it's very important that you get your son to A pediatrician - if yours is out of town, you need to go to a different doctor this time. Your son's symptoms remind me of celiac disease, in which a person cannot digest and get nutrients from gluten. Pasta, bread, breading and baked goods could all cause these problems to surface. (If you would like to test a food that he might like that is gluten-free, rice and rice cereals or snacks do not contain gluten. See http://www.digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/celiac/ for more information.)

It sounds as if it is hurting your son to have a bowel movement so he isn't. Well, he isn't having a bowel movement either because it hurts or because he can't. Either way, if his body isn't eliminating anything, he isn't going to be hungry. I would be very concerned if he has blood in his stool and you mentioned he is throwing up when you "force" him to eat. I would want to take my child to their regular pediatrician, but in this case I would take him to whoever I could. Maybe the receptionist at your doctor's office could recommend someone else. I would definitely get him into the doctor's.

Check out apfed.org ...my son has this..The constipation, bloody stools and refusing to eat are big symptoms. We also have behaviour changes with food reactions and your son refusing to eat food may be due to he knows its going to hurt him. Even if you don't always see the physical side of it.

Is he getting enough fluids? a lot of times being constipated can cause nausea and vomitting which leads to not wanting to eat. I would definately take him to the doctor even if it isn't his regular physician, but I would also try and get him to take in more fluids to help with the constipation.


It sounds like you are trying to give him a lot of pre-prepared foods that have stuff that are hard to digest and have a lot of chemicals. I know that several of the things you named have MSG in them. My daughter has a severe sensitivity to MSG and when we realized this, and she was getting sick all the time, she was eating Ramen noodles on a daily basis. Ramen are one of the worst offenders with TONS of MSG. You may want to take a close look at his diet and see if the things that you are giving him might be making him sick. I know it is a pain, because 5 year olds don't always like much, but it may be worth looking into.

Good Luck,

Get him to the doctor. Bloody bowel movements are not something to mess around with. Your doctor's office should have someone covering the patients while he is on vacation. If he doesn't, have them recommend someone else. I can't believe a ped would be so irresponsible! If our ped goes on vacation, she has someone cover her office, even if it means that we have to drive to another office. The other option is to take him to an ER or a RediMed. He needs to get seen and soon!

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