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Please Help!! Head Lice

I just found out that my daughters friend has head lice and we have never had it before!!! She slept over our house two days ago and has been coming over all day every day. I noticed her scratching her head the other day and was wondering if it could be anything and her mom said she checked her head and didn't see anything. Well tonight my daughter was over their house going to sleep over and they called and said they found nits!! OMG I have three girls and I don't know what to do. I am in the process of washing all the bed sheets now. A friend came over tonight and checked my oldest daughter and said she didn't see anything! I forgot to tell you that I brushed her hair the morning she slept over with the same brush I use on all my girls! What do I do, my husband is mad and I told him things happen and it's not something that we could have prevented. I know most kids do get it sometime but now that I'm faced with it I was overwhelmed, I even was crying! Please give me some good adivse!!!Thanks in advance!

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So it's been two weeks since the lice incident and I think we are in the clear! We followed everyones advice to wash everything that could be washed and put stuffed toys in bags and unwashable items in the dryer! I did find one bug in my oldest daughters hair but that was as far as it got. We treated everyone in the house except my one year old (to young), and we did the retreatment 9 days later. I haven't seen anything since and no one is scratching so I think that is a good sign. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful advice and helping me get through it!!!

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Hi C.,
Dont panic....its not the end of the world. I would recommend using vinegar as a rinse for the next couple of nights. After shampooing them use the vinegar as a rinse and leave it in over night (wrapped in a towel) and rinse the next morning. Vinegar is an astringent. Nits have a hard time holding on to slick hair shafts. I would not use any over the counter lice products ever! They are very toxic!
You have already started the process on washing bed linens and as long as you clean and disinfect brushes and combs, you should be ok. If you do happen to find a live lice, I would apply color instead of any over the counter products.

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I know exactly how you feel! I was faced with this when my daughter was 2. She got it at her babysitter's house when some friends came to visit. I felt the same way! However, we survived and it isnt hopeless:) It is very likely that you do have them in house by now. Maybe not but very likely. They are HARD to see at first until you know what they look like. They can also bind to the hair strand farther down, they dont necc. have to be on the scalp. I used the OTC box with the comb and did the comb out with leaving the hair net on her hair for as long as she would allow it. I finally had to tell her that their were bugs in her hair and we had to do this to rid them and then she was all about leaving the hair net on. I also washed all the sheets, vacuumed alot and put her toys (stuffed ones) in black trash bags. Set them in the hot garage for about 3 days and it will kill off anything on them. You can also use the dryer. I threw out the hair brushes and got new ones. Do not reuse any ones towels for at least a few days after you know they are gone. This is a very easy way for them to spread again once you taken care of the process. The whole process got a little pricey for us and to be honest it just really sucks! Its one of those things you deal with and hope its a one time thing. Everybody gets them at one time or another so dont feel bad, it will pass. Good luck to you guys:)

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C., my boys got this a few years ago as well. I went to a pharmacy and got a Lice/Nit Comb. It was the ONLY thing that got rid of it (plus the safest and easiest way). I kept putting the comb through their hair about 4 times a day and each time there were less and less nits. The next day I did the same thing and there were hardly any at all. The 3rd day, probably one or two nits to none. I continued combing their hair with that comb for a week and found nothing each day, but I was paranoid, so I continued.

I actually had VERY long hair at the time and worried about myself, but I never got any, thankfully! I did wash their sheets and took away their stuffed animals for about 2 weeks (I put them in the dryer first though).

Good Luck! I know how terrible of a situation it can be.

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Oh dear. While we tend to think of lice as a dirty thing. I have heard that the children that usually get it have very clean hair! This is not something that you could have prevented. While it is a pain to resolve, its not terminal, just a pain!

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Buy a kit at a drug store and wash all sheets and clothes. You should be fine.

Just breathe, Relax, and Take it easy. I grew up in a house with 5 other kids besides me and a set of parents. One of us came home with nits and my mom freaked. She set it up to where the house was bombed and we all had a sleep over in a hotel room. She had 6-7 boxes of RIT (which each came w a comb) and we sat there all night betting the treatment (EVERY 1, parents and all) and we were all fine the next morning. The house was fine. and we never had the problem again! just went home n did laundry and it was all finished. :) breathe easy. its a quick fix, you dont have as many ppl as we did

Good Morning C.,

Your story is one that I hear often and for many years this past year I started a company that comes into your home and removes the lice and nits with an all natural product. There is no harm to your child and all my employess have background checks and are from the medical field. Please go to my web site and see for yourself. The charge on the page has changed and it is $60 an hour and it can take up to three hours depending on how bad your child has head lice.

I will be willing to come and do it myself and I will only charge $40 an hour because you are through MaMaSource. When I come I will give you some very simple step on how to clean your home and how to make sure that they head lice stay gone. Also if your child's friends parents would like to use my company I will also give them your discounted rate but please have them let me know how they heard about it when they call. Please feel free to contact me on my personal cell phone if you have more questions.

Thank you,

J. H.
Owner of Lousey Cleaners

Hi, C.!
Don't panic!!! Lice is very common in young children; and the lice are attracted to clean hair. I would get a Lice Kit from the store and keep on hand, in case you do see lice or nits on any of your girls. I would add some vinegar to your laundry water; and use hot water. I would spray Lysol around everywhere at least a couple times a day. And check everyone's scalp for them, including you and your husband. Also, another trick is to use Tea Tree Oil, which comes in a variety of ways. I get the Tea Tree Oil shower gel at WalMart for my kids. I haven't found any shampoo with it, but I'm hoping the shower gel is good enough! LOL Also, a hairdresser told me one time to let them use a little hairspray or gel or something like that in their hair; or wash it every other day. Like I said, this helps deter the little buggers!!
Good luck!

Hi C.
Wash all washable linens and pillows; vacuum the mattresses and furniture. Treat everyone in your family with a lice treatment (LiceFree is good - does not smell bad; works well but is hard to comb through; RID works great but does not smell so good). The plastic combs that comb with the products are not really good; however there is a two-pack that RID markets seperately - you can get them at Walmart; they work really well and are reusable after you soak them in Lysol or bleach upon usage.
You also must ensure that you retreat each person again in 7 - 10 days as well as redoing the house.
Sometimes it can take weeks or even months to get them completely gone if they have long hair or if they come in contact with someone again.
It is not a sign of uncleanliness; they are passed by children who share hair brushes, hats, etc. They are attracted to clean hair.
There are a lot of home remedies out there on the internet also. Most of which do not work.
I have found something though, that has helped to repel them because they do become immune to over counter treatments - TeaTree Oil - and Tea Tree Shampoo - also found in Walmart.

I wish you the best of luck.

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