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Planning My Due Date for a Scheduled C-section

I'm due on January 1 (New Years Day) and I have to schedule a c-section due to a genetic disorder I have and discovered during my first labor (48 hours long, I gave it my all). The doctor insists that any time between 38 weeks and 40 weeks is safe. I went into labor at exactly 40 weeks with my first and feel that 38 weeks may be too soon. Have any of you had complications from having your baby at 38 weeks (such as breathing issues with your newborn, ect)?

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I see the doctor next Thursday and feel a little more confident having the baby earlier (as he suggests). Thank you all for your stories and advice. Even though I know that the doctor knows what he's talking about, it's reassuring to hear from others who have experienced what I'm going through. Thank you for your time!

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My oldest was born at 36 weeks, 6 days and she had to stay at the hospital for five days with jaundice. My second was born 10 days before her due date and was perfect. My sis-in-law had a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks and my niece is also perfect. Congrats on your Christmas baby!

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I had baby #1 as a planned section 7 days prior to my due date, and baby #2 came (also as a section...but not so planned) at 36 1/2 weeks - and she was strong, completely healthy and ready to come home. So, I think you really are safe at the 38 week mark.

Why be uncomfortable for another week!

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Okay, I had 2 c-sections.
The first was due to an emergency as I was in labor.
My 2nd c-section was planned... YES, do NOT worry, 38 weeks is fine and the normal timing of it.

The REASON for 38 weeks is, the c-section has to be done BEFORE any chances of "labor" occurs or before you go into contractions/labor, by accident or otherwise...because it can put you in danger or higher-risk....for both you AND baby.

38-weeks is the norm and standard timing as to when a PLANNED c-section is performed. Do not worry.

By this time, the fetus/baby is FULLY formed and developed enough. It's all okay.

Being that your pregnancy is high risk... just heed to your OB/GYN's recommendation. Your Doctor is right.

Both my children were born fully formed, healthy, at over 8 pounds each, and their lungs/development and ensuing nursing was fine and dandy.

You and baby will be okay.
All the best,

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Anything after 38 weeks is full-term. The lungs are fully developed around 28 weeks, so you shouldn't have any developmental issues.

Just remember if you have the baby in 2008, you get the tax deduction for the full year. If you wait until 1/1/09, you won't get the deduction for 2008. So why not schedule it for the last few days in December when you're very close to your due date, get the tax deduction, and bring your new baby home on New Years Day?

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I have had three kids, two planned inductions for medical reasons. They were all between 36-38 weeks and perfectly healthy! My first was at 36.5 weeks and she came on her own will - 27+ hours later and HUGE (8.15 lbs and 21 inches long) so they induced the second one (thought he was too big too) and that was at 37 weeks, he was not as big THNAKFULLY, but very long (7.11 lbs but 25 inches) and the last one they induced at 37.5 weeks and he was exactly like his sister!! But sadly I had some complicatins with the last baby and he was an emergency Csection. So I agree with the other moms that anything around 38 weeks is great, and you can get the tax deduction for 2008. God bless and good luck with you new family member.

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one of the concerns is that you go into labor and start to contract against the scar on your uterus. 37 weeks is considered full term. and there are many babies that do fine and go home with mom as early as 34 weeks even. there are babies that are born past their due date and have breathing problems. there just isn't any real way to tell ahead of time. if you're really concerned, you could have a test to check fetal lung maturity. but then again, even if the results come back as mature, sometime there are other things that go on that can affect breathing. in general, repeat c-sections are scheduled between 38 and 40 weeks.

good luck.

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My daughter was born 7 days before my due date via planned c-section and had no problems at all. I would think that 38 weeks should be safe too! :)
Good luck!

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Hi! I had a c-section this year in January (unplanned). My daughter was born at 37 weeks and she was very healthy. I believe the lungs have developed just fine by then. Are they doing an ultrasound before? They can see the babys lung movement, use. I had a baby at 32 weeks as well, and her lungs were good (i know that is not the case for all preemies). I think your baby will ready, but if you have a choice to when your ready, by all means, make it what you feel comfortable with (:

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