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Planning My 30Th Birthday Party

Ok I know this is a bit silly but I decided to have a "kids" type party for my 30th (I really had a hard time with my last birthday). I'm having it a Pump it up & am looking for a theme. This is a very kid friendly party. Also, I was looking for an idea for an Adult party. I think I want to have Wonder Woman as my theme but I'm looking for party ideas for both the kid type party and the adult party.

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OMG you gals are awesome. I really love the idea of the costume party! I've got so many great ideas and not enough time to implement them (party's in 1 month). I'm going to make sure I let you gals know the outcome.

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I like the oldies party theme. Everyone has fun dancing to the oldies. Bobby socks, penny loafers or tennies. That would be great. Have a dance off contest with a prize.

Have a great one! D.

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In my family it is kinda tradition to have a dirty thirty party. We have naughty favors and... um... body part shaped cake.lol We usually have some sort of lingerie or adult toys consultant come in and do a presentation. (I actually have friends that do that sort of thing, if you're interested) A few times we have even gotten strippers.
What ever you decide to do, hope you have a great birthday.

dress up parties are the BEST. i have been to several themed parties, some of my favorite was an Alice in Wonderland Party, where we all dressed up as alice in wonderland characters, but the birthday girl was alice, and nobody else could be.

scavenger hunt, and photo hunt parties are fun, but not with kids.

i really reccomend you pick a theme that inspires you...wild west, Hawaiian, alice in wonderland, or what have you, and have it be a dress up party.

it really helps create a party mood if everyone has dressed up...it brings the excitement and fun level up, it really does...

you can decorate and have food to match, if you are creative, it shouldn't be too spendy.

consider making it a potluck...

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Happy Early Birthday S.,

I had a Rainbow Brite birthday party when I turned 21. I only invited my gal pals, funny enough two of my guy pals showed up, one because he really wanted to go out with me, (we're now happily married) and the other one showed up because he misunderstood it was a girly party, he thought we were going to play with old Light Bright machines. :-) He was bored, what can I say. Anyway, we watched several episodes of Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Care Bears and the Pound Puppies. It was tons of fun watching childhood favorites. That was probably the best party I've ever had.

Anyhow, I own my own entertainment company doing balloon twisting, face painting, magic, storytelling, sing a longs, arts and crafts, Noah's Ark Animal Workshops and many other fun things. You can check out my website at www.fairytalepro.com to see some pictures and get more information. I'd be happy to chat with you about how to make your party fun and unique, my number is ###-###-####. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll have a blast. Happy 30th!


That is an awesome idea!!!! Welcome to 30-something. I don't think it has anything to do with not wanting to grow up. At 30 I felt like a woman for the first time, and revisiting my old childhood loves seemed normal.
I LOVE the Wonder Woman idea...especially if you are going for the Linda Carter look! Maybe for the adults you can do old skool heroes and for the kids they can be modern...and of course have a contest on the costumes - get cheap silly prizes at the 99 cent store. Maybe a couple of categories...like best home-made costume, most like the real hero etc.

And lastly, everyone I know that has turned 30+ has had a really great sense of coming into her own. Something happens where you don't feel so compelled like in our 20's...it's really cool. Life gets better as we learn to accept ourselves more.
Have a great party...and Happy Birthday.

Hi S.,
For your Pump It Up party, I am not quite sure who you're planning to invite, but it sounds like you are trying to say "I'm still a kid" and "I'm not over the hill yet." Maybe that could be your theme and you could serve food that appeals to kids and have favors that would bring out the kid in the guests (yo yo's, paddle balls, mini etch a sketches, etc).

For your adult party, you could do a costume party with a superhero theme (maybe even made up superheroes - guests can be more creative that way) or your favorite childhood character theme. Anything nostalgic from childhood can work for your theme.

Good luck on your planning, and remember 30 is just a number!

I like the oldies party theme. Everyone has fun dancing to the oldies. Bobby socks, penny loafers or tennies. That would be great. Have a dance off contest with a prize.

Have a great one! D.

For my husbands 30th I made a game night and rented a roulette wheel and a poker table and had dealers come. It was a lot of fun. Every guest received a $1000 dollars as they entered and whoever had the most money at the end won a gift. A couple of other themes are a 90 party. Get out the old clothes, possibly prom dress or a fifty theme.

I went to old time candy on the net and order candy from my time era and made goody bags. It was a big hit also made cupcakes and gave each individual a match and candle so they could make their own wish. Have fun.

No great ideas to impart, but wanted to echo the mom who said something about the 30s being more womanly. When I turned 30 this year I felt like I was more adult than ever before... then again I HATED my 20s! I always felt like I was a kid trying to be an adult and that just wasn't a happy place.

If you want WW as a theme you could always make it a superhero costume party and YOU could be WW. This leaves it open for others to bring their favorite superpowers, and you can go all out for your costume. She's rad. I dreamed I turned into WW and saved my third grade class when I was young. We need heroes who are larger than life. Happy birthday!

One of our friends decided to have all of the guests at his kid-friendly 30-year-old party do tie-dye. We got to choose between onsies and t-shirts. I didn't have any kids yet at the time, but my husband and I each did a onesie and we saved them for a few years as a happy memory and a promise for our future.

I began to plan my husband’s surprise 30th birthday party 5 months in advance before his birthday because I knew that a lot of people would be getting would be planning family trips and wedding and events are big around his birthday and competition for a banquet hall could be tough. I chose a local restaurant that offered a banquet room and secretly interviewed DJ’s for the party.  With a little help from one of my husband’s co workers, I gathered the names and addresses of the people who he spends so much of his daily life with at work. I knew that he would be shocked to see them there. In preparation for the party I created a large collage using pictures for my husbands’ infancy all the way up through present time. I used poster boards with a balloons motif and attached them to stiff architecture boards to keep them in place. Once the party arrived I placed the boards on easels around the room for everyone to look at while they waited for us to arrive. I also ordered dozens of balloons and created placements using old scanned photos of my husband. Each guest has their own picture of him throughout the years. I order to avoid any awkwardness between coworkers and our family and friends. I created a seating chart of assisted everyone to their tables when they arrived. I also bought these really fun centerpieces made out of shinny “30” at a local party store along with ceiling decorations with 30’s on them that hung over the whole room. The tables were sprinkle with 30’s confetti to add some color to the white tablecloths.

Hi. Yeah the Wonder Women theme sound cool. Well for my 30th party my friends threw me a surprise party.The theme was Super Heros (I love all Super Heros)..and I have a alter ego named Mordicus...so what they decided to do is dress up as there alter egos. It was fun but you definity have to have imagination and friends that are very open to anything. If you think that is fun, wait there's more. The next thing we did was have a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood in are costumes. So you definitly have to know your neighbors and let them know your idea prior. You don't want to freak them out in the middle of the night when you come to the door dressed as Wonder Women. We ended up spliting up into two teams and the winning team walked away with a little gift bag (some movie tickets and a starbucks card). Everyone had a blast and it was one of my most memoorable birthdays so far. Hope this gives you some ideas.


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