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Plan B While Breastfeeding

I am on the mini pill and missed a day or so while waiting for my refill. Got hot with the hubby (foolishly sans condem) and am concerned about those missed days and the mini-pill's effectiveness. Anyone take EC while breastfeeding?

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Hi chauna,great job breast feeding your baby and it is safe to take plan B as it is the same hormone progesterone that you are taking in mini-pills.It is most effective in preventing pregnancy if taken ASAP but you have up to 4 days post unprotective sex.When you restart your next cycle of mini-pills use condom for one week as a backup just to be safer.........good luck and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions regarding EC/plan B.

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I took it when breastfeeding my first son...I know that it's more important with the mini pill than the regular pill not to skip...they even recommend you take it a the same time each day within three hours or so.

You might just need to wait for the right time for a pregnancy test...chances are you are not pregnant, but there's always the possibility.


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Hi C.,

Are you exclusively breastfeeding? Every 2-4 hours without going more than 6 hours at night? If you said yes then you are highly unlikely to get pregnant. Exclusive breastfeeding can be a form of birth control in itself. I wouldn't take the pills.

Best of luck,

I don't know about the breastfeeding part, but I do know Plan B doesn't always work. I used it and now have a beautiful 1 year old. So good luck and still be prepared.

I don't know about it with breastfeeding, but it's a very high potency of birth control... it's basically one full month worth of control in one or two tablets... I wouldn't do it.

Hi C.,

Just like any other form of birth control pills, you can get pregnant if you miss one dose. The mini pill is about 99% effective when taken exactly at the same time, or within about 1 hour from the regular time daily (per my gynecologist).

I have been on the mini pill for about 17 months now (my daughter is 17 months old) and I have missed a day or two, here and there, and fortunately haven't gotten pregnant. Have you had luck in the past with birth control pills, or are you one of those ladies who misses a pill and gets pregnant? It probably all depends on your body and your cycle.

Be safe if you don't want to get knocked up again! :)

I breastfed my daughter for 4 1/2 months while on the mini pill and everything seemed fine. If you're needing more advice, please consult with your gynecologist to answer all of your questions professionally.

Take care.


Hi C.-
I nursed for almost 19 months while on the Mini Pill-- I tried to get pregnant while still nursing and off the pill and was unsuccessful. Because of the amount I was nursing it prevented me from conceiving. I am going to bet you are just fine. Make sure you take your pill and catch up on the once you have missed. You are suppose to take one in the am and one in the pm-- then you should be back to your current pill for the day. Good Luck!!! Mini Pill is very effective!

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