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Has anyone ever delivered without an epidural once they induced you with Pitocin? I know that contractions are supposed to be unbelievably strong with that drug, so it makes it difficult to birth without pain meds...but I was just wondering if it is possible.

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Thanks everyone! Just trying to get an idea of what it will be like as my doc said that by between 34-37 weeks gestation we'll be able to tell if we are going to schedule an induction or a c-section, so, just wanted to hear that side of it. I'm going to post a question about why I even need to be induced or that c-section is a possibility right now. THANKS!

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I was given pitocin and thought I was going to die! I don't know that I would've survived had I not been given an epidural! But every labor, every woman is different. You may be able to handle it!

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I would not suggest trying to deliver with petocin without an epidural. For my first child I wanted to try no pain med but the Dr. pushed me into the petocin -- my water broke but the baby hadn't dropped and the contractions were not progressing. The pit made the contractions feel like intense crashing waves with no break in between. I went from nothing to full blown in what felt like minutes. They sent my husband out of the room to give me the epi and when he came back he said I was like a completely different person. I slept for a while and woke to start pushing. For the second, they also gave me pit, but this time they gave the epi first -- much better combination! Good luck and cut yourself some slack. There's nothing wrong with using pain meds. At the end of the day, you just want to deliver a healthy baby and have the energy to bond with them when they arrive:).

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Hi J.: I delivered vaginally after being induced with pitocin. My advise is to take the epidural. Your body litterally goes from nothing to full blown labor in a very short time. That said after delivering the second naturally I can you that I had the full birth experience even with an epidural the first time. You won't be missing anything and if you're like me, you don't want a c-section. I was terrified of them. I was told that because your body does not gradually lead up to labor, you can have trouble and that's why an epidural is done. Good luck and congrats....
PS: I married my best friend too, its wonderful.

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I was in labour for almost a day when they gave me pitocin (though not in my birthing plan) - I laboured VERY hard for another 6 hours when they told me that I needed an epidural to rest (which is what I had been saying all along was what I needed)- I did have the epidural(after fighting it for a while), fell asleep almost immediately and woke up with my son's head crowning. So it all worked out (which is what matters anyway) - all that being said I would think that if you had something like a bath or a way to relax or were rested that you might not need the epidural. Good luck!

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Please, please, please do not put yourself through that kind of unecessary pain!
I was given pitocin with my second child and had to deliver without and epidural. I had evey intention to deliver without pain meds even with the pitocin but about 15 minutes into it I was in unbearable pain. They gave me a pain med through my IV(I don't remember what) but it didn't help with the pain it just made me sleepy in between contractions. Once they give you the Pitocin you cannot move. Well at least the nurses said I couldn't and to tell you the truth thee was no way I could.
I got to the point where I was screaming for an epidural but of course it was too late and I was fully dilated.
I know you want honesty so I will tell you it is very HARD to do it without the epidural so if you have an option I wouldn't put yourself through the unecessary pain.
Don't forget the pain doesn't stop after your baby comes. You still have to deliver the placenta which was extremely painful for me also. Then they push on your stomach to help aid the uterus. This is all so sore and tender after you deliver. I'm sure it wouldn't be if you had an epidural.
The pitocin makes the contractions come twice as fast and twice as painful. Save the energy to hold your baby after your delivery.
I want you to know I am not exaggerating about the level of pain. I gave birth to my first child completely natural with absolutely no pain meds whatsoever and it too was a very painful experience but in no way did it compare to the level of intensity when I was given Pitocin with my second child.

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I had pitocin and ended up delivering without....was unbelievably painful. I don't say that to scare you. Mine was very unusual. My I was 35 weeks and found out that my water had been leaking, just a small leak, but they found it because they thought I had a uti. I went to the ob and they did a stress test, determined that the baby was ok and to go get my things and come back to the hospital. I was there for 3 days before they determined that I needed pitocin. Once given it, it took hours to get to 3cm, then I went from 3cm to 10cm in the matter of an hour! They usually won't give the epidural until 5 and not after 7cm. So needless to say i didn't get one. I pushed for over an hour and my son was only 4.5lbs! because he was early, he was also face down, which caused tearing and most of the pain. If he had been a few weeks older, he would have been heavier and probably face up, which makes delivery easier. I ended up really scared because they had to put oxygen on me and kept telling me the baby needed to come out now.

Granted, my experience with pitocin was probably not a typical case, but, it was painful for me. After, the pain subsided easily. And of course, when you see the precious baby you just brought into the world, it really does make you forget any pain you may be having!

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i got pictocin with my 2nd and thought i could do it without the epi. about 20 min later i thought i was gonna die, begging for the epi, and the anesthesiologist was in surgery, they had to call to get another one out of bed. it was the worst hour and a half of my life, painwise, anyway. plus, i was clenching so tight against the pain that even though i was dilating the baby wouldnt come down at all. it was awful. with my 3rd baby, i didnt let them give me the pic until i already had the epi. obviously, that is the route i recommend, if you have to have the pictocin. nasty stuff. best of luck to you.

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Did all four without epi. Two with pit. Painful but
doable. Epidural really did not come into the delivery
room until the late 80s. Prior to that you did labor
with small amt. of pain med if absolutely necessary.
So yes, you can do it without an epi and with pit.
Good luck.

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