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Pink Eye in 15 Month Old

I think my little girl may have pink eye...her one eye keeps watering and crusting up...but she doesn't have an actual "pink" eye, the whites are still white. Is that possible...to have pink eye, but not a pink eye? I don't know anythning about pink eye. is she feeling really sick right now? Is it painful? Any adivce would be appreciated! Thank you!

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OK, turns out my daughter DOES NOT have PInk Eye...I am very surprised. Dr said she just has a really bad cold...but it's not considered pink eye. She said it will go away on it's own very soon, my daughter probably already had the worst of it all.

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If she had pink eye the white would be pink it sounds like she has a cold in her eye wet a cloth with warm water to clean it see a doctor he will give her drops to put in it my grandson had it good luck .

I t could just be conjunctovitis I think thats the right way to spell it. It is basically just a cold in there eye, my daughter just had it to it is cold season that could be what is causing it but if it doesn't get better in a week or keeps getting worse I would deffinetly take her to the doctors.

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My sister just went through a similar situation with her 4 month old, about 2 weeks ago. His eye was all goopy, crusty and just watering a lot. It turned out to just be some kind of infection, or cold in his eye. The pediatrician gave her some gel to put on his eye for a couple of days. He had no other symptoms of having a cold. Maybe just get her to the dr. and it may be the same thing.
I'd be cautious though, and just keep washing her hands and yours!
Another reason I doubt that it's pink eye, is the cause of pink eye. It's actually kind of gross, but pink eye is a result of getting feces in your eye. Many little kids get it because they don't properly wash after using the restroom. I doubt your little girl is using the potty by herself, if at all.
I hope this helps and wasn't too much information! : )

I t could just be conjunctovitis I think thats the right way to spell it. It is basically just a cold in there eye, my daughter just had it to it is cold season that could be what is causing it but if it doesn't get better in a week or keeps getting worse I would deffinetly take her to the doctors.

Hi A. your daughter may just have a cold in her eye. If thats the case it should go away on its own in a few days. The same with pink eye that also goes away on its own. My daughter has had pink eye quite a few times and every time her eyes were pink so it may very well be a cold in it. Well I hope this helps.

Agreed- get it checked by the dr so you can get drops - make sure the rest of the family doesn't share towels/pillows with her and take extra care with hand washing and not touching your eyes. If it is pink eye you can catch it too, and it is miserable (I speak from experience...)

Hi A.! It does surely sound like pink eye. Pink eye is basically just a cold in the eye, it can cause the whites to become pink but not always, it is very contagious!!!! you will need to go to the doctor to get drops for her eyes to put in for three days. After the first set of drops, it is not contagious anymore. It is not really painful, it can feel like something is in your eye, very itchy, crusty after sleeping, and watery.Be sure to wash yours and her hands a lot because of the discharge. It is not really that bad and it will subside as soon as the drops start working. Good Luck!!


Hi my name is Kim and I live in Lancaster. Both of my children had a pink eye kind of thing with just the eyes. I personally use Homeopathy for my children. They both had the syptoms of pink eye, watering, green and yellow crusting especially in the morning. I purchased a remedy called "Pulsatilla" at Savemart made by Boiron. I dont know if you are interested in this alternative to medicine, but it has no side effects and as soon as she starts to feel better you stop giving it to her. Good Luck.

I took my son to the doctor on his first birthday and was surprised to learn he had pink eye. They were watery and a bit slimy, but they were not pink at all and he wasn't rubbing them or anything. I asked the doctor if he was sure, like, 3 times!! But the drops that they give clear it up right away- Bradley's eyes stopped watering and getting slimy within a day. But definitely take her to get checked. Pink eyes are not a guaranteed symptom of pink eye!

I would recommend taking her to the Dr to get it treated. Pink eye is very contagious. Are you breastfeeding? Breastmilk is supposed to be a "supercure" for PinkEye - even better than the meds that the Dr's supply - see this article for more info: <http://www.freedompondmoonworks.com/pb/wp_2e517814.html&gt;

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Hi !
All the advice is true -drops -warm compress -motrin & something for the itches if you notice she is rubbing her eyes alot .Being an adult I just experienced this months ago and it is uncomfortable .
Good luck !

She has pink eye! Take her to the Dr or hospital in is contagious. She isnt in so much pain but it is quite uncomfortable Very itchy and irritating. Disinfect EVERYTHING she touches so she doesnt get it again and was her sheets and pillow cases. She will not be allowed back in school/day care with out a drs note. There are 2 kinds of pink eye bacterial and viral, not sure which one she has but she should be seen by a dr to get meds!

The white area of her eye does not necessarily need to change color. Pul back the bottom lid and look at the underneath. If it looks extremely reddened or darker than normal then she probably does. Even if she doesn't, the best thing to do is let the doctor check her.

She could also have a blocked tear duct that is causing it or a "cold" in her eye.

My son used to get this all the time when he was younger. They were just "colds" in his eye. All we had to do was use a warm wash cloth a few times a day to keep it clean and in it would start to go away pretty quickly. Usually within a couple of days it would be cleared up. Just a thought, it's not always pink eye like I thought too.

Has she just recently had a cold? My daughter sometimes gets this when she is coming off of a cold and every time I have taken her to the doctor they had to put her on antibiotics because it always turned out that in addition to conjunctivitis she had 2 ear infections. Each time she showed no signs of being in pain.

It does sound like pink eye. I don't know if the eyeball actually has to be pink/reddened to qualify. It probably isn't painful, but more likely itchy and irritated. It may or may not be contagious depending on the cause (for example, is it from a virus or is it an allergic reaction) but she should be seen by a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

I'm not sure if it is or not. A similar thing happened to my son and it was just a blocked tear duct. If she is in a daycare environment or around other children a lot, it is probably Pink Eye. My daughter has had it alot (she is now 16) and other than her eye being crusted shut in the morning, she didn't seem to be bothered by it at all.

Definitely let a doctor diagnose properly and give you some antibiotic drops for it.

Take her to the doc right away, so she can get treatment before it gets worse.

Hi A.-

My daughter had "pink eye" when she was about 13 months old. She never actually got the redness, but she did wake up with the crust all around her eye. It didn't seem to bother her, but since it is highly contagious and she was too little to understand about not touching her eye, the pediatrician phoned in a prescription for eye drops. It cleared up within a day. Hope this helps. Good luck!

It' probably worth getting checked out. It puts you at ease as well as protects her. I know they can also get a "cold" in their eyes which can appear similar to pink eye with the goopy discharge.

My friend just told me that if the eye is pink then it's viral and contagious. But if it's not pink but still goopy & crusty then it's bacterial and contagious. So either way keep her away from other kids!
She might feel a little under the weather, but it probably doesn't hurt. If it lasts more than a day then I would see the doctor.
Good luck.

Get your baby into the doctor. Pink eye is really painfull and uncomfortable not to mention really contageous....Don't take chances with your child's eyes and get her into the doctor!

If she had pink eye the white would be pink it sounds like she has a cold in her eye wet a cloth with warm water to clean it see a doctor he will give her drops to put in it my grandson had it good luck .

I just experienced the same thing with my 5 month old. Her pediatrician told me that it was a viral infection. She gave me an ointment to put in her eye. My daughter wasn't showing any signs of a cold or anything and the pediatrician said there really wasn't anything to worry about. I was told to apply warm, wet compresses to the eye to relieve the crusting. My daughter was fine within 5 days. I would call your pediatrician as a precaution but I doubt that your daughter is experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Hope this helps and try not to worry.

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