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Pink Eye Help!!!

Hi there - I am having an awful time getting rid of pink eye in my family! My youngest had it diagnosed last Wed. and we have been doing drops. I thought it was gone and was okay but my friends son now caught it! I feel awful! The docs all said that unless there is goop coming out of the eyes that he was not going to spread it and was fine to be at school, etc. But now my friends son has it and my older son looks like he might be getting it too. I also got it and was treated but today my eyes are itching and may be getting it back. AND....to make matters worse, my youngest had stuff in his eyes today! He has been on the medicine for 5 days now!
Has anyone had this issue of it not going away and just staying around!? How do you finally get rid of it for good!?? Help! My older one starts school on Wednesday!

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I have successfully used "Smilisan" for pink eye. It's available at Target, Wal-Mart etc. Eyebright tea cooled can also be used, but I prefer the smilisian (sic).
S. Blakely

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When I was a kid we got it every time we got the silly putty out. Finally my mother figured it out and threw the silly putty out. Wash the toys in the dish washer (really!) if you can. And all bedding on the same day--hot if you can. Toys that can go into the clothes washer should go.

Good luck.

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I had a similar problem a few years ago and it turned out to be a staph infection in the eye. Not the antibiotic resistant one. It just needed a different medicine in the eye. I'd say go back to the doc (or at least put a call in) and see what they say.

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Hello T.
I know you already know how contagious this is, so always
get a doctor's expertise. Here are some home and natural remedies that have always worked, and will not
conflict with medications if needed. Collodial Silver
at your health food store or Fred Meyers, is excellent
(drops or spray). Meantime at home Tea bags (ex. Green tea or chalomine..) Boil water dip bag let cool, lie down cover eye with bag it's okay if it drains in eye this is better will not sting. Another is cut 2 medium slices of cucumber over eyes and rest. Another home remedy is to wash eyes with little seasalt and warm water. I have seen these remedies cause improvement the same day. My neighbors child suffered with this constantly, I believe it was resistant,immediately I sent some organic sea salt over
to the mom and she used it and saw it clear up the same
day she was amazed. but to have the collodial silver on hand is a good start. I pray speedy recovery for your friend's son and your family.

My daughter has allergies, so she is constantly rubbing her eyes. Because of this, we frequently get pink eye in our house. As soon as we know she has it, we quarantine her to one room. The rest of the house is cleaned well (door knobs, pillowcases, etc). When the eye looks normal again, she can be with others again. We have never had it pass from her to other people. She has gotten it back from herself though, and that was a nightmare!

If you miss a day of drops or stop them early, this same thing might happen.

Once a round of antibiotics are used, you can't use the same one again. The bacteria become resistant. My daughter's pink eye became resistant and we had to pay a boatload for the second stronger antibiotic. Her whole eye swelled up, and her face behind her cheek got infected because the infection traveled down. Be very very careful with eye infections, and always be on the safe side.

We found it helpful to make my daughter wear sunglasses while she had the infection. This kept her from rubbing her eyes with her hands or anything else (her shirt, blankets, etc).

They are contagious, first and foremost. Most schools won't let a child with pink eye come to school, period, end of report. Call the school and check on their policy.

At home, make sure that everyone has their own towel and wash cloth. No sharing, if you do share, you'll share the pink eye. Wash your towels, etc. in hot water and a dry in a hot dryer. Rubbing eyes just aggravates the situation, so tell your boys to keep their hands away from their eyes. If you want to help them with the itch, run cool water over their eyes to remove the build up. Their medicine drops should help. Check with your doctor, allergies could have started this cycle, as I'm having itchy eyes this year for the first time in decades due to whatever is blooming. I got some antihistamine drops yesterday and found relief, finally.

It's going to take persistence on your part to break the cycle. Again, no sharing of towels or washcloths, wash everything in hot water, dry in hot dryer. Keep hands out of the eyes. Use cool water rinse to help remove 'goop' and relieve the itch. Call the dr. for an antihistamine eye drop suggestion or prescription. Call the school for their pink eye policy. Lots of luck!!! Speedy recovery.

I have successfully used "Smilisan" for pink eye. It's available at Target, Wal-Mart etc. Eyebright tea cooled can also be used, but I prefer the smilisian (sic).
S. Blakely

I'd start washing all the surfaces in your home. They rub their eyes then touch things, then others touch those things then rub their eyes.... Then continue to treat and wash.
Good luck to you, I've had pink eye and it's miserable!

My son recently had pink eye. We got sterile saline contact solution from walmart for about $5. Use a few drops in the infected eye every hour for the first couple of days, then slowly cut it back until it is all cleared up. I think it took about 3 days. Make sure everyone in the house washes their hands often. Good luck!!

Pink eye can also be caused by a virus and therefore the anti-bacterial drops you're using will not do any good. Most likely, your son did not spread it to the other little boy. At least not from the previous infection. It sounds like you have picked up another strain of the gunk and are now unfortunately spreading it to each other. Bleach EVERYTHING!!! Door knobs, faucets, etc. and don't touch your eyes or face!! We went through the same ordeal last winter. Only we had it four different times! I think we kept getting it from the daycare at the gym.

Good luck!!!

Use Colloidal Silver! It will get rid of it in 1-2 days for good! The spray or drops are the easiest to use. Just put directly in the eyes, painless, odorless, harmless and very effective!

You can see it here: http://www.punkinbutt.com/silver-springs-ioniccolloidal-s...

Make sure everyone washes their hands frequently and also wash all towels and bedding after being touched to avoid recontamination or spreading to others.

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