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Pink Eye - Fort Worth,TX

Any home remedies for Pink eye that might help.

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thank you Ladies for all your advise. I did end up taking him to Dr. We got the eye drops and all is well. For some reason I was thinking a potato would help and I only heard one reply to that. I wanted to see if anyone knew about that..the iodine in the cut potato would absorb any bacteria. guess an old wives tale or something.

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you need the drops that are prescribed. it is highly contagious w/o it.

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When I got pink eye I went to the Dr. and got Rx drops. But I did see something in the eye drop section at Target that is a homeopathic type drop for pink eye. I think the brand name was Samilisan or something like that and they also had it in the Target brand. That is the only thing I can think of. But when I went to the Dr. he also said to wash your hands like crazy. Try not to touch your eyes (even though it's hard not to) but if you do, immediately wash your hands.
I did that and was very vigilant about it because I didn't want to infect my baby. He never got it but I would probably credit that to having the Rx drops...once you are on them for 24 hours it isn't contagious anymore. With the drops from the store, that isn't the case.
I would still recommend going to the Dr. but you asked about any home remedies and the drops from Target are the only ones I have seen.
Best of luck to you! I hope you get through it soon!

If you don't treat it soon it will turn into a worse infection and cause other problems...the antibiotic drops are the best and quickest way to fix it. The sooner you start the drops, the less time it takes to heal.

My doctor told use to wash the eyes with Johnson's Baby shampoo a few times a day for 3-4 day and that it would get rid of it. The potato is for welder's burn.

Don't mess with eyes...pink eye can get bad really fast! Just go to the doc and get the drops.

I think you need an antibiotic, thought it was contagious too.
Good Luck

Soft contact lenses solution... apply it every couple of hours and right before bed and when you wake up. Seemed to work for me as well as that pricey stuff the doctor prescribed. Good luck, it's no fun!

not any (home remedies) that I have heard will get rid of it; almost certainly need an antibiotic unless there is some natural antiobiotic (from health food store or natural healing) that is strong enough that I am not aware of. BUT, there are several things you can do to ease the discomfort. Keep the "crust" down with warm water and compress and rest the eye as much as possible. Boost your immune system and wait it out will help your body rid of it! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS SO WASH PILLOW CASES, WASH RAGS, TOWELS, AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT COMES IN CONTACT WITH YOUR EYE TO GET RID OF THE GERMS SO YOU DON'T RE-INFECT YOURSELF OR INFECT OTHERS!!!!!

There's a nice little section on 'pink eye' in Dr. Mendelsohn's book "How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor." I just read it for you and although I wish I could type up the whole page and a half, here's a summary...
Pink eye aka conjunctivitis is mostly caused by allergies and irritation, but sometimes an infection as well. Children may also get it from exposure to tobacco smoke, eyestrain, or inadequate sleep. Allergic conjunctivitis may be caused by pollen, dust, animal danders, medications, cosmetics, food, chemical additives, and many other allergens. There is also "vernal conjunctivitis" that appears in the spring- symptoms are itching, tearing, light sensitivity, and a mucous but not purulent discharge.
In most cases your child's conjunctivitis will respond to gentle cleansing of the eyes with boiled and cooled (NOT hot) water and a clean cloth.
Try to identify the allergy that is responsible for the problem like changes in activity, location, diet, medication, or other unusual conditions that preceeded the onset of the problem.
Okay- it's me again- so basically he's saying- just keep it clean. As long as the dishcarge doesn't persist for several days and is not more than mucous and tears, let it take its course.
I have another book I can check too- "Prescription for Nutritional Healing"- it's a huge book with everything in it. Let me know if you want me to look it up in there.
Hope the little one feels better soon!

All I have to say is Similasan!!! You can get it at Walgreens or CVS!! Great to have if you don't have the money for a doctor or doctor's prescription.

As a kid my mom always used Boric Acid. If you want a homeopathic remedy: These should be taken every hour for up to 10 doses. ( looked it up in my remedy book: The Family Guide to Homeopathy by Dr. Lockie

1.If the condition does not improve in 24 hours see your doctor. Did it come on after injury to eye or exposed to cold take ACONITE 30c
2. Copious discharge then take ARGENTUM NIT 6c
3. Little or NO discharge then take EUPHRASIA 6c

Let me know if you decide to use these methods.

Place hot watered soaked white paper towels on the eye. Once the hotness wears off, repeat process with a clean paper towel each time for about five/ten minutes. White paper towels because of no color dyes added... Be sure to wash your hands each time too!

My 3 y/o had pink eye and his g-ma put evaporated milk in his eye. A few drops, 3 times a day until it went away. It saved a trip to the doc and it works.

Hi L.,

I've only used the anti-biotic eye drops. Once you clear it up though, my co-worker swears that taking off her eye make-up with baby shampoo will prevent it from coming back. It sounds strange, but she used to get it a lot from her kids and hasn't had it in a year or so. Good luck!

Only an antibiotic will take care of pink eye. it is very contagious. The medication that is prescribed is usually gentamiacin and it is relatively inexpensive. Make an appointment to see your doctor.

My doctor told me to use colloidal silver drops in my son's eyes (got it at Whole Foods). We also used chamomille and chickweed eye soaks. It worked and the pink eye did not reoccur. - This happened in September.

Vision is nothing to risk with a home remedy. Pink eye is highly contagious and only treatable with antibiotic drops from a doctor. You might save a few dollars at the risk of damaging your vision permanently. It's not worth it.

Similasan. It's the best.

Tomato juice or breastmilk but it is so contagious I always get the Rx drops....

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