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Pimple on the Areola?

I thought I had a clogged duct but when I realized the pimple was on my areola - I thought it might just be a pimple...not sure what to make of it...hoping it will go away on it's own...It is painful when I nurse or pump...Any thoughts/suggestions?

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It is called a bleb. A little bit of skin has grown over the opening of the duct and the milk is trapped. Take a needle and gently scrape the top of the "pimple" to break the skin. This way the milk will be able to pass. Or you could just keep nursing on it and eventually the baby's suckle will pull it through.

I've had those. Mine didn't go away so I would use a wet wash clothe, as hot as I could stand, to bring most of the "junk" to the surface. I then used a needle to make a small hole in the top for the "junk" to escape. This made it a lot less painful to release. Then I'd put antibiotic ointment on it to prevent infection and then it would finally go away. I hope this helps.

It sounds like you have an infected montgomery gland. The bumps are normal, all women have them. They are called montgomery glands and they are more pronounced when you are breastfeeding. But the pain that you have with it right now sounds like it is infected. I would not recommend poking it with a needle because you don't want to introduce more bacteria. A very hot wash cloth as a previous poster recommended should work. I got it one time when I was nursing and I soaked the gland in saline solution, which is just warm water and salt. I did that every few hours for 2 days and it went away. Good luck.

My sister in law just went to OBGYN for this last week and said it was a calcified duct. They need to be removed by a Dr...I'd check with yours about it b/c they can get infected. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

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You didn't say how old you were but as we get older, we get these 'bumps' on our areola that if you squeeze them, a clear or brownish liquid comes out and it's completely normal. I was concerned about this as well.

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