Pimple on Inside of Baby's Lip

Updated on October 13, 2008
L.G. asks from Mountain View, CA
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This morning I found what looks like a pimple on the inside of my daughter's bottom lip - it does not look inflamed, but there is what appears to be the whitehead part of the pimple there. I noticed it when I went to brush her two teeth after the breakfast feed this morning. She is almost 11 months old (10 months adjusted age) and is currently teething with her bottom two teeth the only ones out so far. I never saw anything like this with her twin brother (he already has 7 teeth). I shot off an email to her pediatrician, but am sure I will not hear back until late tomorrow. Since it's Sunday, I cannot call his office today. Has anyone else seen this? If so, what is it? Is it something to worry about? I do plan on calling the pediatrician's office tomorrow, but until then I will be a bit stressed out about it - I appreciate any advice/information that you can offer.

L.. mom to Nicholas and Katherine, 11/19/07

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So What Happened?

First, thank you for your responses!! :-)

It turns out that what I thought looked like the whitehead of a pimple (my close up vision is not very good) was actually a scab - scabs inside the mouth are white because the saliva washes the blood out of them, leaving them white. It actually looked worse on Monday morning so I called the pediatrician and got her in that day. He said she probably cut her lip on her new teeth and it was scabbing over and healing. He said the scab would actually get a little bigger and would get red around the edges, then it would get smaller. He was right and her lip is already looking much better. What a relief!!!!!!!

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Dear L.,
Twins! How fun! I bet they are darling!
What you are describing sounds like a canker sore or actually a sore that's been caused by your daughter's little lip not used to having teeth there. Her little teeth could have worn a sore there. Please don't worry about it too much until you hear back from the doctor, especially if she doesn't have a fever and she doesn't have those types of sores anywhere else in her mouth. And you would most likely know if it's really hurting her. It might be best to leave it alone....it will probably just go away by itself.

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Is there only one? Has she been exposed to hand-foot-and-mouth? Check her hands and feet for blisters. This could also cause a diaper rash. But if there is only one...I wouldn't worry about it.

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Could be a nursing blister if breastfeeding...normal.


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My son is almost 7 however he recently had what I also thought looked like a pimple in his mouth and it is probably a canker sore. I think she is to young to have an abscess so I would suggest to keep it clean and it should go away in a few days, if it does not and gets worse than go to the Dr. or Dentist. Good Luck!

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My guess is that it is a healing cut that she may have made with her new tooth. Another possible scenario, a canker sore. If she gets a lot of them with a fever it may be hand, foot and mouth disease, but that you would DEFINITELY know about, they become miserable. It goes away too. Talk with your ped but I wouldn't worry if it isn't bothering her.

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If it is not bothering her then leave it alone and wait for your pediatrician to respond. If it is a pimple it will go away and if it is a canker sore, make sure you give her bland foods, anything that won't make it hurt.

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