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Pillow and Blankets

Hi wise mommas, I wanted to know when it would be safe to put a pillow and a blanket in my 11 month olds crib. She sleeps fine but I thought it would be nice to give her something to snuggle with. Thanks for any thoughts!

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Hi M.:
My son had some reflux so he would have to sleep in the car seat from time to time so we started using a large flat pillow that when we laid him down it reached his waist and gradually increased in thickness as it went up toward the head. The pillow was almost as wide as his crib. I was still worried about it so I decided to place the pillow under the sheets in order to prevent him from going under it. Problem is that if they pee too much during the night the pillow might get saturated with pee so putting it under the sheet with a protector was not only safer but it keept the pillow clean.
As far as the blanket goes I gave him a throw (which is still small but bigger than a baby blanket) that was stuffed with synthetic down (got it at Target for about $9.99), very soft. He is now 6 years old and the fill is bare but he still loves the blankie. We got him a replacement so he now rotates 2-3 so we can get them washed.
I believe the small baby pillows are probably safer than an adult pillow because the small child can move it around whereas an adult pillow can be too heavy but under the circumstances we were in with our child's reflux we just got creative.
I hope this helps. Good luck!

Hi M.,

I have a home daycare and usually around age one I use those boppy's. Most moms use them for either support while breastfeeding our use them for support while a child is learning to sit up. They are the perfect shape :)

i know most drs will say like no pillow till 2 years i believe. but my daughter has always used blankets and we gave her a pillow at 9 1/2 months (because she was ready and strong enough). if your baby is strong then i would try a flatter pillow to start with. but if your worried maybe get your baby a special stuffed toy to sleep with (my daughter sleeps with a piggy). good luck!

Hi M.,

We have put blankets on my son since he was home from the hospital. He has always slept with one and he just turned 1.


My son has had a favorite blankie that he sleeps with and has since he was just under a year old. The pillow depends on how your little one sleeps, as far as muscle control and stuff by this age they should be able to handle a pillow. My son never really took to pillows, and usually pushes them away when he's sleeping. I would try it at naptime and see if she likes it at all or needs it.

Good luck.

I just gave my son a pillow about 1 month ago and he is 21 months old-he has always had a blanket in the crib-I usually layed him on it, but I just started usuing it to cover him. As long as they can move good and take the blanket on and off it will be fine to use it.L.:)

Get a little pillow, perhaps travel size. I think Babies R Us sells little pillows. A blankie is no problem. she should have enough neck muscles to prevent any problems

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