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Hi Moms,

My toddler is always coughing every week, he is off two days and back coughing again the rest of the five days. He has a lot of phlegm. Any advice on how to get it out? He takes allergy meds , but that hasn't helped. Any home remedies?
any help would be appreciated? Also, has anyone noticed when there child drinks milk they develop a cough?

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My daughter had the same problem, since kids that age can not cough out the plegm it is very hard to clear it up. So I gave her Homepathic medicine, which also does not have any side effect and it dries out the plegm. My dad is a homepathic doctor and we grew up on it. Do some research online and see if you can find a Dr, clinic or a pharmacy that sells Homepathic medicine. Hope this helps.

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First of all our digestive systems are not meant to digest milk and dairy products. We lack specific enzymes and that is why so many people have problems. Milk and milk products are mucus producing--that is why he is having problems. You will notice that once you cut dairy out-he most likely will not need his allergy meds. Cows milk is made for baby cow consumption, not people.

Second do not feed him soy. It is terrible for human consumption with the exception of edemame or miso. No tofu either--these products are processed. Soy mimics female hormones in the body and causes migraines, early on-set puberty, cancers. etc...

Rice or almond milk is the best bet. Personally I would choose organic rice milk.

You also want to get him on a really good probiotic--this will help tremndously!! If you need help with any more of this info let me know.

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YES!!!! Dairy definately produces phlegm. My dd and I are getting over a nasty cough and we are both off dairy completely. Also, Vicks Vapo Rub on my throat helps me get through the night w/o hacking and I put on dd's feet and cover with socks b4 bed. I've also put a thick binder under the head of her her crib mattress to help the mucus drain more comfortably at night and I have a cool mist humidifier going all night. This all helps to make them more comfy.
If you go to a health food store you can find all kinds of wonderful stuff to help alleviate symptoms and to help get through this bout faster.
**Traditional Medicinals makes some teas just for kids that don't taste bad but have herbs that help them get better faster and soothe a soar throat.
**There is also something called Sambucare that is an herbal, berry flavored syrup that helps them get better faster and can be used in winter to prevent getting sick. **Also, there is a line of herbal remedies just for babies and kids out there called Herbs for Kids by Sunny Mavor. Here is a link to some info: http://www.herbsforkids.com/product_categorys.asp

By the way, it's important to understand the difference between a milk sensativity, a milk allergy and the fact that all dairy is phlegm producing in general. You can also get a probiotic powder for infants and kids at the health food store that is tasteless and can be mixed into juice or foods. Keep it refidgerated!

HOpe that helps! Blessings!

I am allergic to all diary products, experiment and see if you see a difference by taking him off milk. You may see a difference- the other point - if he is allergic to milk, he may also be allergic to diary products. It is easy enough to take him off the milk for a week, it is finding a replacement for the diary benefits.
And - i know that if he is young enough, the Doctors do not
like to test for allergies.
Good luck!!!

Yes, my children had the same problem. I switched their milk to rice milk or soy and we also used Lactaid. I tried to give them less milk in the evening before bed. Your son may be allergic to cows milk. My kids also developed many ear infections because they always had this phlem that wouldn't go away.

I haven't tried this, but I heard it was good, and it couldn't hurt......rub some vics vapo rub on the bottom of his feet, then put socks on......

Giving him Mucinex would loosen it up. OR if you had a nebulizer, that would help a lot.

Home remedies - steam.

Hello, I dont know if anyone else has mentioned this but when my children has chest colds I give them the musinuz (sp) for kids. It always clears up the cough. Also dont give him milk when he has a cough. Give him plenty of water. Good Luck M..

Milk is a phlegm producing product. It is recommended that when they have a cold or cough with phlegm to sometimes stay away from milk. As far as the cough after drinking milk, there could be an allergy issue. Milk is a very common allergen. Try and give up the milk for a week or so, substitute with yogurt or other dairy and drink water, juice. See what happens with the cough.

Try to stay away from all dairy products. Give him juice or water, pedialite(if he will drink it). Also, try not to vaccum or dust while your toddler is around. This can irritate his coughing.

When my kids have colds, I try to keep them away from the milk. It thickens things up. The other thing I would look at is the source of your son coughing. Is it due to post nasal drip, or does he have a chest cold. If it is post nasal drip, you treat that and it will minimize the coughing. Try to put a humidifier in his room, you can do saline up the nose, vicks can be used-I have had some success with the feet thing, but not always, and you could try something holistic. Whole foods has some really great cold remidies. The other thing that hasn't been mentioned is your cleaning products. If you child has a cough year round, it might be from the chemicals in the products you use. One of my daycare kids had a horrible cough for almost 2 years (not kidding) When I switched to natural cleaning products, his cough got much better. Good luck. It's always very tricky to figure these things out.

Do you have a breathing machine. (nebulizer)See if his doctor would prescribe albuterol and pulmocort for the breathing machine. If you do not have a breathing machine see if the doctor could give you one and charge your insurance company or prescribe one for you.

I skimmed most of the responses and it looks like most are focusing on milk/dary allergies. Which is true and good info. Pay close attention to labels, you would be amazed what products have milk/whey in them.

Also consider other possible allergens. Adding an HEPA air filter to the room and play areas and monitoring the humidity level is also important.

I immediately thought of two things: asthma and lactose intolerance. I'd start by switching to soy milk for two weeks and see if that clears things up. If not, talk to your pediatrician about the possibility of asthma. Good luck!

Since my daughter was allergic to milk she was never on milk or dairy products and she still had a cough during winter. It would start mid September and be off and on until mid April. The only thing we found that would work was dusting her room everywhere behind the dresser, bed, everywhere a couple times a week and washing her beding 2x a week. Plus, when it was really bad Dimetapp was the only medicine that would help.
As for replacing her dairy we used soy products and goat cheese. She never had an adverse affect from the soy. She developed on schedule, if anyting a little later than her peers. She's now 17 and finally is outgrowing her dairy allergy!

My daughter had the same problem, since kids that age can not cough out the plegm it is very hard to clear it up. So I gave her Homepathic medicine, which also does not have any side effect and it dries out the plegm. My dad is a homepathic doctor and we grew up on it. Do some research online and see if you can find a Dr, clinic or a pharmacy that sells Homepathic medicine. Hope this helps.

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