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Persistant Fever

My son started getting sick Halloween night. I have kept him home from school and public places since his symptoms started. I have been treating his congestion with an expectorant and treating his fever with motrin/tylenol every four hours. He does not have rasping in his lungs(I and my friend who's an RN have listened to his lungs everyday). Today his fever started to crawl up again and his congestion does not seem to be breaking up. I have been giving him breathing treatments twice a day and continuing the other meds. My problem is I know it's not pneumonia, but I am still worried about how long his temperature has stayed and how long he's been sick. His fever has not gone above 102 but I'm still worried. Is there any advice anyone can give me about this? I have taken him to the doctor and also talked to another doctor about this. I am folowing the advice his pediatrician set forth. Sorry I forgot to add that.

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Just for the record I DID take my son to the doctor, and my neighbor whom is a doctor checked in every day to make sure things were still on the up and up. The doctor said that he did not hear anything wrong with his lungs so he assumed it was RSV. My son had it when he was 2 1/2 months old. He is still an actove carrier and will get sick like this about he same time every year. My son went back to school today and is doing much better. His temp is staying normal and his mucus is finally working it's way out of his body. Thanks for all those that read this post and did not assume I didn't take my son to the doctor. I would never put my son's health in jeapordy and if he is sick for more than 24 hours I always take him to the pediatrician.

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My 6 year old daughter had a fever for 8 straight days before it finally went away. I took her to the doctor's, but they said it was viral, so I should just treat it with fever reducers. Just keep medicating. If you want, put a vaporizer in his room. This seemed to help clear up my son's nose when he got a cold.

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I am just an MA, so my two year degree does not come anywhere close to your RN friend or your Ped. However, what is confusing me is why is the doctor NOT concerned about his fever?? A cough could just be a result of something else, since children have a tendency to develope things and pass them to a cough. Does he have any other Signs and symptoms you are concerned about??

My suggestion, keep calling your doctor. Dont fret about it, that is what they are here for. Tell her/him you are trying ALL of the medications recommended, and nothing is working. Let her/him know EXACTLY what is going on. Try keeping a diary of when his fever and symptoms spike. When your child seems to be fussy, maybe atrigger for anything that irritates him. That will help to identify the problem in a more clear way. Good luck, and try to keep that fever down!!!

Yikes. What a way to spend a holiday. Just make sure you're paying attention to the med directions very carefully. Tylenol only lasts 4 hours. Motrin for 8. The baby Tylenol is more concentrated than regular, so be very careful. Keep up the fluids and advice from your Ped. Is he on any amox?

I have 2 boys and I've gone through tons of cols and fevers. If when you give your son the motrin or the tylenol and his temp comes down even 1/2 a it's working. I need to emphisis the the importance of not letting it go without really being checked out. My son who is nine about 3 years ago had gotten a cold little fever and it went away. A few days later 1/2 of his face paralyzed and he looked as if he had gotten a stroke. After several test and an MRI they noticed that he had bels palsy and many times you can get this with an inner ear infection. If you and I had had the infection he had we would have been screaming but apparently he has a high tolerance for pain so it went undetected. I would advice you to take him back to the doctor and not let it slide. Fever is good in a sense because it's fighting something in their body but you need to see at least some relieze. For the cough I use Delsym it works great. Sit on the floor of the bathroom with him and let him breath the steam. I hope he feels better! By the way all my sons symptoms went away but it was a process.

I guess my question to you would be how do you know it isn't pneumonia?? Last year my daughter was sick like this and I followed the advice of a pediatrician. Turns out that even though her blood didn't show a bacterial infection or anything she indeed had pneumonia. They never did a chest xr ay until the 5th visit of her not getting better. It turns out is was pneumonia and because they let it go on so long it had spread from one lung to the other.I had that mommy gut feeling. Do you have that? I say always trust your instinct. The only way one can know whether it really is pneumonia is by taking a chest xray. On the up side of things. A fever although concerning to us mommy's is often a sign of a good thing. That our bodies are doing their job of fighting off an infection. Whatever he has he is definately fighting off something. trust yourself because I really believe mommy's do know our children best!

Hi M., I am an RN with years of pediatric experience, AND I have 2 sons who both have asthma. It sounds like your son may have a virus. The fever is his body's way of fighting it off. I'd encourage rest, lots of liquids, even popsicles are ok. I'd only give breathing treatments if you feel his airways are constricted. I don't know what kind of medical experience YOU have, but I'm glad an RN is listening to his lungs everyday. A virus can last 2 weeks, so be patient even though it's hard. Good luck, M.

i am a mother of a 13,11 and 4 year old so i know whats going on. it sounds like to me that he may have some type of infection whether its his ears or upper respirtory. when a child has a fever that will not go away that normally is the cause. i would take him to the doctor.to get him on an antibio.

Low grade fevers are the worst....the fever is a sign that his poor body fighting some sort of toxin...whether it be viral or bactirial who knows...but heres a little home remede that can't hurt. (this of course should only be used if you son is over 2yrs old. you didn't mention age) 1tbls each of cider vinigar, lemon juice, and honey (you can add more honey if it will help him drink it) warm it, but not so hot he can't drink it, just enough to melt the honey so it mixes well. Sounds descusting I know, but it's really not that bad. This helps to detoxify the body. We could all use it once in a while.

If you are truly concerned, you should take him to the MD. If over the counter medicine isn't working then perhaps a prescription is needed. My son had bronchitis when he was a baby and had some of the same symptoms that your child is having. The best thing to do when you are truly concerned is to take them to the doctor, they know best and can always calm the mother by answering any questions.

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