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Permanent Marker Remedies

My 2yo daughter got a hold of a sharpie and drew on my couch. Does any one have any suggestions on how to get rid of the stain? Its a microfiber couch.

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I tried everything from dish soap, Tide Stain Booster, nail polish remover, but what worked the best was Purell Hand Sanitizer and a toothbrush that a friend recommended. It just about took care of it. I have the carpet cleaners coming out to clean the carpets and couch at the end of the month, so hopefully they will be able to finish the job. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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It was the alcohol in the hand sanitizer that did it (the same with hairspray, etc). But using straight alcohol (isoproplyl) works even better to get marker out of just about anything.

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Rubbing alcohol is the best thing for permanent marker. Put it on, then blot it up. It may take several applications and may not get rid od it completely if you have tried other cleaners first.

Check out the book How the Queen Cleans Everything. Or, maybe the Queen of Clean has a website? Good luck

Try looking in one of the Queen of Clean's books. Mine is several years old but I find that most of her remedies absolutely work.

Yikes! I don't know about a "permanent" marker, but I've had great luck getting everything else out of my microfiber sofa. I contacted the Durapella people when my kids drew all over mine with a ballpoint pen and here's what worked for me. I got a bowl and made sudsy water with a clear soap. I think I just used a clear liquid handsoap (like Softsoap?). I then used that soapy water and a toothbrush, cleaning in a circular motion. Blot up the excess, and in my case, everything was clean.
Good luck!

Try a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and scrub right on the mark. The alcohol evaporates and rarely leaves a mark, however if it does leave rings, wash cushions with some water. Try to dry the cushions quickly using a fan or hair dryer or you may get water rings.

Note**This worked perfectly for ball point ink pens. Not sure how it would work with Permanent marker.

My son did that to my microfiber chair last week, and we used hair spray. It completely dissolved the stain. You might want to try it to finish the job, because if it sets up until the carpet cleaners come it will not come out.

BABY WIPES- the thick NATURAL ones from Huggies. Got Sharpie out of mattress, carpet, chair and mostly off the wall. Magic eraser got more off the wall, but still a shadow left.. They also work great on lipstick. Just FYI. Now that you have used tide, and other cleaners, you may need to work at iti a little harder, cause some of those will actually help set the stain in.
Last resort would be to lay a white towel over the baby wipe on the couch and lightly STEAM iron the spot. THe steam shold help lift the ink out. Continually move or repace the baby wipe so that the ink that comes onto the baby wipe is not allowed to get steamed back into your couch! This trick works REALLY well on red stains in the carpet.

Rubbing Alcohol,, rub towards the center of the stain...

my grandson did the exact same thing

S. K

Try the Magic Eraser from Mr.Clean. I have been able to get crayon and pen off the wall with it. Good luck!

It was the alcohol in the hand sanitizer that did it (the same with hairspray, etc). But using straight alcohol (isoproplyl) works even better to get marker out of just about anything.

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