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Period Back with 2 Month Old Baby, Exclusively Breastfeeding

I have a 2-month old baby and have been exclusively breastfeeding him since day 1. He feeds every 3-4 hours for about 30-45 minutes. Today I think I have gotten my period back. Is this normal? I have heard that if you're exclusively breastfeeding, you don't get your period back at all until you have weaned the baby.

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Thanks so much for all the responses!it's reassuring to know that this has happened to so many other women and that it's normal. But it is too bad! I was hoping my period would wait a little longer to make its reappearance!

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I see you have already heard from many people that this is normal. I got mine at 5 mo. while BFing. The good thing is that you know you can ovulate regularly, in case you want to have more kids.

On a less pragmatic note, I think it is totally unfair to have to be breastfeeding, menstruating, and all the other stuff we do, we women! How annoying!

Sorry! :-)

That happened to me too, around the same time. After that, though, it hasn't come back. My daughter is 7 months old and I'm only BF'ing at night (barely) and I still haven't gotten it.

Hi N., although it more common NOT to get it back it does happen. I fed on demand with my son but got my period back immediately six weeks after birth. The only thing was it didnt stay consistent, I had that one, then a few here and there over a couple months, but not on a regular cycle. Sorry! It sucks but it happens! I had friends who breastfed for two years and never got anything, they were just the lucky ones I guess!

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Some women, very few however, don't get their periods again until after they wean their babies. Most get their period back between 3-6 months after they have the baby. I breastfed both of mine and got my period back right around 3 months after giving birth. It's pretty normal but if you're still concerned, call your doc. Good luck.

Hi, I am sorry to say you are one of the unlucky ones. It happened to me too. With my first daughter I got it back at four months but with my second I got it back at six weeks! My Dr. said that the majority of women don't get it but that some do and there is no specific reason. Make sure you drink extra water and get extra rest when you do get your period while nursing. Your more likely to get run down and you will of course need your strength to care for a new born baby! Good luck.

I got mine back after 8 months with my first and 6 months with my second. But, I am still breastfeeding my son who is 7.5 months, and I bf'd my daughter until a year, and nights until 15 months. Your misconception is unfortunatly how lots of woman get pregnant unintentionally while bfing. (No pun intended.)

Astonishing? No. I think everyone is different. I got it back at about 2.5 months too, and my daughter was also exclusively breastfed, and I pumped also. I was bummed to get it back so early, but my doctors were not worried at all. It's normal in some women I guess!

Return of monthlies varies hon. I had seven children , all breastfed, and the period reappearance was from several months to a year and longer.
Important thing to remember here is that even tho you may not be having your period, you can still get preggers.
I learned that the (LOL )obvious way and have two one year two weeks apart in age. Did not have a period ( except right after birth of the second child for over three years. That was a dubious bonus.
Take care of you and God bless
Grandmother Lowell

It really depends on you and your body. I know some that got their peroids as early as you and some that took two years to get back. Either way, its safe.

I got my period when my son was 3 months old and I too was exclusively breast feeding. And from then on I was very regular. Maybe not the norm, but normal for us.

Hey N.,
I too got mine 2 months after giving birth. I nursed my son and I hoped it wouldn't comeback for a while but, just like clock work every month, there it was. I guess we weren't one of the lucky ones. Anyway don't worry, unless it stops again. I have quite a few friends who became pregnant again quickly and now have children very close in age.


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