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Percocet While Pregnant?

Hi mommas! So I am currently about 15weeks with baby #2 and have been having a lot of localized cramping on the left side... I went in to the dr yesterday becasue the area became tender to touch and the dr (not my norm) said that she believes that the fairly large cyst that they saw on my first ultrasound is the culprit of the pain and she said that she wants me to go back for another...waiting on KAiser to schedule... in the meantime she said that to control the pain she wants me to take percocet... she told me that it will be perfectly safe for a shortterm fix to the sever pain I have been dealing with. Just one problem... I really dont feel comfortable taking it. I mean I am the girl that has given up all kinds of foods and beverages to ensure that I have the safest, healthiest pregnancy possible, and I just dont know what to do. That is where you lovely ladies come into play... any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Thank you all soo much! The responses where wonderful, and really cemented that I know what I am comfortable with, and to trust in myself. I have done some more research, and have decided that only if the pain continues to worsen to the point of debilitating I will take 1/2... however until that point comes I am going to tough it out and just keep alternating heat and ice... Thanks again for all of the support!

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It depends on how long you have to wait. I had a kidney stone that passed three weeks before my daughter was born. I ended up in the hospital for 5 days and had to take demerol for the first day. It was well worth the trade off, believe you me.

If you can still walk around, do the things you want to do and sleep easily, don't take the perocet. If you have trouble doing those things, take the perocet, but don't drive. Some people have terrible reactions to that drug, so take care when you take it.

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Well, like most of the other responses, I had massive pain with my second pregnancy. I was going to school full-time and I just got out for winter break. Well, I started getting horrible gallstones (which I was told was very common in pregnant women, for some reason) and I couldn't even lay still in bed without writhing in pain. I was in the hospital, all but five days, during my "vacation." During that time I was on morphine and percocet to control the pain. This saved my sanity and I was thankful for some relief from the pain. The doctors didn't want to remove my gallbladder, but they eventually did a small surgery to relieve the pain. But, being on the drugs for a month out of the pregnancy didn't harm my little guy. I agree with all the scientific talk and can vouch that it's true. I am a biology major and I've done my own research on pregnancy and stress. The pain (even if it isn't debilitating) is causing stress on your baby. If you need some relief now and then to keep yourself calm and comfortable, then I say you should go for it.

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C. - When I was pregnant with my second I cut the tip of my finger off! OUCH! The doctors were not able to put that piece back on, so my middle finger is about 3/4 of an inch shorter than it's supposed to be.
I was given percocet as well as some drugs to make sure it didn't get infected. I also was a bit hesitant about taking the drug but was in CRAZY pain so decided, after talking to a phamacist, that I was going to take the drug.
My son is as healthy as an ox, a smart, mischevious little boy, and none of the drugs I had to take in the beginning of my pregnancy affected him.
PS. I wasn't sure if I trusted the ER doc's when they told me I could take that medication, so I made sure to talk to a pharmacist. Mine had a HUGE book of all the medications and what the affects were for pregnancy's and mixing drugs, ect. You could always ask them if you are not sure. I took my "drugs" 4 years ago, and you never know if the rules have changed, so I would probably just check to make sure.

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Hi C.,
It is safe to take percocet during pregnancy. The two components of the drug are acetaminophen (tylenol) and oxycodone (opioid). Opioids are not mutagenic or teratogenic, meaning they don't cause changes at the cellular level or as a baby is growing in the womb. The one time you need to be conerned with taking opioids during pregnancy is if you are on them chronically at the time of delivery. If that is the case, the baby would be born with some dependence and would need to be weaned off the opioid to prevent withdrawal symptoms.
More concerning at this point would be uncontrolled pain. This causes vasoconstriction leading to decreased blood flow through the placenta, and can decrease the oxygen levels of the baby. This can do more long-term harm to the baby than a short-term course of opioids.
Just for a clarification of a couple statements made earlier: Tylenol #3 and percocet are not the same drug. T#3 has codiene in it as opposed to oxycodone. Of all the opioids, codiene is the most constipating and is not as potent oxycodone.
Also, the drugs that are being mentioned are opioids, they bind to the opioid receptors in the body and are either derived from an opioid or made synthetically. Narcotic is a legal term and has a negative connotation associated with it. For people requiring opioid-therapy to manage pain, the incorrect use of the term narcotic can leave a stigma that prevents them from adequately managing their pain. There was a small thread of this already being woven into these responses.

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Hi C.
It's okay to take it moderation Im sure the doc stated how many is allowed a day for your babies saftey... if your tense and in pain thats not good for the baby.. and what you have is so very painful..
good luck

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It depends on how long you have to wait. I had a kidney stone that passed three weeks before my daughter was born. I ended up in the hospital for 5 days and had to take demerol for the first day. It was well worth the trade off, believe you me.

If you can still walk around, do the things you want to do and sleep easily, don't take the perocet. If you have trouble doing those things, take the perocet, but don't drive. Some people have terrible reactions to that drug, so take care when you take it.

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Well, percoset is a category C drug - meaning there isn't real evidence about whether or not it can cause problems for a developing fetus. It seems like the biggest concerns are that it can be addictive, and may cause withdrawal symptoms in a new born. I'm guess your short term dosing minimizes the risk of addiction, and thats why your doc. thinks it is okay.

FWIW, i take a category C drug while pregnant because it treats asthma, and the consideration is that breathing outweighs the possibility of danger to the fetus. So, does your pain management outweigh the possibility of danger to the fetus?? Does it is you take into account that physical and mental stress in the mom has also been shown to cause lower birth weights and possible gestation problems?

Seems like your other option is to take teylenol at your maximum dose and deal with residual pain. Or take the percoset minimally and well spaced, and deal with the residual pain. Good luck!

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DO NOT TAKE IBUPROFEN!!!! On the lable it states it can cause birth defects! Tylenol and Tylenol derivatives are ok to take. Percocet is (according to my doctor anyways) a tylenol derivative. And I was told to take it after having a broken tooth removed while I was pregnant. And My son is fine.

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With my first baby I got severe migraines late first trimester and into my second. My OB prescribed Tylenol 3 (basically the same as percocet) and I still had a healthy baby boy a few months later. Its when you are addicted to pain killers that cause problems, a few here and there for pain won't hurt.

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I know it's scary to be taking a narcotic while pregnant but it can be done. I took different narcotics(I was in an accident)while pregnant with my oldest now 5 years. I took both percocet and vicodin my entire pregnancy. My daughter is an extremely smart little girl with absolutely no problems. Take it as you see fit if you are indeed unsure of it or if you want to brave it out go without. Best of luck!

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HI C.,

I just wanted to say that what really struck me while reading this post was how well you were listening to what YOU felt comfortable with. Percocet is prescribed by doctors on a short term basis during pregnancy and considered "safe". That does not mean there are no effects, just that they are unknown or that the doctors feel that the benefit of taking them outweigh the risk.
Here's just one of the many websites that came up when I googled: percocet in pregnancy: http://www.rxlist.com/percocet-drug.htm . It's heavy reading at first but by page 3 or so you come to the side-effects, etc...
Many women have made the decision to use percocet in pregnancy with little or no known adverse side effects, but that's what worked for them. Please make your decision based on what works for you and your baby.
I hope that this helps you.

D. Rylander
A Blessed Birth Doula Services

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Personally, I wouldn't take it. I had a cyst in the beginning as well, but it eventually went away on its own. It caused pain, but I wouldn't call it debilitating, so I can't say I can relate. My objection to taking the medicine is founded simply on the realization that EVERYTHING that affects you will affect your child.

I took percocet AFTER my child was born (Cesarean) and it affected her immensely (I breastfed), basically turning her into a comatose baby. If it does this OUTSIDE of the womb through breastmilk, imagine what it does INSIDE when their entire body is linked to yours.

HOWEVER, this really is your decision, and you shouldn't let others guilt you either into or out of taking it. Taking it might not be good for your baby in the shortrun, but may be better in the longrum cuz you'll be healthier? dunno.

Just know that EVERYTHING you take has an affect on your child, and that when doctors say your child will be "fine" it basically just means it won't cause anything serious like a disease or death or something like that. That doesn't mean it still doesn't cause harm. Because of the percocet, my daughter was practically comatose and didn't learn how to nurse... soon as I stopped taking the percocet, she perked right up, but the damage was done and my supply had already tanked.

If you feel that the pain is debilitating, it may be worth it... but realize that there may be more options, and look into them.

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Most drs wouldnt suggest something harmful during pregnancy.
I agree that it is in your best interest to take the med. Not only will it help with your pain, but it can help on the physical aspect also. Your body will be less stressed without the pain, which in turn is healthier for the baby.

Wow, reading the postings so far you are getting great advice!!! I was just like you with both of my pregnencies.. no coffee, no pop, no tylenol even!! I was so strick that when I went into pre term labor with my first I questioned the nurse and the on call doc about every med they wanted to give me!!! My husband thought I was crazy, but it was my baby I was thinking of, I wanted her safe and I wasn't about to risk anything!!!! I took the shot and the labor stopped. I felt like I was high on 5 shots of straight espresso but they assured me that the baby would not feel the same and she would be fine. I was still terrified, she was still born a little early but was perfectly healthy and came out screamin. NEVER feel bad about questioning your doc or a replacement doc. Always ask questions and lots of them. If it was me I would try to get in to see my regular doc and until then I would try tylenol to dull the pain and heating pads combined with cool packs and maybe a not too hot but nice soothing bath when it hurts really bad. It is amazing how sliding into a warm bath relaxes all of your muscles and when you are in pain they all tense up. None of the pain killer alternitives should be too hot or too cold and should only be done for no longer than 15 min at a time. I feel for you and I hope that as the pregnancy continues the pressure shifts off the cyst. Good luck and God bless you and your family.

Your body's reaction to the pain you're having is probably more of a concern to your physician. Your blood pressure spikes along with other systemic reactions. The short term prescription is within limits. If you weren't pregnant, you wouldn't hesitate. Leading a healthy life shouldn't be limited to our preganancies, it's just someone else's life is dependent upon our choices. Your doctor (or their temporary replacement) is aware of what a developing fetus can and can not tolerate. What impact is the cyst going to have on your baby's in-utero development? And if it were to burst, what will be the impact to your pregnancy? Those are a couple of the questions I'd be asking right now, especially if the pain is so intense at 4 months? Take good care, get good care. Keep us posted on how you're doing.

I took percocet for a shoulder surgery and recovery my entire pregnancy with my twins. I have 2 beautiful 8 month old girls with no ill effects from doing so. I also had to take it during a prior pregnancy for round ligament pain for a short time, and she's fine too.

I have a friend that had to take it her entire pregnanacy (and it was a LOT of percocet!) for a car accident she had been in prior to her pregnancy and her 18 mo old baby boy is perfectly fine too.

I was told he stress of trying to deal with the pain is more harmful to the baby than the percocet. The doctors don't prescribe things that are harmful to the baby. It says when looked up, there are no adverse effects on the baby, just to try to be off of it by the end of the 3rd trimester to avoid withdrawal symptoms after the baby is born.

You can look it up on the Mayo Clinic or John Hopkins (look under the cancer studies) for information on percocet during pregnancy. Percocet is only a Class B drug, the same as anything else you would take during pregnancy.

Your baby will be fine! Take the meds so you can relieve your stress and pain so it doesn't affect your baby! I'm not a fan of taking stuff while pregnant, but I felt much better not wanting to chew my arm off.

Hope you feel better soon!


C. Percocet I don't belive is a pain killer
I would try a heating pad & get ahold of your reg
Dr.would I take this NO!! I would not I would fear
for my Baby & I'm the Mother of 4 so follow your heart
wait for your dr.

God Bless take care J.

I say listen to your heart. If you can deal with the pain then don't take the meds. I would hate for something to happen to the pregnancy and you feel guilty about it. On the other hand if the pain is too much then you have to listen to the doctor and trust they know what they are talking about. It also never hurts to ask a second opinion about the drug and pregnancy. I know they give it to nursing moms after child birth so I'm guessing it is fairly safe.

I have a friend who had kidney stones with her last pregnancy. She was on Vicodin for awhile, then had to switch to percocet because of the pain. Her DD is fine.

Think about it this way: which is worse, a drug that is filtered through the placenta or the increased stress your body has when it's in pain.

I wouldn't, but is easy for me to say without having the pain. As I read all the responses to your answer and some many moms say they did and their babies are fine are very blessed BUT they shouldn't take the drug risks for granted. Oxycodin (is it how is spelled?) is VERY addictive and we don't even know how much it will affect our own bodies, how can doctors say is safe for babies? We just can't tell how much will affect their bodies, maybe a strong pre-disposition to drug addiction in the future? I recommend asking for a second opinion and always weighing risk/benefit. Good luck!

when I was 12 weeks pregnant with my first I was bitten by a cat and was hospitalized for a week on drip antibiotics and morphine because it hurt SOO bad. I had the morphine for about 2 days and after that a mellower painkiller. tylenol If you don't feel comfy taking the Percocet, and can deal with the pain with tylenol and heat pads then do so. But please be assured that writhing in pain isnt good for your baby either. So sorry this is happening, good luck and I wish you a swift recovery.

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