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Peppermint Essential Oil to Repel Spiders? Where to Buy in Twin Cities??

I have heard that peppermint & spearmint essential oils repel spiders. We are going to put a laminate floor in our basement and I'm wondering if we could drop some essential oils under the flooring to repel spiders. Does anyone know if the oils really work, or if there is any problem with putting the oils under a floor? Also, where in the Twin Cities can I buy this stuff??

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I would think that you would have to replace the oil a few times during the year to make it effective. So I don't know if under the floor would work. What about doing an infusion and making a spray that you can spritz around the base boards, doors, windows, ceilings?

Look at health food stores or homeopathic stores for the oil. I don't think GNC will have it, but you can always look.

i dont have any suggestions but am in a similar situation so was hoping to peek at other responses.

I did a search of your question in google and found these two links which might be of help.
You should consult the floor adhesive company and laminate company about adding in an oil to their products. Paints now incorporate inhibitors of mold and mildew etc.
We now have zinc containing shingles on
our roof to reduce mildew. They may want to test the idea themselves for a future product.

"General Tips: Peppermint Oil (of mentha piperita) should not be used during pregnancy or if suffering from epilepsy or gastoesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Peppermint Oil (of mentha piperita) should not be used on infants & small children. Oil of mentha piperita should be kept away from the eyes, as it may irritate the skin and mucus membranes in some people. Undiluted essential oils in their purest state are extremely potent, and should be blended with a carrier oil or other medium prior to use directly on the skin, as the essential oil may cause irritation."

The site shows Spearmint as being much safer than Peppermint.



you can get peppermint essential oil from Aveda. Also check out health food stores.

Essential Oils don't last long enough to warrant putting them under the flooring. Although they may work to repel spiders, you will want to re-apply it to keep it working.

Spiders don't just walk on the floors, however... The best way to keep your home spider-free is to vacuum the area regularly (corners, walls and ceilings too), and any spiders you do find. They won't hang out where they are likely to be killed.

I am an essential oil therapist, and I have to say, Peppermint is very effective on mice - but I havn't heard it work on spiders! Besides, it is not a good idea to use peppermint oil around children under 6 and can also be bothersome to pets (as well as being a stimulant if that is a problem). I actually use lavender essential oil for all bugs. Though different oils seem to work on different bugs, lavender has to me, been a catch all. Last year I put a few drops in a small water bottle and sprayed my floor when I got ants (my son was learning to eat, throwing food everywhere and I must have missed something). They dissapeared and have not returned. (I had to be careful because the oils can take off the finish and sometimes do stain.) A diffuser would work properly for your purposes as well. A wonderful supplier is Jodi Baglien at baglien.com (she also makes an excellant all natural bug repellant)or you can find oils at any of the co-ops, Midwest Herbs and Healing in St. Anthony, or Present Moment in Minneapolis. Valerie Ann Worwood has some books that have recipes for many household uses - though there are many books out there if you look in the alternative health section.

Good luck - I would love to hear if peppermint works on spiders if you try it!

You can buy peppermint oil through Daisy Blue Naturals (amoung many other wonderful natural products). You can check out their website at http://www.4074.daisybluenaturals.com
(FYI, I do not sell the products, just love them!)

Check out www.youngliving.com for fantastic essential oils. I find the oils to work wonders, in general. However, I would have concern with dripping oils under the flooring to repel spiders. I don't think this would be affective and the sweet peppermint oil would likely attract other bugs and insects. Not to mention, the smell may change when mixed with the flooring glue and materials. I would recommend diffusing the oils in the air, mixing the oils with wall paint, or applying the oil on furniture and permanent fixtures throughout the basement if you want to try to repel spinders. Regardless of the application you choose, the oil will need to be reapplied regularly. I am interested to know if the peppermint oil works to repel spinders. Keep us posted.

There is a wonderful store called Present Moment in Minneapolis on 36th & Grand Ave South (http://presentmoment.com/). They sell lots of essential oils and would have some really good information on natural repelants. It is also a great bookstore to boot! Like one other suggestion I think a diffuser would work best so you have the scent all over not just under the floor boards. I too hate spiders but I know they serve a purpose like eating the other nasty bugs. Good luck!

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