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Pelvic Pain - Snohomish, WA

My daughter's baby is due Friday. She's had what a doctor explained as ligament pain in the pelvic area during the whole pregnancy, which has been painful, but managed by water aerobics and limited walking. Now, however, it's really getting painful and is making it hard to walk at all, roll over in bed, and even move. Any suggestions? How will this affect delivery? How long after delivery does the pain go away? Thank you!

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Thank you, thank you, everyone, for your support and advice! I was so impressed with the details of how all of you have dealt with this, I called my daughter with all the responses as they rolled in and she was able to use many right away. She had the baby yesterday, an absolutely perfect little girl with everything all in the right places and she seems very content so far. I was glad you told us she may run into this again with each pregnancy so we can help her be better prepared. Labor was short, 4 hrs, but very, very hard and an epidural could not be done because of blood vessel swelling in her spine being in the way of things, so she will take a little while to recover. Her husband was right there with her all the time and will have a little time off now, so all is well here in California. Thanks again everyone, you have really come to the rescue!

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I had a lot of pelvic pain with my second pregnancy. I'm really don't have any good suggestions, to manage the pain. But, I did want to share that it didn't affect my delivery at all. That's just plain old uncomfortable no matter what. ;)

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I had a similar thing happen to me in my last pregnancy where I had so much pain in my hips and pelvis that I couldn't walk. Since I have another child and couldn't imagine the last 6-8 weeks of my pregnancy not being able to walk, I read up about how to treat it. I decided to try a I think they're called a pediatric chiropractor..specially trained to work with children and pregnant women. I had never been to a chiropractor before. I went and was immediately feeling better. I went a few times until the end of my pregnancy and I've been back once since, so you don't have to start going all the time after you start going to one. I would just suggest going until the end of pregnancy and only when she wants to. Good luck and congrats!

I had the same problem and I would lose feeling in my legs and fall over too. Anyway, although my baby was 8 days late, about 3 weeks after delivery the pain went away. There is hope for her, but I remember being MISERABLE the last two months of my pregnancy. Wish her luck for me, I too am a military spouse and it's not easy.

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I had this problem with my first child and it was pretty severe. I just didn't want to move! Unfortunately I didn't really find any cure for the pain I would imagine a little pain medicine would help but I didn't take any while pregnant so wouldn't know. Delivering my child also did not do the trick I finally 3 months post partum went to the chiropractor and that solved the problem my hips were way out of whack! If I would have known that I could I would have gone to the chiropractor while I was pregnant. Which she can and I would highly suggest!

Congrats on the grandchild to be our daughter was the first on both sides also and our parents were so thrilled!

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I had the same with my first and I am due with my second in six weeks and it is the same. It feels like my pelvic is going to rip in two. I took baths, did lots of stretching (butterfly sits, pelvic tilts and hip stretching) and tried to walk. Although at the end it is really hard. This second pregnancy is actually worse for me as my pelvic floor is not as toned as it was with baby #1. (Plus they are only going to be 15 months apart...)

My first labor was fast a natural. Painful, yes, but I don't think any more then any others.

I did go to a chiropractor and message therapist after the birth of my first son to realign everything. But the ligament pain was gone when the baby came out!

Congrats on becoming a grandma!!

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I had a lot of pelvic pain with my second pregnancy. I'm really don't have any good suggestions, to manage the pain. But, I did want to share that it didn't affect my delivery at all. That's just plain old uncomfortable no matter what. ;)

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i had similar pain with my first kid. it wasn't that severe, but it is caused by the round ligaments attached to the sides of the uterus. they are the sole source of what holds the uterus in place. they stretch an incredible amount during pregnancy, and sometimes cause pain. there is nothing that can be done to stop it, besides maybe taking some tylenol to ease the pain. it should stop very soon after the baby is born, maybe even immediatly, because that extra weight won't be there anymore. It shouldn't affect labor too much, the contractions will likely mask the ligament pain.

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I had that same excruciating pain my entire 3rd trimester. The last two weeks were the worst! Plus, I was walking more than ever to get things going and each step hurt more than the last.

I got a pregnancy belt that helped quite a bit. The pain was still there, but manageable (especially when you can't take pain medication). I'm plus-sized, so the options are few, but they do make them for all sizes. The more the support the better. I had to wear mine during the hottest times of the year, but it was so worth it.

It didn't affect my delivery at all. In fact I worked with another woman who had the same problem during her pregnancy and we couldn't have had more different babies or deliveries. She had a huge baby and after a day of heavy labor, she had to have a C-section because the baby wouldn't fit. I had a tiny baby (5 lbs. 14 oz. - 3 days past due date) and had a drug-free, natural birth that went fast (4 hours from checking into the hospital to birth). The pain was gone immediately. :-)

I don't know if it's worth it to her to get a belt at this point, but that would be my recommendation. Also, as much as the walking hurts (trust me, I know), it will aid with birth and work the baby down. Soon she'll have her little bundle of joy and she'll forget that she even had that much pain. Tell her to hang in there - we're rooting for her!! :-D

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I am right there is the same boat! Except mine has lasted through the middle of the 2nd trimester and now into my third with only two more months to go. Some things that have worked for me, heat therapy. I use the packs right on my lower back right above my butt, and it seems to really make a difference. Also try stretching, I get on hands and knees and pulling my back and tummy up as far as I can then relaxing. And the last resort for me was a chiropractor, to do an adjustment... he worked wonders!!

For the most part it doesn't affect delivery at all. Sometimes the pain will last afterwards for a week or so while your body is trying to readjust. I remember mine getting to a point at which I couldn't bend or lift the baby. But that was the worst of it lasting a day or two. The big thing is talk to your OB and she can recommend a good prenatal massage therapist or even stretches to help.

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My daughter had similar pain during the last few months of her pregnancy, and it was becoming quite severe for the last few weeks. There didn't seem to be anything she could do for it. My understanding is that the pain is from the ligaments relaxing and stretching, allowing the pelvic bones to be more mobile, which hurts now but is beneficial during delivery.

When your daughter's hormone levels shift after delivery, the ligaments will tighten up again in a matter of days. Thank goodness she only has a couple more days to go! Just getting that weight out of her pelvis will probably help immediately (though she'll be noticing other sources of tenderness – I hope she will have help during the first week or two so she can take it easy).

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She may be able to see a Chiropractor now or possibly acupuncturist now if she is open to that. A prenatal massage in the last few weeks was really great for me.

Although I am only 20 weeks with my second my hips have already started hurting, my midwife says I need more calcium and she says to take calcium citrate/magnesium mix and it's even better if it's liquid. Calcium carbonate can hurt the placenta. My doctor with the first never said I could help with supplements, but it seems to be working now.

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