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Peeling Hands

My oldest son's hands are peeling really bad the palms of his hands almost looked diseased. I had my mother-in-law take him to the doctor and they said it was from when he had strep throat back in August. That just doesn't sound right. Has anyone run across this problem before?

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I took him to the dermatologist today and she said that he has a condition called Keratosis Pilaris. She gave him a very strong and expensive cream that he has to apply twice a day.Thank You all for your help and advice.

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Try the Gold Bond lotion it works miracles. My father in law is diabetic and he had large cracks in his fingers and hands and the Gold Bond healed them within a week or so.

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I don't think his doctor wanted to investigate more. Go to the health food store and get some extra virgin coconut oil. It seems good and actually tastes really good, you might find you like to cook with it. But anyway get some of those nighttime gloves and smoother his hands with the oil before bed and put the gloves on his hands. the moisture from the oil will absorb into his skin and will dramatically improve the peeling and also will help with new skin growing where his hands are raw. I would get a vitamin E lotion for during the day to help keep his hands hydrated and make sure that he is drinking plenty of water. his body could still be trying to build back up after the antibiotics and it could be manifesting through his skin. I know my feet generally peel about 2 times a year and this has always worked for me. Good luck.

My neighbor's daughter had this and they found that she was allergic to lotion...she had many other allergies as well, but you may want to switch to products that contain no fragrances and have more natural ingredients. Also, you may want to have him checked for allergies. I know that when the body get's an illness or a disease it can change things for a while, making other parts of the system more suseptible to other things. My mom had a herniated disc in her back and since then has had an allergy to many make-up products, she never had any problems before that! Most people, eventually, get over their allergies, it just takes time.
Good luck with that and I hope he get's over it soon!
P.S. The Aloe plant is GREAT! You can use it on sores as well as skin and it makes healing so much faster.

i saw something like that on mystery diagnosis once but i don't remember what it was but i have never heard of this and i have had strep and my hands never peeled.. i would get a second or third opinion if you have to don't take no for an answer with your kids i have learned that the hard way with mine and he is not yet 3 so be firm and demand they give you an answer... hope you find out what is going on...

Out of 7 siblings and 3 kids, 2 of my kids and 2 of my brothers have this same problem, their palms and fingertips peel and become very sensitive...it's a form of eczema, and will probably come and go the rest of his life..here's what my brothers and my kids do when it happens. have them keep plenty of moisturizing lotion on..kerry is one of the best for over the counter, at night rub vaseline on the skin then cover with cotton gloves or socks for him to sleep in..you can also get a steroid cream from the doctor..i use all 3, and it usually heals up in a few days to a week. Good luck.

my son has severe eczema, and during his last bad flare-up the doctor said it looked like strep in his skin. i had never heard of that before, either, but the doctor said it can happen and is really bad if it isn't treated.

My son has that problem with the bottom of his feet and my doctor said it was from his exzema So mabey it is a part of Exzema? This may sound weird but try rubbing Pure cornstarch into her hands it works with my sons feet from peeling so much mabey that will help some

A few months ago, my daughter, aged 3, did have an episode of "peeling" hands. Actually her hands were reddish for a while and looked dried too...then the peeling appeared, mainly on the finger tips though...
She had had strep throat two months prior to this. When I took her to see her pediatrician, she did mention that kids can have peeling hands following strep throat. However when I pointed out the strep throat had happened a couple of months earlier, she seemed to be unsure of the reason .
Anyway, I actually believe, my daugher was reacting, not to the strep throat but to the antibiotic (very first one I gave her. I absolutely hate them!)...
I did take my daughter to a holistic daughter and she recommended putting some aloe vera on her hands. If you have an aloe plant it is even better than the stuff you buy ready-made (if you opt for ready-made, make sure you buy the most natural form of aloe vera. Best bet is from a health food shop!).Back to the real plant: Just take a leaf out, open it up with a knife and apply the fresh squeezed juice from the leaf directly onto your son's hands...For my daughter, it was magic...the peeling went really fast...Within a couple of days, she stopped peeling!..You can also buy some camomille essential oil. Dilute 1-2 drop in some water (in sink or large bowl) and ask your son to put his hands in....It is very soothing!
Anyway I never really found out the exact reason for it, but all I know is that with the use of the aloe and the camomille, my daughter's hand were back to normal within a few days!
Good luck! Give it a try...A natural, inexpensive way to make your son feel better!

It could very well be from him having strep throat if he had a fever for more then a couple of days. The same thing happened to my mom when she had newmonia(sorry about the spelling) Her hands and her feet peeled. The only advice I can give is just to keep putting a thick lotion on them, It should be gone in a couple of weeks. Hope this helps.

i did when I was little. My hands did it when I was about 5. I believe it was from Strep throat. What it is is little kids put their hands in there mouths and the infection can get on your hands. I had oitment to put on and was told not to touch them and not to touch anyone else. That is pretty much all I can offer. get an oitment I guess and put it on.

My oldest daughter's hands and bottom peel every time she gets strep. It is caused from the scarlet fever virus which is the same as strep, we just have advanements in medicine today so It is not life threating

Try the Gold Bond lotion it works miracles. My father in law is diabetic and he had large cracks in his fingers and hands and the Gold Bond healed them within a week or so.

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