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Peeing Through Diapers at Night

I have a 2 year old son that wears a size 5 diaper at night to go to bed. He wears underwear during the day. He has been peeing through his diaper and getting he pj's and bed wet for the past couple of weeks and wakes him up everytime. Prior, he would always sleep through the night until 8 or 8:30am. Does anybody have any ideas of how to prevent this from happening? I try to not have him drink much before bed, but sometimes it's a meltdown if he can't. Anyway, should I maybe go down a size or up a size in his diaper? I've tried the nighttime pullups a long time ago when he was first potty trained and the very first night with them, he was drenched.

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Every time my son's diapers leaked (out the top) I had to switch to larger diapers... You might want to try the larger first...
Good luck!

The solution could be as simple as changing diaper brands. When I had my daughter, I found that Huggies leaked at night. I used Pampers normally, so I just kept buying Pampers. With my step-daughter, we buy Target brand diapers. When she started leaking out of size 5's, we bought her size 6's and fastened them tight.

Recently, I discovered the Huggies Little Movers, and I LOVE them. I just prefer to stick with what I know unless I have a coupon for the Huggies.

Also, to address the woman who said size 5 is large for a 2-year-old, my step daughter is 2 and weighs 32 lbs. Her 1-year-old sister is in size 4's. They have changed the weight ranges on diapers in recent years, so there is nothing wrong with a 2-year-old in a 5.

I'd first try to up the size, then I'd look into a brand switch. Good luck!!

have you tried the night time diapers? ( not night time pull ups, but night time diapers) they worked well when my son would leak through the regular diapers. Try that first; if that doesn't work, try going up a size.

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I love the idea of using Kotex. That didn't occur to me when my little guy went through this at around 2 years of age as well. I did use the Diaper Doublers that you can get at Publix in the diaper aisle. They look like sanitary pads and just sit inside the diaper and absorb extra fluid. The nice thing also is that you can adjust how much of the pad goes in the front, the middle, etc by shifting it according to where your son seems to pee out of the diaper. We had problems with peeing out of the waistband, so I moved the pad more to the front area. Worked perfectly. I still use them sometimes in the car since sitting in the carseat for a longer period of time causes leaks for my son.

I used the bed wetters that are for bigger kids for my daughter at night. LOL the top went to her nipples, but she stayed dried. I finally got her potty trained by 3.5 & I ended up having to get rid of pull up & having her go at bedtime 8pm, getting her back up 10pm, then again at 1:00am and then she would stay dry till 6-7am. after about 2 months she told me not to wake her that she would do it herself & she has been ever since. My son is a year younger than her & I figured while i was getting her up, i might as well get son up too & so I never had to buy pull ups for him. He was fully trained 2 months before his third birthday. Hope this helps.

Try nighttime diapers instead of pullups. I have to use these with my 18 month old and they are great.

You probably want to size up and look into diapers made specifically for nighttime. Nighttime pull-ups are designed for kids that might have a minor accident at night.

You can't really expect a 2 year old to be night trained. It is perfectly normal for kids to be day trained and not be night trained until up to age 6.

Try going up a size and definitely avoid beverages an hour before bed. It works for my 3 year old who also wears underwear during the day but diapers at night because she cannot yet control her bladder during those hours. We used to have the excessive peeing problem until I cut out the water and milk an hour before, and yes it was difficult to get her to understand that she could not have a drink before bed but we have finally gotten used to the new schedule. I let her drink to her little heart's content until 7:30 because 8:30 is bed time and she usually pees all that she drank by the time she is tucked in. Hope this helps, I know what it is like to have to change and bathe your child at 3 a.m., not fun for parent or child!

Every time my son's diapers leaked (out the top) I had to switch to larger diapers... You might want to try the larger first...
Good luck!

Try the nighttime pampers in size 5. They worked for me.

my son is almost 4 (at the end of july) and he's been pottty trained since he was 2. he still wears a diaper at nite. when he starts to leak, i go up a size. that seems to fix the prob. i don't think the water b4 bed is an issue. i give it to my son and most mornings he's still dry. he's gone a month or more being dry in the morning, but then he'll go a week with a wet diaper. i buy one pack of diapers (size 6) and it lasts for a month or more. and i buy the cheap store brand since it's just at nite.

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