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Pediatricians Who Don't Require Vaccines

After doing a lot of research and studying about vaccinations, my husband and I have chosen to not vaccinate our kids just yet--if at all. But it's hard to find a good pediatrician who will respect that decision. Many practices don't even allow you to become a patient there. Any recommendations in the San Jose area? (btw, pls don't respond if you're planning to tell me how crazy we are =) We have our reasons!)

Latest update: 3:30 2/4/8: Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive responses. Thought I'd clear up a few things though. First, we don't send our kids to preschool or daycare. And we may even end up homeschooling, so the school/vaccine thing really isn't much of an issue. If we do send our kids to school, they don't tell you this, but you CAN opt out of vaccinations for religious, medical, or ethical reasons. Many out there don't realize this because it's simply not advertised. As a former teacher I know that schools push the vaccination thing and don't tell you your rights up front. It's in the fine print. I've seen it. Also, we are actually currently patients of Dr. Margaret DeVilliers who is great and has respected our choice (after being patients of another doc who accepted us as patients but later became insulting of our decision). We just had to sign a simple waiver and that was that!! I'm only looking again because our insurance has changed. If we don't find anyone else, we'll probably stick with her.

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Thank you so much for all the positive and encouraging responses I received. It's not easy going against the grain, but I received a great many resources from other like-minded moms that really fueled my convictions. I did finally end up seeing one of the parent-friendly pediatricians who was very understanding and low-pressure. She didn't try to rush us and the icing on the cake is that she is in Milpitas (which is very close to us) and accepts our insurance! For those of you who were also seeking a pediatrician who respects parental rights, I'd be happy to provide her information.

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I also do not immunize my children. I have 3 boys 11,6,4 and they are all very healthy. (yes they get the common cold as do most but are very healthy!!!)
I just moved to the San Jose Area and had to find a Pediatrician, so far the one I have chosen had no problem with my choice. She asked if the school was ok with it, and yes all I had to do was sign a release form. I found NEEMA MALHOTRA, MD her number is ###-###-####. Again she did not argue with me when I told her my choice! Did not even ask for my reasons. That was a big plus. I just moved from CO and all the DR's were constantly telling me how wrong my choice was.......I hope this info helps!

My husband and I are considering the same thing. We are in the Fremont/Union City area and are having a difficult time finding a pediatrician that is supportive as well. Good luck, and I'd love to hear if you find someone!

you're not crazy. we have 2 daughters and will not ever vaccinate them. Its hard being the minority but hang in there.

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Hi F.,
My husband and I have also decided to put off/probably totally not do vaccines, except for Tetnus when our son is 1 or 2 years old...
It was REALLY hard to find a pediatrician who would go along with our game plan, in fact, we were asked to leave our initial pediatricians practice once she realized that we werenot going to vaccinate...So, after calling and talking with the other 13 pediatric practices that our insurance covers, I was lucky to find a doctor, who recommends vaccines,but would still welcomeus into her practice if we chose not to. We live in Marin, so I don't know if you're interested in further info...but let me know.
There was also another option in Marin, a place called Pediatric Alternatives, a program where you buy into being a member and then pay privately. Maybe call them to see if they know of a group like that in San Jose.

Pediatric Alternatives
10 Thomas Drive
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phone ###-###-####*
Fax ###-###-####
E-mail ____@____.com

Good luck and good for you for going through all this trouble to protect your son:)

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I am sorry so many people are responding with insensitive and some rude comments. You are a capable and intelligent woman. As in birth and all other parental decisions you are within your rights to make that choice. With three homebirths (One footling and one breach) Also, homeschooling my elsest. I know the feeling. (There are waivers you can sign for school. This is the United Sates of America, or just homeschool)
My kids are healthy and have been sick very little. When they are I take care of it, so it does not get out of hand. Most things can be taken care of if you pay attention and catch it early. YOU GO GIRL! I am not in your area, but am sure you can find someone. Email if you ever need some support. God Bless.

I'm sorry I don't have any advise, I just wanted to encourage you to stick by your convictions. My daughter is homeschooled and they said I still had to have her vaccinated. She hasn't had her last couple of shots and I do not plan to get them

P.S. Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul plans to have manditory vaccination off the books!!!!!!!!!!!

Yippee Of course you are crazy but then again so am I and I must say I feel very good being the kind of crazy I am!!!!! Keep up the good work.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any support!

Hi F., Please e-mail me your phone number I would like to talk with you some more about this subject.


I am a Doctor of Chiropractic in Fresno. NEITHER of my 2 children are immunized. They do not need to be. The California Health and Safety code has provisions for exemption. Our first pre-school was private and tried to not allow my son. I showed them the law and they let him stay. When I enrolled my kids in school the blue form that is filled out for immunization has a spot on it for waiver. I chose personal belief. California has religious, medical and personal belief exemptions. On the back of the form you sign the waiver and below it is the waiver to waive the TB test if you so choose. The nurse yelled at me when I delivered that I would never get my children in school. They are in 6th and 1st grade and the healthiest in their classes. My son has missed 1 day of school due to illness in nearly 7 years. My children's public school gave us no trouble whatsoever. In fact the district's website states that waivers are available in the district office. Good luck in finding someone in your area.

I don't know of any in your area. I don't vaccinate my children anymore either,I did with my first and then I read up on it and I decided to stop part way into my 2nd child. My doctor's office doesn't like it but they still will see us. Every time when it comes up they give me a hard time about it but over the years they have lightened up. I think there are more people opting not to these days.
Good luck.

Hi F.;
We have a Ped who does not require shots. Although, she is an immunization advocate, she accepts our decision. E-mail me privately and I will give you her name. My girls are 12 & 14 and have never had a shot. They have much healthier immune systems than their peers.

I can tell you some horror stories about some of my friends who regret giving shots to their kids. They now have children that are horribly disabled because of shots. My best friend lost her 1st child after a series of shots & fevers, which resulted in severe brain swelling ( direct MMR link )

BTW > it's complete BULL that you can not register your kids in school without shots. " They " tell you that to persuade you into giving your children the shots. I can also explain all about the legal waivers you need to file an exemption. It's very easy to do. My girls are registered as exempt. S.

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