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Pebble-like poop...whats Wrong?

My two year old daughter has pebble like bowel movements. Aside from being hard to clean, I am sure it can't be comfortable for her. She struggled as an infant and really strained whenever she would go potty. Her Dr. gave me a liquid that softened them up a little but since she stopped taking it, its back to being dry again. I switched to lactose free and soy milk over the last 2 years and noticed no change. I shouldnt have to give her stool softener forever just to keep her comfortable...right? Any suggestions?

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My 3 yr old has this same problem sometimes even not going for a couple of days then it's really hard. I have found that if I give my daughter a handful of blueberries every day then she not only goes each day but her poop is softer and she has a better bowl movement then just pebbles. If you daughter likes bluberries and not allergic to them then you might give this a try and see if it works for you too. Hope this helps, good luck!

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Try giving here more water and more green vegetables.. Everything on this earth needs water to work. (hard or soft).

do you think she is dehydrated. Did you try Prune juice? Gripe water can also help. It is available at Walgreens

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Water, and fruits are great! Fiber without water will actually constipate, so be sure she is hydrated.

My children ate healthy and still had some challenges.

My 11 year old had this when he was a toddler. My family started taking a multi-vitamin called Reliv. It comes in powder form and I mix it in milk for a shake. He had instant change with his bowels. And now, if he's constipated, I ask him if he's had his Reliv shake lately (since he makes them himself now). Sure enough, this is just what he needs!
My 6 year old had some other "butt" problems as a young toddler, and I started him on Reliv right away. The pediatrician was even amazed! Because they were talking surgery, and other crazy stuff that I just wouldn't go for. He doesn't have ANY of these "butt" problems now and the only thing I gave him was Reliv vitamin shakes.

The "Reliv Kids Now" comes in vanilla or chocolate. The Reliv for adults comes in Classic (plain flavor) or Now (vanilla flavor). Check out www.reliv.com. We became distributors after our results, but you can order through anyone.

Take care!

Mom of 4: 18 yr girl, 11 yr boy, 6 yr boy, baby due in Oct.

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Hi A.,
Any number of things can cause constipation in a young child. When I talk to parents in my practice, my first stop is always to make sure the child is getting enough liquid during the day. Also, I would look out for any refined foods in the diet--things like white bread, white rice, sugary foods, etc. They can be binding, as can bananas and apple sauce. More fruits and veggies are always good.

One thing that can really help is a simple fruit compote. Simmer a few prunes and dried apricots in a little bit of water till they are very soft. Then let them cool till they are ready to eat. it's a sweet treat to the child as well as a very gentle, fiber-based laxative.

You might try just paying attention to what she eats and see if anything causes it more than others. She might be especially sensitive to something. If you can figure out what it is and eliminate it, it might help.

Good Luck!
E. Bender, NC, CHN

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A., I didn't have time to read your responses to see if someone already suggested this, so sorry if it is a repeat. My 8 month old has had trouble since he started food. I have added ground flax to 1-2 of his meals everyday. This keeps him fairly regular. Without it he too is constipated and has hard bowls. Hope this helps. I get it at Costco and it is orgainic. It is on the cereal aisle. Good luck.

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My 3 yr old has this same problem sometimes even not going for a couple of days then it's really hard. I have found that if I give my daughter a handful of blueberries every day then she not only goes each day but her poop is softer and she has a better bowl movement then just pebbles. If you daughter likes bluberries and not allergic to them then you might give this a try and see if it works for you too. Hope this helps, good luck!

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A. my daughter has the same problem and she is 19 months and still has it I noticed if I give her alot of fruit since she asks constantly for more and I give her 1 cup of juice instead of diluting it well help a little

It's not only increasing her diet with natural fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables, but getting her to drink more liquids in general should also help. Being well hydrated helps with the bowel movements too.

Try steamed yams (the red kind). My nephew had the same problem and my sister started to give him steamed yams as a dessert with one meal and he was able to have normal bowel movements. You can either steam them in a double boiler until soft and then just cool and take the skin off and with a spoon scoop out the inside. Try a couple of spoons at first and increase depending on bowel movements. They taste great and your child should have no problem eating it. Also, if you wish you can make them in the oven put oven at 350 degrees, wash and wrap them each in aluminum foil bake until soft. They will make their own syrup naturally. Do not add sugar.

The only thing that worked for both my kids is adding Dark Karo syrup to the formula, juice, water etc. It really really works but it does need to be warmed up just a tad if you are putting it in water or juice so it will mix together with other contents. There is no real set amount but I started w/ 1-2 table spoons and adjusted it if needed. Both my kids had a bowel movement within a few hours of drinking it but keep in mind that she may still have hard pebble poop for 1-2 days but the DARK KARO syrup really does work and I SWEAR by it!!! You only need to add it 1-2 a day (more if needed) and you will see a huge change. Good luck. And it has to be the "DARK" karo syrup the others don't work.

how much juice do you giver your daughter? I have found when my son gets more juice he seems to like apple juice and i do half water and half juice it helps a lot. also prune juice a little bit might not hurt either.

sounds like constipation. Since you have switched from lacto free to soy, I would start looking at her other foods. Apples, and banana can cause constipation in some people.
Try incorperating some prunes into her diet and adding more fiber rich foods.
There is also a new drink out there called PLUME SMART! It is awesome and tastes good!
I believe that natural treatments are much better and safer the drugs. Try altering her diet first and see what happens.

My suggestion would be to add more fruits and veggies to the diet along with more water. It sounds like she needs more fiber which she can get through more fruits and veggies. Miralax which is a stool softener over the counter will help this. It adds in keeping the fluids in her intestines and therefore she will have softer stool.

Good luck T

She sounds dehydrated. Make sure she gets enough water to drink during the day.

Make sure she is getting enough water too...

My sons both had issues and the best thing for them was more fiber in their diets and prunes/plums help a lot too. If you can find things with at least 3 to 4 grams of fiber per serving and eat at least once per day it made a lot of difference.

Good luck!

When my girl was little she also had constipation and pebble-like poop. She would holler at the same time every afternoon about a "hot, pokey thing" on the left side of her tummy. A relative in the medical field helped me deduce that she was complaining about the lump of digested food squeezing through the corners in her large intestines. The relative also told me the best cure for constipation: Water. When a body is dehydrated, the stools are retained and squeezed to get every last bit of water for the body. The result is constipation. This info was not from a pediatrician, but from a recent graduate of medical school. It is the most informative explanation I ever got and I'm glad to share it with you. In addition to water, give your kid a balanced diet with plenty of fiber -- except for oatmeal. Oatmeal makes your poop harder, but apple juice has a mild laxative effect. Constipation runs in the family, so I know this by experience.

Hi A.,
Lots of fruits, veggies and liquids. I've had the best luck with raisins & prunes... My mom always taught me that oatmeal will also help to make a bowel movement slick rather than dry and hard to pass. Melons are good for two year olds since they are sweet and have a high water content as well. Good luck!

Try giving here more water and more green vegetables.. Everything on this earth needs water to work. (hard or soft).

When my daughter was little she was constipated all the time and by the time she went it was hard and dry. The stool softners that her doctor recommended made it worse because he made her stomach cramp then she was scared to go to the bathroom. Finally we went back to the dr. because it went from one extreme to the other and I saw a medical assistant because the dr was not in and she told me to start using mineral oil one teaspoon everyday and you know what it worked I had to use it for a while but after a few months we did not have to use it any more. You might want to check into this.

do you think she is dehydrated. Did you try Prune juice? Gripe water can also help. It is available at Walgreens

It's so easy to be dehydrated, and it could be something as simple as chronic dehydration. All the fiber in the world won't help if she doesn't drink enough fluids. Good luck.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. NOT WITH JUICE. too much sugar wich can back her up. Lots of water and try giving her coconut water or sometimes called coconut milk you can find it at any health food store maybe even at Raley's in their health food area. Anytime my boys seem backed up I give them this. It's sweet but not too sweet and they love it. It's a natural diuretic. Give her a sippy cup full, but not anymore. OHHh and give her apples. Not apple sauce just regular old apples.
Lots of Fruits and Veggies, try and limit processed foods etc.
Good luck!

Have you tried reducing the amount of wheat in her diet? Dairy, soy and wheat are the top three allergenic or reactive foods. Sometimes constipation is a reaction. Pear juice, prunes, more liquids, fiber with plenty of liquid and increased fruits and veggies will also help.

My son did that because he was having trouble with milk. I changed to soy and he was just fine. The idea of more water and fiber foods is good, too, and absolutely keep juice (100% and watch out for juices with high fructose corn syrup) to one serving a day--it's not as beneficial as actual fruit and not only does it aide and abet childhood obesity when given in large amounts it also takes out the little one's teeth. Especially in sippy cups.

Good luck--M.

CONSTIPATION! Common, painful, yuck! This will take a few weeks to clear up -- while you can get her to poop rather quickly, you need to get her digestive system back on track so it doesn't happen again (also very common).

1) Increase her fat intake a bit. Let her have some 'greasy' foods for a few days. This helps 'move things along' in the lower intestine/colon.(This is why folks on severe weight loss diets get constipated -- and why Alli causes diarherra!).

2) Increase her fiber. Bulk will help move things along and will make it easier for her to poop because there's more to move along. Whole grains, popcorn, broccali (steamed, not raw).

3) Make sure she doesn't eat too many raw veggies -- these tend to constipate. Steamed veggies are great, though.

4) Yogurt with live cultures. This helps stablize and normalize the digestive track.

5) Walk. Walking has an amazing way of stimulating the alimentary system.


If she doesn't have a 'normal' poop in a day or so, use an enema. Yes, I know, yuck, but it will relieve the pain, and get her going again, forgive the pun. You can buy one at any drugstrore, they are simple to use, and they work.

Good luck, my dear!

I would suggest more water in her diet for starters, and then use natural foods that help promote bowel movments such as prunes, or prune juice, raisins, apple juice or applesauce. You can ask your pediatrician for a list of foods. I am not sure that lactose free or soy is the answere especially if she is still having them.

We have the same problem with our 2 year old and really have to focus on fruits/veggies in his diet, which help soften his stools. I'd say just try to get as much fiber as you can in her diet, aside from being good for her stools, fruits and veggies are just good in general and even those toddlers who are picky generally enjoy produce. Good luck!

we had a constipation issue with our daughter too. we tried to limit the constipating foods she ate: white rice, cheese, bananas, food high in fat like ice cream. each day she would have a juice box of apple juice. that did the trick. increasing fruits and vegs is really what needs to be done, but it was just easier to add in one juice box a day. (aside from, that my daughter never drank juice, so one a day was fine.)

Is she eating a lot of constipating foods (bananas, cheese, milk, strawberries)? Perhaps try pears and some prunes (I mix baby food prunes in my son's oatmeal and he likes it), you could also try bran muffins made with prune puree. I would try natural, food-based rememdies instead of meditation first. Best of luck!

I know a family that had a similar problem with her newborn and immediately started taking her baby boy to a chiropractor to do adjustments. The specific type of adjustments are ART - Active Release Techniques.

That could be an option to explore.

More fruits and water are great, just not Bananas.

HI A.,
Whatever age your child is, stool-softeners ought not to be necessary on a regular basis. I wonder about diet. Does the child get lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains? Does he/she chew well and drink lots of water regularly? Perhaps there is a vitamin or mineral deficiency that needs looking into? Does he/she get lots of outdoor exercise and fresh air? These are the kinds of things I would suggest you assess.
Best thoughts and wishes to you both!
J. Birns
Waldorf educator/consultant and mother of 2 girls

Hi A.: As you, my 16 mos. old son has been dealing with difficult bowel movements and straining to the point where he refluxes. The doctors gave a liquid that they give adults who cannot go to the bathroom. I about killed the doctor. Then I called my sister who is a pediatrician in San Mateo who mentioned Miralax powder and you can regulate how much and how often it is given. Even though I hate giving medications, this is one item that I think every parent should have to help the child's system. With this given, it allows my son to be able to go through the pushing of the movement but not have to strain as much and then he realizes that it is not so bad to go poop so the next time he goes, he does it without strain.
Let me know if you decide to try this. It is over the counter or your doctor can get it for you.
Also, juices and more fluids than milk can help digestion and keeping your daughter from dehydrating.
Good luck!

She's obviously constipated. My daughter had this same problem. She needs to eat more fruit and veggies. We were really successful with frozen green peas. She loved eating them. Drinking lots of water and eating raisins and dried mangos were also helpful. Also, our pediatrician advised that soy milk is worse than cow's milk for constipation. Try to stay away from the stool softener. Increase her fiber and liquid intake. It's important for this to get resolved now so it won't slow down potty training when that time comes. Good luck!

Dear A.,

My son is terrible at eating vegetables and can be a picky eater. Sometimes he has trouble pooping and he cries. I went to the vitamin store and found these gummy bear fiber supplements that work very well! Of course, he loves them too.

Good luck.

Why is she on soy milk and lactose free milk? Does she have digestive or allegic issues?

Can you bump up her liquid intake, water and juice with plenty of soups?

Is she eating plenty of fiber? How about some oatmeal, whole grain breads and vegies?

I would definitely talk to her pediatrician and ask for a referral to a dietician for children. And rethink the soy and lactose free milk if it isn't necessary.

My older daughter had this problem. Increasing clear fluids helps. Fruits and vegetables help. When she's old enough try popcorn. Good luck! K.

My friend has a daughter who had always had problems with constipation and has had to be on medication from a young age. You should pursue a course of action with your pediatrician. Her daughter has to take this medication weekly as her constant severe constipation as a toddler and preschooler ruined her ability to feel when she had to have a bowel movement. This can develop into a serious problemm if not treated early. Your daughter may need to be medication. Don't wait for this to resolve itself. I feel many things can be resolved with a healthy diet, but sometimes it more than that. My friend is a very consciencious mother. Her doctor did recommend keeping her off all dairy (except yogurt), all refined white products, white rice, applesauce, bananans, and any other food known to be consipating. She said a breakfast of cheerios was like putting cement in her daughters digestive tract. I know it is hard to keep toddlers from things like mac n' cheese, crackers, and other junk food, but if you can, you can help your daughter manange this issue. My friend's daughter could lower her dose and use of medication if she would totally keep her off milk and refined products. Due to her daughter's slight build and picky eating habits she hasnt done this fearing her daughter wouldn't get enough calories. You said you took milk out of her diet. Check her intake of simple carbs. Some people's systems just can't handle them. Good luck. Keep trying new things with her diet and definately get in to see her doctor and be insistant.

I think she is obviously a bit constipated and my 2 year old daughter was too for awhile. I did not give her the softener that the Dr. told me to because I believe children are overmedicated for every little thing and that doesn't solve the problem. What does help her is green vegetables, dried apricots and more water. My daughter will not eat green vegies, so I put Spinach, raw in her smoothies and make popcicles. I use orange juice, yogurt, spinach, frozen blueberries and a bit of honey or maple syrup. That does the trick every time. You should never have to give her stool softener when it can be treated with diet.

apple juice. it always makes my kids go. Not a LOT, just a cup a day.

Hi A.,

My son had the same problem. He's seven now and he's pretty regular but from an infant till about two, He was always constipated with "pebble like poop". A doctor recomended that I put a table spoon of Karo syrup for every 2 ounces of milk givin. You just mix the Karo syrup in the milk and have them drink it. It worked really well to soften his stool and it was easier on the poor guys stomach. You can find it in the baking isle at the grocery store.

Hope this helps!


Switching up her diet should do the trick, but it would need to be done on a daily basis and not just for a day or 2. Basically adding more fruits/veggies (fiber) to her diet and making sure she's well hydrated. Not sure what she eats for each meal, but add apple sauce, mango, pineapple and sneak in spinach to whatever else she eats (into spaghetti sauce, rice, etc). :) Pull out any sweets too which can cause issues on their little bellies.

A good article for you:

You might want to try more water, fruit and fruit juices.

Sounds like constipation. Post-partum I was on stool softeners and when I eventually went to a anal/rectal surgeon for some post delivery issues he told me you should not take a stool softener for for than two weeks. Apparently your GI/intestinal motility begins to get used to the softener and they change how your intestines work with time. It told me your intestines become somewhat "addicted" to the softeners and you can have problems after being on them to long. My OB was happy to keep me on them for over 3 mths. FIBER...fiber is key and until I started taking Metamucil on his recommendation I never knew that they really soften your stools. Look up good sources of fiber food. Note that Bananas can increase constipation. In addition to fiber supplement like Metamucil (ask your ped if they are ok for kids?) look at cooked corn, peas, broccoli, carrots and spinach. Cream of wheat cereal, celery, wheat bread (not whole wheat), iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, wheat germ and oatmeal. Under beans try baked beans, navy beans, lima beans and lentils. That is what is listed of my info from the Colon and Rectal surgeon.

She needs more WATER. Same for adults -pebble like poop means you need more water. A daily dose of prunes or prune juice is also very helpful.

Have you tried juice? My 10 yr. old must have her 4 oz of grape juice daily or she has the same issue. I have been doing this since she was 3. I would check with her Dr. but this solved the issue for my daughter.

My daughter had the same problem and no matter how many fruits and veggie she ate it didn't change. The simple fact was she wasn't getting enough liquid. Not enough to DRINK! So maybe she doesn't need a "special" liquid, just more liquid period.

A.: My wife has a food supplement that has helped my son with CP get over his constipation, it provides a number of health benefits in addition to helping move things along.
A. ###-###-####

I have always heard pebble like poop means your constipated. Make sure she eats her fruits and vegetables and drinks lots of water. Add in some fruit juice every day.

She is dehydrated. Start having her drink more water and start incresing the natural fiber in her diet....like whole grains and some fruit. Dont go over board with the fruit and fruit juice then she will have the runs...

Have you tried more fruit in her diet - pears, maybe prunes. What is her diet consisting of? Meat and breads? You could take her to see an acupuncturist that has experience with kids and a nutritional background. I am an acupuncturist with an interest and specialty in nutrition and food but am not sure where you live. I practice in the East Bay (northern california). It may not necessarily come to acupuncture but there are points that are helpful to stimulate which will help with easing the pebble-like stools.

Take along some apple juice everywhere you go.

I didn't notice how many responses there already were when I responded privately... I agree with everything, except... with respect, the idea of giving children juice. Since our country is having challenges with obesity and fiber is important for intestinal health there are ways of getting whole fruits and veggies in. Fruit juices are high on sugar (how many oranges does it take to make a glass of OJ?) and low on fiber (the juicing process usually leaves the fiber behind to be tossed) . I'd recommend sticking to the whole fruit and go with water for hydration. Home-made Smoothies and veggie soups flavored with a measure of buoullion are both great!

My grandson has the same problem and the dr. told me that he is drinking to much milk, and to give him fruits, or juices that start with the letter "P" Pinapple, pears,prunes. you get what I mean.

They are natural laxatives. It has helped my grandson alot.

Just make sure you don't give to much because then the opposite will happen, and you don't want that.

Do you?

A. hi:

please take a log of what your daughter eats in a week.
see how many fruits and vegetables you give her to eat, and how much she eats.. measure by spoons as a serving for vegetables that are cooked, by half or quarter cups if raw... fruits by size, like half and apple of medium size,etc
how many cups of milk, of water, juice, soup,etc.
how many spoons of rice, cereal, bread, any grains or white flour items.etc.
also count how many chips she eats, any kind, but particularly corn cereal and corn tortillas,chips...

her poop is like that because she is not having enough fiber in her diet, water, exercise, how does she eat? bits by bits, does she eat two or three big meals,etc.

you can help her by giving her a variety of soups, fruits,vegetables, raisins, do not forget YOGURT, avoid white brad, corn products like chips, and highly processed foods.
make sure she runs, plays, enjoys her foods with out tv to distract her,etc.

there are many natural products like flax seed @ costco that you can buy is like a powdered, organic, cold grinned to help you change the texture of yogurt for breakfast time.has no gluten, and is rich in omega 3.. or a different snack... please be creative and give her body massages to relax her muscles and self....
treat her as an entire person and look for the causes for such a dry stool....
best of wishes..

A great way to give her fruit and fiber is a Green Smoothie
Blend 1 cup water, 1-2 handfuls of spinal and a banana till smooth. Add in 1/2 cup of frozen or fresh mango. and Blend till smooth.

She'll be getting her fruits and veggies for the day. She will be getting fiber and it should help keep her more regular. My kids love it. If she is skeptical about it being green, put it in a colored cup with colored lid and colored straw. Once she tastes it she will love it.

Good luck

Hi! Just wanted to suggest Benefiber powder. My son, who is 4, and many of his friends use it. I think that this is very common for this age group. My pediatrician recommended 1/2 tsp in 4-8 oz liquid daily ( we started this when he was almost 3). It is tastless- you can even put it in water. It works miracles.

Hi A.-
First things first- too much fiber, not enough everything else. 2nd thing- Soy, as much as I LOVE soy, is not good for babies. It is very hard on children's digestive systems. Soy should be reserved for kids with severe allergies who can't have rice or any other kind of "milk" and for adults. But not kids. We have to be sooooo careful. I am all about the veggie diet and soy, but not for kids.
The 3rd thing is nature. Have you tried a small bit of apple or prune juice? Or even a whole prune or plum? If you are wary about the amount of sugar in juice, take a small bottle or cup, fill it 1/3 of the way with apple, plum, or prune juice, and the rest of the way with water. It will have a light flavor and still do the job. Make sure she eats plenty of foods that will allow the fiber she in injesting to do it's job, but not bind her up. Cheeses, if she is ok with dairy, should also help. But just small amount. Fresh fruit like grapes, and dates, too.
My younger sister had this problem when we were growing up...and the doctors never could figure it out. Now she just tries to make sure her diet is balanced...really loves mangoes and other fruit.
My thought is that God put everything we need on the earth. We just have to find it. Even doctors and medication are a gift. But sometimes meds are not as necessary as some doctors make them out to be. Be careful with the meds and try the fruit and juice.
Hope this is helpful!

Hi A., I remember always having that problem when my son was on formula. The only formula that he seemed to do good on was Carnation Good start. I have had 3 kids, and always wind up going back to carnation. It is just so much gentler on their tummies. Also, make sure she is getting enough water. This is a great time to give water, either bottle or sippy cup, and it will help loosen the stools. And of course, lots of those fruits and vegies. I think most of the time, at this age, harder bowels are due to the formula.

I had the same problem as an adult for several years on an almost daily basis. It's no fun. Paying special attention to my nutrition has really helped. I've been pebble-free for nearly months. Although nothing was ever diagnosed, I felt that I had too much yeast and not enough functioning good bacteria in my intestinal system. I did go on a yeast cleanse diet for a while, followed by what I describe, below.

I take two fiber pills (renew life brand) and one probiotic (trader joe's brand) every night and in the morning I take a digetive enzyme tablet (renew life brand - "DigestMore Ultra") to help my body break down the food I eat during the day. And I chew my food really well - it takes more time than you think to really chew things.

It took a long time to get to a place of feeling normal - many months. The important thing to recognize is that the digestive tract is meant to work properly, and sometimes needs help to regain normal functioning.

I hope this helps!

Hi A.,

Have your daughter drink more water. I also used to give my little one some light corn syrup until her system became regulated. I just mixed a teaspoon of it in her liquid. Don't do it every time she drinks, just once or twice a day. Just make sure she is getting more water. That should help.

Good luck.

The only suggestion that I would offer for you to try is to push liquids on her, especially water. It may take a day or so, but hopefully you will see an improvement.
By the way, I am a mom of a little two year old who periodically has pebble like poop, and has had that problem when she was younger.

My 2 year old has a tendancy to get this too. For her plenty of vegetables and lots of water regulates her. She drinks at least 16 oz of water each day (in summer when it is hotter she will drink at least 32oz) and without this her stool gets much harder. Lots of fibre without the water to go with it will also cause stools to harden.

Good luck.

Hi A.,

Both of my girls had this problem. It's inherited but I believe the biggest factor is dehydration and not enough fiber. If your daughter doesn't cooperate by drinking more fluids and eating more fiber rich food, which may be tricky with a 2 year old, try using Miralax in each day. It has helped my niece (same side of the family problem). Her mom says she adds it to her milk, it's tasteless and now her daughter is very very happy and looks forward to the "spiked" milk. When my first had this problem waaay back when, I added some mineral oil to her chocolate milk - stir and drink it down quickly since the oil floats to the top. She loved chocolate milk so it did the trick also.
Good Luck.

I would be concerned that her doctor gave her a laxative and now she is suffering from what is called rebound constipation. That happens when people take too much laxatives and the minute you get off you get constipated. Unfortunately the only way to get rid of that is with time. The body has to get rid of that stuff and it takes time to completely clear the system.

All the other moms gave great advice so try a few and see what works for you.

Good luck

A., it's funny you should write about this because my 3 year old boy had the same thing except his was really bad and he got hemmorhoids. The dr. gave me a powder to put in his juice to soften the poop and eventually got better but he still does sometimes do pebble like poop and it hurts him. What I have tried to is give him more water and lots of fruits, raisins. My son drink mango juice so what I do is buy the V8 peach mango and mix it in with the mango juice so at least he gets some vegetables and fruits. I would try a v8 they have so many different flavors . I've found that this has helped him. Lots of water as well.

HOpe you daughter gets better.

Prunes and prune-juice are a natural stool softener because they contain both sorbitol and fiber. If she doesn't like the taste of prune juice try the cherry-flavored prunes, they are pretty good. Additionally, prunes are full of antioxidant vitamins and very good for you.

Pear juice and Prune juice fixed my daughters problem with constipation

More fruits and veggies...Prumes works really well and they taste like candy to a two year old.

Is she getting enough fiber? Fiber is wonderful stuff. It treats diarrhea and constipation. Of course she should be eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, but as for the other stuff, start reading labels, go for the stuff (bread, etc) that has the most fiber in it.
You may also want to look into probiotics. They helped me out a lot with all my vast tummy issues. I know there are kid probiotics at Whole Foods.

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